Monday, 29 August 2011

Bouncing, bonding, buggy riding and Birthday mark 2

I continue, Thursday one of the ladies from Women's hour invited us round, I duly collected our German
friend and arrived somewhat early. It was a good time, we chatted and caught up on news, and spoke to people to whom we don't always speak, mainly because they sit on the opposite side of the church from us, and it isn't dignified to go climbing over pews. We left at about 3.45, and I called in on Daughter for a while. Nathaniel had acquired a few more toys.
On Friday Daughter had visitors coming in the evening, so we had arranged that I was to take Nathaniel off her hands for a few hours. I arrived armed with my new buggy. He was still napping, but soon woke, and I got him ready to take out. I strapped him in the buggy and off we went. It is quite light to push, and just as I was crossing by the shops I saw the bus coming. I made it to the stop, and joy, was the only one with a buggy on board , so didn't have to get him out and collapse it. We got off at the beginning of the shops and I made for M&S, where I planned to take him for lunch for a treat. I picked up a children's lunch, and a sandwich selection for me, but was disappointed to see that the pack contained savoury biscuits, raisins, apple juice and a chocolate lollipop. So he shared some of my sandwiches. We were at a corner table, and his high chair was facing inwards. He was aware of ladies sitting nearby, and put on a real performance of bending over backwards and grinning in an effort to get himself noticed, and the attention he feels is his due. I am afraid my Grandson is an unashamed flirt, and all the ladies respond to him. He had a few of the biscuits, some raisins, but I kept back the chocolate, to be used at his Mum's discretion. He managed the straw in the apple juice really well, only pulling it right out twice.
Having cleared up his mess from the floor, we then went and did a little bit of shopping, before heading for the bus back. I passed the Cornish pasty shop, and was tempted to get some wedges, as I had had to share my lunch. He was allowed one when they had cooled. The bus came unexpectedly, and I hopped on, and parked the buggy. the only snag was that when I came to alight, one of the buggy wheels was trapped, but the driver raised the platform and I was off. It went down our front steps like a dream, and I left it unfolded in the hall. Nathaniel played quite happily with the toys which I have here, and amused himself by taking all of the books out of the box and putting them back. Later I strapped him in again, and set off up the hill. As we neared the top I saw that my old friend S's car was there, so I rang her bell. He gave me a conspiratorial grin as if to say, 'Who is coming to admire me now?' Of course he played to the gallery again, chuckling and waving, which he never does to say bye bye. I didn't stay long as I had already had a 'where are you?' call, and once I had recovered my breath set off on the last, thankfully level, leg of the walk. He and Mummy were pleased to see each other, and there were tantalising smells coming from the kitchen. After a cuppa, I set off for home, arriving just before husband, who had been allowed to visit the chip shop. Not being a great fan of battered fish, I did some steamed cod for myself.
On Saturday we visited our local Ford dealers to check if the Focus was equipped for Isofix. It is and we bought the necessary bracket, then off to Watford for a bit of shopping, and for my camera lens to be checked for possible sand contamination. It was blown through with some air, and declared not to need repair. Later I found the sand had infiltrated my camera bag, so that had to be vacuumed. Someone had given us a travel cot to use for naps, but it just would not click into place, so we bought one from John Lewis, and it clicks into place so easily.
Home for about an hour, then off to Daughter's for an afternoon tea, and a re-run of the candle blowing out, much to Nathaniel's delight. We left at around about Nathaniel's bathtime, being stuffed with cream tea, leftovers of the most calorific dessert in the world, and more Birthday cake.
Yesterday, at church we had a visit from the former pastor of Penzance Baptist church, who preached 2 very good sermons. We also had a surprise visit from Son and daughter in Law, who were on their way back from France. They had been to Spicer Street, and Daughter had invited them for lunch, so they came down whilst they waited for it to be cooked. Had I known they were calling in I would have invited them here, but it was lovely just to see them.
Not a very exciting Bank Holiday, a walk to local shops, and a longer walk back, a bit of gardening. catching up with ironing, and struggle for husband to fit the Isofix bracket. Soon all I will need is a gate to stop N getting into the porch when the back door is open. I'm going to have my hands full, should be fun.
Bouncy castle, for some reason missed off earlier blog

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bathing (well almost), baking, bright boy, balloons and Birthday

