Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bordering on insanity

In some ways I am glad that last week is over. Monday was a very frustrating day. I was trying to find a piece of wallpaper border, and put some stuff back in a cupboard, which was moved when we had the radiators done.
When I decorated the kitchen diner some  time ago, husband had wanted to channel some speaker wires into the wall, so I left the paper with no border in the middle. We have realised that this job is not going to get done as he only has Saturdays free, so a while ago I asked if it was ok if I put the border up.
I have been gearing myself up to do it, and decided Monday would be the day. The only bit of border I could find was about 6in too short. I knew I had more, but could not find it where I thought it  was. So I began emptying boxes and refilling the cupboard wondering if the border would turn up. I must have changed the cupboard around a bit because it is almost full and there is another box yet to go.  I also almost emptied the under stairs cupboard and got rid of a load of plastic bags
When I went  out, I called in at Homebase to see if they still have the border. There was no sign of the paper at all. I called at the info desk, and they gave me the number of the head office. Tuesday morning I rang, but although I didn't have the pattern number of the border, I had the number of both papers used, and gave them the one that had the same pattern as the border. They very helpfully gave me a list of stores which still did that paper. After lunch, unable to find all of the bits to the satnav I bought, after having a difficult trip to Luton to pick up a sink, I downloaded some maps and set off for High Wycombe. It wasn't a very pleasant day, rain and more rain, but I duly managed to find my way to the Loudwater, Wycombe store which is located under  a junction of the M40. I soon realised that whilst they had the floral paper, there was no sign of the striped paper or the floral border. Obviously having two contrasting papers with a border in the middle has  gone out of  fashion but no one told me.
I decide to try one more store, Watford, which I could divert to on the way home. I hadn't gone there first as I was told they had only one roll there. By the time I got to Croxley Green it was schools chucking out time, so I had a slow crawl to Watford. I am sure that the store there has moved slightly, it certainly is a lot bigger. However it was the same story, although a lot more than one roll, they only had the floral paper. What to do now?
I had not been worrying about my hospital test, till I woke up on Wednesday morning.  I had the usual butterflies in the stomach, but tried to ignore them as I prepared for my weekly Sainsbury's trip. As I left Sainsbury's I realised I had several hours to fill, so decided to visit Daughter. After about an hour of enjoying playing with Grandson, I came home and unpacked the shopping. I had soup for lunch, I was allowed to eat and drink, but they suggested a snack lunch.
All too soon it was time for me to go, and I set of to walk, hoping that would keep my BP down. It was a horrid day again, and I duly arrived at the unit as I thought 10 minutes early, only to be told that in the appointment book I was down as 3.00pm, whilst the letter I had been given was 3.15. They said, 'no matter, we are running late anyway'. I tried to relax in the waiting area with a magazine, but the magazine articles were anything but relaxing. The nurse came and went through everything with me, I signed the consent form and opted for no sedation. She said she would find me a trolley as soon as one of the sedated patients woke up enough to be discharged. I had decided against sedation because the test was supposed to be a short one, and I didn't feel like being 'hungover' for 24 hours. Soon I was having my BP checked, it was up, what a surprise!! I put on the hospital gown and got on the trolley for the preparation bit. After all that was over, the nurse took my BP again and it was still high but coming down. Soon they wheeled a sedated patient out and placed her in the cubicle next to mine. I could see through the open doors, but tried not to look. The nurse took my trolley in and I was allowed to walk in.
Everyone was so nice and tried to put me at my ease, but I have to admit that that the test was quite uncomfortable, just about bearable. I ended up watching the screen which I thought I wouldn't do. It's odd seeing bits of one's internal plumbing on a screen. All was pronounced ok, and I was wheeled back out for a rest, but the nurse said actually I could get dressed as soon as I liked.. My BP had come down even further. Getting dressed entailed sliding off the end of the trolley, as both sides were up.  When dressed  a lady whom I suspect was a cleaner moved me to the armchairs, where I got a cup of tea and a very nice nurse went through my 'report' including what to do in case of complications. At the end she said, 'Do you mind if I ask if you are related to P'? 'Yes' I said, he is my son.' She is a friend from the church in St Albans, so we had quite a long chat.
I excused myself and went to wait for husband. whom I had asked to pick me up on his way home. He had said he didn't want to go on a trip to Bristol with the rest if his department, just in case I decided on sedation, or if anything went wrong. Those that went got caught up in traffic problems on the M25 on the way there, then didn't get home till after 8pm. It was connected to the merger with Orange.

On Thursday I prayed extra hard over what to do about the border, then later checked again at the place I had started. There it was having fallen down behind something else. Hooray and Hallelujah! I went off to buy border adhesive, and got the job finished. Ladies meeting was a prayer meeting. Friday was quite unremarkable, except for the bitter cold and overnight frosts again, and Saturday was a normal Saturday. Next week I have the scan to look forward to, but apart from not eating for 6 hours before, that shouldn't be as bad. I hope to report good news from that too.
The completed dining room wall

Sunday, 23 January 2011

January journal jottings

Well as I observed to husband as we tucked in to our roast chicken today, it is four weeks since Christmas. I used up one of the Christmas special stuffings, something with cranberry I believe. I always buy a few and freeze them as they are too nice just to eat at Christmas.

This has been a fairly quiet week, Monday was fairly uneventful, though I did get my car out and fill it with petrol and check the tyres, as husband was going to use it on Tuesday. On Tuesday I was up relatively early, but did not have time for breakfast, just took my meds, and then got his car out to take it for its annual service. I got it there at about 8.15 am, then set off to walk into the town centre. I got to the old High Street, and was thinking about breakfast in a cafe, but couldn't see if they had a loo. It was a fairly cold morning, and the High St loos are permanently shut. I bought the papers and carried on walking to the town centre.

Actually I realised later that there are toilets in the nearby park, but whether they are open is a moot point. I carried on past all the estate agents, and along the main Street, wondering if the market ones would be open. They have been refurbished, but the market has moved and they are not always open, so I headed for the nearby Asda. I went in the shop afterwards and got husband's favourite cereal, and they were on offer so got 2, one flavour which Sainsbury's no longer do.As usual there was a problem with the self service checkout.

I continued on through the main shopping Street and into Marks and Spencer, where I thought I'd better get something to eat, having walked nearly 3 miles and not having eaten since about 8 the previous evening. I picked.up what I thought was a bacon roll in the cafe, an orange juice to have with it, and asked for a decaf coffee. I became caffeine sensitive several years ago, and can usually cope with one cup of instant caffeinated per day. They didn't have decaf, but it was bean coffee, so I said ok. The assistant brought the roll over to me, and I had my glasses on to look at the paper, and realised I had picked up an all day breakfast roll. So it was more filling than I expected. I managed to finish orange juice roll and  coffee, then decided to set off for home. I was halfway to the bus stop, and suddenly  a wave of nausea came over me, so bad that I had to sit on the narrow bus shelter seat. What was it? The sudden onset of flu? Low blood sugar? Caffeinated coffee beans? Had the roll not been thoroughly reheated? I wasn't hot or anything else so quickly ruled out the first, My pulse was up quite a bit, so I decided it may have been the coffee.

When I got home I couldn't shake off the nausea, so took things fairly easy. At about 2.00 pm I just about managed a cup a soup. The garage phoned to say the car was done, they had consulted with husband about the brakes, and had done them thus pushing the bill up by a couple of hundred pounds or so. They would clean the car for us and it would be ready by about 3. I had a little doze, and then got ready to collect the car. I was a bit dubious about the bus journey, as I also suffer from motion sickness, but the journey wasn't too bad, and soon I was paying for the car, and on my way home.
I had a couple of ginger biscuits with my tea as ginger is good for nausea. Then I realised that the garage had forgotten to give us our loyalty 10% off the bill, and had forgotten to ask for my nectar card. I duly phoned the garage, but had to leave a message, as the service manager had already gone. My nausea had subsided, and I managed a small dinner.

On Wednesday I was out earlier, and got my Sainsbury's shopping done. It was very busy, and I heard that there had been accidents due to frost again. Traffic had been slow, I had noticed that through my kitchen window, and Sainsbury's had been inundated with held up shoppers. I managed to keep the bill down this week. Daughter and I also made it to parent and toddler's, I helped out with the singing as the leader's voice was not too good.