I must admit that the hydrotherapy session which I had on Monday was the best so far. The Physio was not the one whom I normally see on dry land as they take it in turns in the pool. This one explained to me why I still get pain. Apparently , because I had the condition for over a year, the muscles were compensating for it. Now they have to be completely retrained. I went home feeling much happier, and felt better the day after the treatment too. That evening I baked the first Birthday cake that I have made in ages. Usually these days they come from M&S, or sometimes Sainsbury's. I had difficulty in getting the tops of the layers  level, despite hollowing out the mixture. However I chose the best 2 out of 3.
Tuesday morning was spent levelling, icing and decorating the cake, then later I was wrapping parcels, writing a card and blowing up balloons. My shoulder was feeling much better, and I felt bit more lifted in spirits. I had quite along walk, which tired me out, but I do need the exercise.
On Wednesday, after I had been to Sainsbury's, I loaded the car with balloons, parcels, card and cake and drove up to Daughter's. Natahniel was asleep when I arrived , but I soon got him up when he woke, and changed his nappy, and said 'happy Birthday'. I took him downstairs and we opened his present from his Grandad and me- a Fisher Price 'Little People' garage. It differs from the old one that we had, and Daughter and I had a struggle to assemble it. I had wondered why the box was so small! Baby was quite taken with it -until the next, far noisier gift was opened! He does play with the garage though and has great fun shoving things down the lift shaft, and hurtling cars down the ramps.

We decide to take him to a local children's farm, where there is lots to see and do. After lunching in a crowded cafe with a noisy play area, Nathaniel tried out the soft play area for a while, then we went outside to look at some of the birds of prey and non farm animals and birds.
Nathaniel has his first jelly

We then saw some farm animals, and had a ride on Tristan the runaway tractor, (actually squashed into a trailer on hard wooden slatted seats, driven through at least two lots of water, and stopped so we could admire lots of scarecrows). After that we looked at yet more farm animals, Nathaniel tried the bouncy castle, safely held by Mummy, and then we admired some piglets, looked in amazement at the gawky alpacas, and then Mummy and Natahaniel spent some time in the sandpit

. Naturally, the exit was on the other side of the expensive and well stocked with toys shop, but we didn't buy. we popped into the farm shop, found that they also had a cafe with a better menu, and vowed that if we ever return , that will be our lunch venue.
We got back to daughter's house without getting too much tangled in the rush hour traffic, and waited for Grandad to arrive. Unfortunately Son in law had a deadline to meet, and had everyone standing around his desk, so he couldn't get away in time for the candle blowing.
well time has run away with me again, I'll have to complete this later.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Is it the middle of August already? (Part 2)

Thursday was a really miserable day. we have had some rain on and off, but this was solid non stop, a steady downpour. I trudged to Sainsbury's in the morning having forgotten a couple of things on my list. Why is lamb so  expensive? I can't believe that the farmers get paid that much for it. Up till quite recently, most of the lamb available was from New Zealand, and according to what I have read it is halal slaughtered, so I refuse to buy it. Even the black faced Border lamb had gone up by about £4 for a joint this week. No wonder people are sheep rustling.
On Thursday afternoon, I took some more stuff to the charity shops, I have discovered that one in town has a back entrance which I can drive to, which is useful.  Friday was a better day, but a day involving some mishaps. As I had been sleeping so badly I was feeling really grumpy, but as I was on my own, I wasn't tempted to grump at anyone.  The weather was a lot better though. I took a longer walk in the morning which tired me out, I remembered I had  a cushion cover to wash,  which I had managed to get covered in hand cream. So I sprayed it with stain slayer, and popped it in the washing machine. Much later I decide to wash some of my pristine white undies, along with 2 nighties, and 2 white T shirts. When I went to get them out they were all dyed a delicate shade of pink. I also pulled out the deep red cushion cover. Oops! Three washes with colour run remover, and an ordinary wash produced pristine t shirts, but every bit of elastic in the other clothes still has a pink tinge. Then some descaler fell out of the cupboard, and the top came loose, so I was basically mopping up acid. I must get the child proof catches put on the rest of the cupboards. The cushion cover is completely stain free.
On Saturday we decided to go looking for a baby car  seat. We will need one next month DV. I had found a place previously unknown to us, in Berkhamsted, which was advertised in the local free paper. So off we drove under bright blue skies, to check this place out. We were discussing the  merits of  Isofix, rear facing versus front facing, when we realised there was a lot of swishing going on outside Yes it was raining, and the cars were swishing through the puddles. I spotted a stroller. I had been planning to buy the Silver Cross Pop, as it is lighter than Daughter's pushchair, and with my back and shoulder problems needed something I can easily manage. I had never heard of this make (Uppababy), but was so impressed when the features were demonstrated to me, that I made an impulse purchase. I chose the snazzy turquoise,and they had it in stock. I was even more impressed when I got home and read the internet reviews. What attracted me most was the padded seat. Many strollers don't have padded seats, and the covers are washable. If you are not bored by baby equipment talk check it out. It's the GLuxe. I am looking forward to trying it out. The wheels are narrower than our front steps which is a bonus. I am to get a phone call about the availability of the car seats tomorrow.
We drove back into Berko town centre, had lunch at Waitrose, then did some shopping. Then we wandered in and out of shops, brollies aloft between shops. We wandered into Home and Colonial, and met some folk from church. We chatted for a while, then came out again into bright sunshine and blue skies! What an odd day! On arriving home we unpacked the shopping, unpacked the buggy, tried out it's folding mechanism, found out that its 'freestanding whilst folded' is a bit unstable, but were generally quite pleased. It even has a velcroed cover over the buckle to stop little escapees.
I made a spag bol, phoned my sister and relaxed with the newspapers. Saturdays seem to go by so quickly and we never seem to get the jobs done, gardening was a no no anyway, because of the weather.
So now it is Sunday evening. We have had a good Lord's day, an excellent sermon this morning taking in the reasons for the recent riots, a good Sunday lunch, a doze, and a good evening sermon in Acts 13  on the preaching in Cyprus. Then home, and something to eat and a phone call to Mum in law. Her friend who I mentioned last week is still heavily sedated, but has opened her eyes, and spoken, and is quite confused. She also has a crack in her pelvis and a 'chip' in her neck, (presumably a bone chip). The family have been warned that she will be in hospital for some time, but at least she seems to be out of immediate danger, but still in need of prayer.
I have hydrotherapy appointment tomorrow. I wish I could say that I am a lot better since my op, but I get some awful twinges if I make quite simple movements. I don't know if this is because of the tear, or whether the tissues haven't settled  still.  An operation to repair the tear is out of the question if I am to continue to look after Nathaniel. I have more mobility in the arm, but it still catches at certain points. Oh well, 2 months till I next see the consultant, time for it to heal a bit more. Must go now and make husband's packed lunch for tomorrow. Have a good and blessed week.

Is it the middle of August already?

Monday this week was little bit different in that husband worked from home, as we had a dental appointment. In the morning I walked into town as I badly needed the exercise. I had to transfer some money as I've had to pay in full for a  cottage which we will be staying in in the Autumn, when we visit my sister. I caught the bus back up the hill. I had lunch, and we arrived at the dentist's so early that the door was locked. We both escaped with just a scale and polish, although I still sometimes get pain where I had the root filling done last year, and neither of the teeth that hurt has a nerve!  We popped into town, and then later I went out again. when I got back, daughter was here with baby, she had called to return the strimmer. they had been clearing the jungle working on their rear garden again at the weekend. Husband was pleased, as he doesn't see as much of baby as I do. Afterwards, I spent a while in the loft looking for Daughter's first Birthday present from us, and emerged triumphant, but wheezing and coughing.
Later that evening, I got a call from Daughter to say that she had a bite on her leg which had caused her leg to swell, and her leg was very red, and the red area was spreading. I advised a trip to the walk in centre at the hospital. Next morning I found a message on my phone saying it was not thought to be an infection, but she had had an allergic reaction. How like me my Daughter is. She was given an antihistamine. Oh dear, I thought, that could mean she will be very zonked. I rang her, but she had been asleep, so was baby, so I didn't worry too much.
Later, I got a phone call, she sounded very slurry, so I offered to go up. Her leg was still pretty swollen and red, and after a while she asked if she could go to bed. I gave baby his lunch, he made a lovely mess with his water, then I cleared up and played with him for a while. Then I got his push chair out of the car, got him into it and we went out. We went to the paper shop, and I realised I had not had lunch, so got a roll from the local sandwich shop.I sat on a concrete bench to eat it. The Council have thoughtfully provided 3, but one has already been turned over and split. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice, it was a former neighbour, the one with whom I am always going to meet for coffee, but never manage it. So she sat beside me and I introduced her to baby, then we caught up on our news. Her husband has a similar shoulder problem to mine, sadly he has no private health insurance. His sister who also has a shoulder problem does have insurance, so she will probably get sorted first. Having replaced baby's socks twice, I gave up and put them in my bag. M had to go, so I pushed baby down the hill to our house, and let him try his Mum's 1st Birthday present.