On Thursday I walked into town for my hospital appointment, arriving 10 minutes early. I needn't have bothered, as after half an hour the nurse announced that Dr Zs clinic was running an hour late, I went and asked who Dr Z was, and found that it was the clinic I was booked into.Great! I picked up a copy of Peoples' Friend, and after an hour went and found the nurse to ask how much longer. She said that there were 4 patients before me, so I got a cup of coffee. Eventually I was called 2 hours after my appointment time. The Doctor was charming and apologetic, so what can one say. He took my details, then gave me a thorough examination, and an injection, over which I had no choice! Afterwards he said he wants me to have a further test. so I was sent off to book that. By the time I got home I was too late to even ring someone to say I wouldn't be at women's hour. I felt pretty ropey so took myself off to bed  after a bowl of soup.
I got up in time for daughter to come round, she wanted to use  my sewing machine again, so I was on baby watching duties. It was fun, but I had to keep sorting Daughter and machine out. Her husband was at a Christmas meal from work so she was glad of the company.We got Baby to sleep once, but he soon woke up and at about 10.15 pm was lying on my floor in full flow, shouting, kicking and waving his arms, not to forget the grinning
On Friday I went back to the garage and got my 10% reduction and nectar points. I also had a call from the hospital to say Doctor wants me to have a scan as well, so that was fixed up. Saturday was normal and thankfully boring., there was a mix up over whether we were going to babysit, and in the end we didn't. Our pastor is back from India, safe and sound so that is good. we are having as series of sermons on the Moral law. February is just around the corner,so things are looking up.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Complexity, including carcase, crockery,and cod

The weeks seem to be really rolling round, don't they? Lots more grey skies though, and lots of rain. Temperatures outside have mostly been above 50. I remarked to husband this morning, 'I reckon that this month will probably go down as the mildest January since records began'  he replied, 'Probably and it'll be all down to global warming too'. At least they are not quite as 'hot' on the subject as they once were on the Beeb, at one time it was programme after programme,on Radio 4, and you couldn't help thinking that climate change was the new religion.
Monday was the usual sort of run of the mill day, trying to get housework done, having to go out for various reasons, most of which are now forgotten. I also used the frozen turkey carcase to make ham and turkey soup.
Daughter brought baby for a visit. As soon as he is in here, if he is not asleep, his eyes are everywhere taking things in,  he loves to grab at things and everything goes in his mouth, of course. They stayed until husband came home, as Husband hadn't seen them since Christmas. Baby had been weighed and was a solid 17lb 6oz. Out came the camera, and the video camera.
On Tuesday I had my long awaited 2 year sight check. I say long awaited because In December I had managed to wreck not only my spare glasses, which were a bit on the flimsy side, but also my best reading specs. I was too embarrassed to go back as they had been in so many times for repair. I had tried various methods of holding the broken arms on, or fashioning arms out of wire Christmas tree hangers, but also limped ( metaphorically) through December getting by with chainstore magnifiers.
I wore my best trousers, and decided on an apple and one slice of toast with honey for breakfast. Yes, you have guessed, the knife with the honey on slipped off the plate on to the floor, it was few minutes before my hand brushed my trousers and found the honey! A quick wipe, and all was well. This is one reason why I never dress for church on a Sunday till the last possible moment as that stray drip of coffee invariably finds its way onto the pristine white t  shirt, and so on.
Thankfully my prescription had changed slightly, so I can claim for most of the cost of one pair from HSA. I also had a retinal photograph done, and was told it was 'Boring' I'm glad to hear it, there's nothing amiss.
On Tuesday we discovered one of Baby's toys sitting very forlorn and very wet on the garden path. I quickly placed it on the radiator. I did my usual Sainsbury's shop on Wednesday, daughter like me has been having bad nights, so was not really organised for parent and toddlers. Her husband was working from home as they were expecting some furniture to be delivered, so late on I popped up with the toy, and looked after Baby whilst they did other things. I had a very nice hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. I arrived home just before husband , so dinner was a little bit late.When I got in there was a message on the answerphone to say my glasses were ready. Hooray!
On Thursday morning I walked to the town centre, feeling very virtuous, picked up the new specs, 2 pairs, and then walked back to the other end of town for the bus up the hill. I didn't have to wait long, but it was the rattliest bus in the whole town I think. It vibrated whenever it stopped, and I was so glad to get off. I had lunch, and felt very sleepy. I had been struggling to get my 'prep' done for the ladies' meeting  study, but hadn't completed it. I sat down on the sofa and my eyes closed. I was woken by the phone. 'Mum are you doing anything this afternoon?' Looking at the clock I realised that I was not going to make it to the meeting, so said, 'No, not now' Daughter brought Nathaniel here for me to entertain whilst she got on with a job that she needed to do. I got some cuddles, he is not really into cuddles at the moment, unless he is tired, He, like his Mum at the same age, would rather be looking for things to touch and try, quite fearless in his lunging forward, I saved him from dropping on to the floor a few times.
I found some 'Muppet' clips on Youtube, but he was soon wanting to be doing other things  and made a grab for a silver box with blue and green lights. I had to pull him away, I don't think Grandad would want whatever it was pulled out by its wires. I suppose that with a techy Dad, Uncle and Grandad, he will be forever fascinated with such things. Daughter is often heard to mutter 'I've married my Dad'.
On Friday I walked up the hill to our nearest post office to post son's Birthday card and a small parcel. As I passed the charity shop, I saw that they had some cups and saucers and cereal bowls. I went in and had a look. On the way back from the PO, iI saw they had 'Everything half price'.I went in again and had another look. they had a part set, but they also had a complete set of earthenware stuff, cups saucers plates, dinner plates cereal bowls teapot, sugar bowl  and milk jug. All priced at £15! I asked the assistant if that too was half price and she said 'yes'. So Muggins that I am I bought it. She put it in a box, but it was so heavy. I tried for a bus, but the one that stopped was not going down the hill, so I rang Daughter, and went there and minded baby whilst she had a bath, then  as she was going out anyway, she brought me home with my spoils, and collected more toys that had been left behind.On examining the new crockery I realised it had never been used, so I reckon I got a bargain. Friday afternoon was spent deciding which of my old stuff was decent enough for the charity shop, and which was chipped and needed binning. I had been wondering what to do with the cod I had bought for dinner, and a leaflet from Sainsbury's came through the post; there was a cod recipe in it. Sorted!
New Crockery
Saturday was our usual walk to town and back, then after lunch doze read the papers and phone. Neither of us is sleeping too well, husband had a bad nosebleed on Tuesday, and by the time I got up he had made himself a Doctor's appointment This is unheard of! He's had nosebleeds for years but never one that lasted an hour, so I think he was worried. The Doctor gave him some cream and sent him for a blood test, to rule out anything nasty. I got a 'look and book 'letter last week, and have been able to book an appointment, online. It is for Thursday of this week, so I am trying not to think about it.I must check the time though, as I printed it off and have mislaid it
new specs