He seemed to enjoy it for a while but cannot make it rock yet, so we found something else to play with. I tried to use the computer, but he wanted to come on my lap and press buttons and grab the mouse, so I didn't stay online very long. He seemed to be getting tired, so I decided to take him back home. I hoiked the pushchair up the steps, and reached the bus stop just as the bus approached. Unfortunately it was a coach style, with 4 very narrow steps. 'Oh dear' I said, I think I might have bit of trouble'. The driver somewhat rudely snapped, 'You will have to wait for the next', and just in case I hadn't heard, repeated it.
I hesitated for a moment, to go round the corner and wait for 15 minutes for the other circular bus, or walk up? The latter won. I took it slowly, I used to do that walk every day about 25 years ago to school. I also pushed son in his buggy. It is a mile up a very steep hill. At the top I turned on to the field as it is a bit nicer that way. Baby had fallen asleep about halfway up the hill. I let myself in  Daughter's house, and everything was so quiet. I sat for a while to recover from the walk, then went and tapped on her bedroom door. She woke up and was astonished at the time.  She said 'I have lost a day.' Well she did need to sleep the antihistamine off, and it gave me a taster of looking after Grandson. She felt much better, the red area on her leg had begun to diminish, and it was slightly less swollen. After a cup of tea, I decided it was time to come back home, baby was now awake so she was going to give him his tea. I slept quite well that night
Wednesday was more boring, physio, then a trip to Sainsbury's. I'm afraid I dozed off again after lunch. Unfortunately, that night I couldn't get to sleep, and have been having difficulty sleeping ever since. Well it looks like this week's blog will have to be a 2 parter again, I'm only half way through the week, and it's nearly time for my pre church cuppa.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A mixed week, with a return to Blenheim

It has been a 'shorter' week, as I last blogged on Monday. Tuesday I was doing various things, trying to keep the weeds away, which have started coming back since Mum-in-Law went home, catching up on the ironing, (except the shirts), going out walking, replacing dying plants in my pots, and doing my physio exercises. Late Tuesday afternoon, I took a phone call from Mum in law, who was quite upset about a friend of hers.
I don't want to go into too much detail here, but this friend has ended up in a London hospital with a broken back, ribs, arms, and she did have hypothermia. She has had chronic health problems for some time. She has been kept under sedation whilst the Doctors have been assessing her. Please pray for P that the Doctors may be given wisdom in treating her, and for her husband, family and friends.
On Wednesday I did the usual Sainsbury's run, then went over to Argos for a new catalogue. I needed to have the car with me, as I couldn't have managed to carry one home as they are so heavy these days. I also went into Homebase garden centre to pick up some more plants, so that I can continue to fill the gaps as plants die off.
On Thursday, I was contemplating even more ironing and tidying when Daughter rang and asked me if  I fancied a trip to Brent Cross. So she picked me up at around midday. We took Nathaniel into the toy department of John Lewis. He has his first Birthday soon, and he was allowed out of his pushchair to try out various toddle trucks and sit and ride toys. I suddenly remembered that we had Daughter's first Birthday present in the loft, a rocker, with a horse's head. I must try and find it. We got some idea of what he might enjoy. We had lunch in Fenwick's restaurant, and watched the rain pelting down outside. It had been drizzling at home. In M&S, I was going to buy a pair of trousers, but bumped into someone who I used to know in Spicer Street church. She has recently become a Grandma, her son's wife had a boy. We caught up on various news, and I discovered that she and her husband had also left Spicer Street about 6 years ago. Daughter was saying she hadn't seen them for a while, but it is such a big congregation, you cannot possibly know everyone and what they are all doing. In the end I didn't buy the trousers as the queue was too long. I hope they get them in our store, I had a pair in that colour a while ago, but got bleach on them, and nothing repairs that damage.
There were a couple of police vans around at Brent Cross, I reckon that because of the awful riots they are keeping a higher profile. There is no excuse for the riots and wanton destruction. There is only one cause and that is sin.When you get people who are in work, and even the daughter of a millionaire in court, then it cannot be blamed on poverty. Unemployment too is given for a reason. At various times in the past my Father, Husband and Son have all been unemployed, but none have found the need to go about and steal and smash things up, or commit arson.
By and large this nation has turned it's back on God, the ten commandments have been disregarded, rotten laws have been made, marriage and the family under attack from 'trendies'. What is needed is a revival, a repentance and a turning back to God.
Well I will get off my soapbox. In the end we didn't but very much at all in Brent Cross. Daughter popped in Lakeland in Brent park, and I stayed in the car with baby. Daughter called round on Friday to borrow our strimmer, Nathaniel was wreaking havoc within minutes of arriving. He is learning though, when he grabbed my glasses, I said 'No', so he offered them to me. He is standing alone for longer, and has actually taken a couple of steps twice this week, but refuses to do it 'to order'
On Saturday we returned to Blenheim, when we went for our anniversary in March, we converted our tickets to an annual pass. We hadn't seen much of the grounds in March as it was too cold. It was a bit windy, but a lot warmer than March
Rose garden