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Plodding on into January.

Well we haven't had the promised snow. Before Christmas we were getting warnings of the 'You ain't seen nothing yet' type, but here in the South East  we have had solid, almost unrelenting grey skies and rain, rain, rain. The day of the partial eclipse was hazy so we couldn't quite work out if we were seeing what we thought we should be seeing through our eclipse glasses. However today dawned bright and sunny, with a very sharp overnight frost, but the sunshine and the fact that it is no longer dark at 4 pm is a reminder that however bad it gets, spring is just around the corner.'While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,.winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.' NKJV Genesis 8 v 22
I forgot to mention that there was much rejoicing in our church last week, when a lady, who had been told that she could not have more children was safely delivered of an 8lb boy. God obviously knows better than the medics
 On Tuesday husband  worked from home, as he had a dental appointment, so he went into town and had the 'flu jab. What they do not tell you at the doctor's is that it doesn't actually become fully effective for at least 10 days. This will of course account for those people of whom we have all heard who had the jab, then shortly afterwards got flu. I've only had real flu about 3 times in my life, once several months after a 'flu jab, but the vaccine doesn't protect against all strains.
It seems that there are no new viruses in husband's office yet, so maybe he will be ok. The hacking cough has receded in both of us, but it does seem to have affected my asthma .I've been trying to up my use of the brown inhaler, when I remember.
On Wednesday the chaps from the charity came to collect our old dining suite, so I now have the use of my garage again. I thought I would just have time to go to Sainsbury's, it was a bit of arush, but I didn't spend much, no time to look and linger. I made it to parent and toddler's jsut before the pre meeting prayer time.
Unfortunately, there were more leaders than children, but at least we got to know one of the mums better.
Women's hour recommenced on Thursday. with an excellent speaker on Anna and Simeon;.it is good whhen speakers make you think.
On Friday morning I used my lightbox, and got more housework done than I had for a fortnight.I haven't seen much of grandson this week, but he has developed a sweet little laugh. He is still a very hungry boy, and still loves his milk. I reckon he will be like his Dad, his Dad eats a lot. I hope he also takes after his Dad in burning it off too. My Son was never still as a youngster, he was as thin as a  rail, but then teenage lethargy set in. However he is fine now. My family have a  tendency to store rather than burn off and it is a constant battle.
Yesterday we went to Berkhamsted for a change. I walked quite a lot trying to find a Telegraph as Smith's had sold out, but the little convenience store was shut.We had lunch in Waitrose, after finding the Telegraph in there, but then took a trolley to get the fruit and veg. We had too much time, and Waitrose is so different form out usual supermarkets. They also carry the John Lewis ranges in tableware and babywear. Suffice to say that whatever I saved on Wednesday, I spent yesterday, and more. Better not go to Waitrose too often
We decide to come home a different way, a pretty country rote. Later Daughter rang to check that we were home safely, apparently there had been an accident on the bypass. We finished watching Martin Chuzzlewit this week, I think that it is one of Dicken's lesser known works. The only character i had previously heard of was Mrs Gamp. This part was played excellently by the late Elizabeth Spriggs, and the late Joan Sims played her friend. Garham Stark was also in it and I failed to recognise him at first. Still, we are all getting older, and I dare say that old friends would be hard pressed to recognise me.
Our pastor is away at present, so we had an elder speaking this morning. Our other elder is preaching tonight.
I have made contact with my first Christian friend through Friends reunited, and have discovered that she no longer goes to church . Strangely enough, she used to go to the church that my son and his wife go to, so maybe I can somehow stir her up to try again.
Well it's getting late again, soon be time for the evening service, hope your New Year is going well. The tree is out in the garden and the cards waiting for recycling.  Must make sure that the tree survives.

Monday, 3 January 2011

'Confused' goes shopping, and wanders into 2011

I am afraid I left off on Thursday, as I was running out of time and space.  Friday was not very exciting, I went out and got the newspapers, and bought some new cushions as mine are a bit flat and tatty, and a couple of weeks ago,I had discovered the permanent marker I had lost, underneath me. Some was on the cushion and some on the leather. Hairspray got rid of most on the leather, but the cushion cover is doomed.
After lunch I went to collect some ironing that had piled up before Christmas whilst I was sorting cards letters and presents. I had taken it to the ironer's, and it was lovely to collect it all done.
I thought husband wanted to come into town with me, as I had to collect a repeat prescription and deposit some more cheques.  He suddenly decided not to come, so I was later going than I had planned. When I got to the Doctor's they said 'Oh you are just in time we close at 4 today. For once I wasn't wearing a watch but reckoned it was no later than 3.30. I collected my prescription from a pharmacist friend who only works at our Boots occasionally, but I seem to go in there every time she is there! The Abbey were open so I deposited a cheque, but Nationwide had closed at 3. I realised I didn't have my card anyway, so deposited the second cheque elsewhere.
 I wandered down to M&S, and realised the market stall I usually use was closing up. They are not normally there on a Friday. I asked if they would be there on Saturday and was told 'No'. I wandered around the food section in M&S, then bought a couple of items for the Baby. As I paid I asked what their opening hours were for Saturday. 'We are not open tomorrow Madam' came the reply. As I tried to leave by the exit into the shopping centre, I was told it was closed. 'The shopping centre closed at 4 Madam'. Ok, but I could go out of the front door of M&S, and then into the main shopping centre through the glass doors, which I did to retrieve the car.
Pardon me for saying so, but surely Friday was only New Year's Eve?. Why does everyone need to close early, especially as retail profits were down and shops were supposed to be recouping their lost profits, and why does the GP surgery have to close early, is no one allowed to be ill on New Year's Eve?
 Was there to be a huge party that I knew nothing about for which everyone needed hours and hours to prepare? I came home and said to husband, 'We will have to shop at Sainsbury's tomorrow for the fruit and veg'. We then had a quiet evening and I prepared dinner from a recipe I have been wanting to try for ages, Haddock crumble. Very nice it was too. After the quiet evening husband went off to bed, but I stayed up a bit and went at about 11.45. No point in going earlier as the fireworks are going off from midnight till at least 12.45 am. Husband slept through it all, but when I awoke at 5.30 he was not there. I found him in an armchair, he had woken at 3.30 and could not get back to sleep in bed, so was sleeping downstairs. I went back to bed.
We shopped on Satrurday morning at Sainsbury's and husband wandered over to Homebase. My cough seems to be improving, I have found that a small amount of mulled wine stops me from coughing at night. There was to be a 'social evening' in the church hall, but our little excursion had tired us out, so we skipped it and I caught up with Mum-in Law and my Sister on the phone.
Om Sunday I cut a small piece of beef from the large pack I had bought, but when we got home for church was shocked to see how much it had shrivelled. We had 2 good sermons on Sunday, both with a New year theme. Both quite challenging. I do not think much of New Year these days. For me all that changes is the date. People will soon forget their resolutions, I make mine every day, and still fail.
These holidays seem endless, and husband is working from home tomorrow as he has a dental appointment. We have also booked him a 'flu jab at Boots, as he has been so unwell recently, and going back to work with people bringing new germs in, we really don't want to risk it. A young woman from our town has died from swine 'flu, only 26.
Well on that happy note, I will wish you all that you wish for yourselves in 2011,and that you may find happiness too.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Baby, look at you now!