Butterfly house


Our Pastor is home from the Phillipines and it was good to have him back, with two excellent sermons today Unfortunately, I took an antihistamine yesterday, and although it was not supposed to cause drowsiness it did! I had a 2 hour sleep this afternoon.  Oh well, hope I will sleep tonight too!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A continuation

Sorry I didn't complete this blog, but somehow I have managed to wreck the thingummy jiggery that I use to upload pictures. Husband has helped out by lending me one. As I was saying, we spent some time in the play area
fun on the swing
trying the slide
enjoying the slide
After this we left for Daughter's where we had a cup of tea and a piece of cake. My cup seemed to smell funny, and I was muttering about cups smelling of washing up liquid. Daughter asked Son in Law what tea he had given me and he replied 'Earl Grey', no wonder it smelled odd! He had even put milk in it. I am a PG tips/Assam  lover so it did rather amuse me. The cake was very jammy, and very yummy!
cake, courtesy Sainsbury's
Mummy blew the candles out
We then came home, but were too stuffed to have a meal, and I returned later so that they could go out for a meal. Baby did wake for about three quarters of an hour, but he has a cold and was obviously feeling thirsty and miserable. However I eventually got him to settle.
Our Pastor is still away, but we had a visit from an elderly preacher, who comes about once a year. He is very good. in the evening we had some visitors, parents of some of our Sunday school children.
Yesterday I had hydrotherapy in the morning, then went into Harpenden, I spent most of my time in Nationwide, as they tried to sort out a problem for me. they also managed to sell me improved House cover, for around the same price. I spent most of the afternoon asleep. a series of late nights, and the exercises, with the warmth of the pool had obviously worn me out. well I must be off, have to go into town this morning.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

30th Birthday

I had so much trouble writing my last blog, the text and photos all disappeared at one point, I got so frustrated. I also forgot to mention that last weekend when the computer wouldn't work, it took husband about 2 days to fix it, running various programmes and tests. He eventually located the problem, and got everything up and running again. In the meantime I used his netbook. I don't really get on with laptops, I found the mouses (mice?) too fiddly by half.
Anyway, things have been a bit better for me apart from still having a bit of trouble sleeping from the cough. The nights have cooled down and I have fitted some pollen screen over one window. I ordered it ages ago, but I hadn't got around to fitting it. Now we can have one window open without me worrying that my asthma will get worse. There wasn't quite enough of the special velcro supplied to fit a bigger window as well. I will have to see if I can find it on the 'net'.
Yesterday we did our morning shopping, the  went round to Daughter's with her presents, a cake and some balloons. We had packed up a picnic and were all ready to go. However Son in Law was still in town, so we left, as we had to go to Tring to collect my pen. Now I have it I must practise writing with it. We had a quick wander around the shops, husband likes Charity shops, then set off for Wendover Woods. The others were already there, so a quick phone call summoned them to the picnic table which I had managed to 'bag'. Nathaniel sat on top of the table, and was fed with a jar of 'mush', as it is convenient. He didn't eat all of it, but sampled morsels of our sandwiches, cheese, a sliver of sausage roll, etc. Son in Law had brought a pork pie. He had just finished cutting it, when baby reached over and grabbed a piece, and before anyone could stop him, was munching on it
Nathaniel tries some sandwich