Well this last week has been fairly unremarkable really. We have spent a lot of time resting, trying to recover from the coughing bug. Once or twice at night I have been kept awake by the cough, so have come downstairs for a while so as not to disturb husband. My cough seems to have changed slightly, which may mean it is getting better. Husband's voice is better than it was. On Monday evening we were supposed to be going to Daughter's for a meal, but husband felt did not feel hungry all day, then said he felt sick, so I went alone. The meal was lovely, but I didn't stay too late.
Some days we have been out together, walking to Sainsbury's for the exercise, other days I have been alone. On Tuesday it got warmer then began to rain.  I thought that the pavements would be better, but they were worse if anything, water on top of ice. We had turkey curry on Tuesday, the carcase is still in the small fridge waiting for me to do something with it. As it sits under the ice box it has frozen. Husband came with me on the weekly shop, but didn't slip too much extra into the trolley.
He kept on saying that he wanted to go out for a drive to see if a car park which he used to walk from was still free, but two days running we fell asleep after lunch. We eventually made it on Thursday.
 We took the scenic route, but as we drove up to the woods the mist got thicker and thicker. He was unable to locate the car park, so we drove on along country lanes passing through The Lee, a village where a few episodes of Midsomer Murders have been filmed. We then drove on to Great Missenden, which has also featured a few times in the series. Husband had suggested we buy a second copy of the Westminster Catechism, which Ian, our pastor goes through with the children on a Sunday Morning. If husband is ill I never remember to take his copy, and can never find a spare at the church. There is a large Christian book shop in Gt Missenden, so we called in there. I could not find a copy, and when I asked the assistant did not seem to have heard of it. They had none. We browsed the books, but all I bought was some reduced Christmas cards, they are always useful.
We came back via Wendover and Tring, but avoided the bypass as the mist had turned to fog. We decided to call in on Daughter and Son in Law. Daughter was out shopping, and they were getting ready for visitors. However, Daughter soon returned and we were given the task of entertaining Baby whilst they carried on with their preparation. I took Baby out of his snow suit and realised he needed changing so I was sent upstairs to do the necessary. I took off his vest and sat him up whilst I found a clean one. He reached forward for something and at the same time toppled sideways. I executed  a nifty catch as he rolled off the  changing mat.
He is getting into everything. His Dad came and helped with the hunt for clean clothes and we soon had him clean and sweet smelling.
I took him downstairs and as I sat with him on my lap, he leaned forward and grabbed my hair and pulled. I managed to get him to let go, then he grabbed both cheeks and pinched. I said 'Ow', and Daughter in passing said, 'Oh, he is into faces at the moment.' He grabbed a chunk of hair again, and whilst pulling hard also tweaked my nose, then grabbed my lip. I managed to free my hair, but had my ear twisted instead. Husband was highly amused.We took some photos of him, then came home as the time for their visitors was getting near.
I managed to locate a copy of the Martin Chuzzlewit DVD, which I placed in husband's stocking. We have watched a few episodes, and I am beginning to get the characters sorted out. After watching the first episode, husband was spurred on to finish the book. It has been hanging around for at least 3 if not 5 years. I will miss it. We also watched an episode of  Midsomer Murders which I'd had on my Amazon wish list. I only got 2 items this year from the list. Mostly I received money, which I had already spent in anticipation.
My new warm lined boots and cloche hat are now paid for and I don't feel guilty.
butter wouldn't melt....
Now what do I do?
Mischief? me?
well.... Maybe.