The Birthday girl

Nathaniel enjoying his 'spoils'-pork pie

After lunch we explored a bit of the wood, but the route we chose did not take us long. We then headed for the children' play area

climbing trees
Grandad has fun 'driving

Friday, 5 August 2011


Well I reported the misdelivery of the parcel on Saturday, was given a reference number, and have heard no more. It was Friday when o realised that I was developing a cold. I was quite annoyed by this  as usually I am on the ball and use Vick's first defence to try and stave it off. On Saturday morning I was less than happy, we didn't manage to leave the house very early, and I did not feel up to walking. So we took the car. The upside was that we bought M&S sandwiches, and drove over to Ashridge to eat them.
Actually we ended up almost at Ivinghoe beacon and we sat looking over to Dunstable Downs. I remarked that there were no kite flyers to be seen at the Downs, maybe the previous week's fatality had put them off, or perhaps it was just not windy. We drove home via Aldbury. Sunday was an even hotter day than Saturday, apologies to those of you who live in places where there was no heatwave, we ate lunch in the garden, but soon came back inside it was just too hot. When it is as hot as this our bedroom becomes unbearable. I draw the curtains to keep out the sun, but as soon as I lie down at bedtime, with no duvet on, I feel as of I have been enveloped in a warm blanket, thus I tend to put off going to bed in a heatwave.
On Sunday afternoon I popped up to see the family, they had invited me despite my cold. They had got home fairly late on Saturday and were very tired. Baby was up to his usual tricks, grabbing everything in sight, he can now stand on his own for a few seconds, ie to clap hands, or transfer something from one hand to the other, so his balance is improving. After the evening service we popped up with some teatime treats for them, as they had had little time for shopping.
Monday was my physio appointment. I had been saying to husband that the physio didn't actually do much in the way of treatment. I should have kept my mouth shut! This time I was on the couch with my poor shoulder muscles being pummelled and massaged. Ow!! There had been a misunderstanding over how much hydrotherapy I should have, so I am now booked for another session, my band has been increased in strength I also had some ultrasound. I suspect she has been waiting for the tissues to heal before putting me through the mill. I have a fairly good range of movement, but still get 'catching' when I move in certain ways. It is an unbelievable 5 weeks today since the 'op'. I felt sorry for myself, and treated myself to a M&S sandwich lunch which I ate sitting on a bench in the sun in Harpenden. I was looking for a nice Birthday card, but didn't find one I really liked.
I then had to go into our local town, I continued the search for a card, but didn't find one I liked. I didn't have a lot of time left on my parking ticket, but wanted to close a bank account. Through no fault of our own we had ended up with 6 accounts between us with a certain Spanish bank through takeovers. This account didn't have much interest, so I had found an account which did. You would have thought I was asking for the Crown Jewels. I got the full works, how safe our money is, how wonderful their interest rates are, in the end I felt like standing up and screaming 'Just give me the money'. However being British, I didn't, and eventually escaped with my cheque, which I promptly deposited in our current account  to await transfer. I was summoned to Daughter's where I found that a certain young man had found away to keep cool. after my afternoon I felt like joining him!
Ah Bliss

Now where did I put that ball?

Can I get that without falling in?

This is the life

enjoying a 'post pool' rice cake

Not much has happened since then I have seen baby again, we have had the hottest day of the year, and I have been to Watford. I still haven't found the 'perfect card' but have one that will do. Talking of hot days, I can vouch for the fact that on this day 30 years ago it was the hottest day for 5 years. I was very heavily pregnant, 39 weeks, and had burst into tears the night before. Being so heavy and uncomfortable was getting to me, and I sobbed ' If they take me in tomorrow I shan't be sorry, I've had enough' As it happened I felt fine on 5th August, but when I got to the ante natal clinic, my BP was high and I had lost 2lb. 'Sorry Mrs Y, but you can't go home, we will have to induce you' I haven't enough time to go into detail, but next morning, I very groggily greeted my Daughter to the world, Happy 30th Birthday daughter

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fun and games, and pass the parcel

A little late blogging this week, mainly because we had a problem with our main computer. On Monday I decided to go over to Tring as there is a shop there I wanted to visit. I prefer to use a fountain pen to write letters, and ls prefer a broad nib. Cheap pens do not seem to work very well, and I had tried to buy a decent pen in our local Smith's. the assistant was very lame in advising me, and tried to sell me a cheap calligraphy pen, I already have a few of those. The shop in Tring is a decent stationers, and the assistant was most helpful, she said that had no broad nibs but would send it away to Watermans to have the nib replaced. So I duly paid for a pen. I then wandered around the High Street, which has different shops from most places. I like places that don't have all of the usual chains.
On Tuesday, in the afternoon, I went over to Watford as I wanted to buy something in Lakeland. They did not have the item, I am a bit disappointed as it is not a very big store. I looked around a couple of stores, had a cup of tea, and hit the rush hour as I came home. Husband was already home, he had been on the first day of a  health and safety course in London. He complained about the heat and the crowds, I think he is glad that he no longer commutes to London, although the walk to the station and at the other end  meant he was slimmer and fitter in those days.
On Wednesday, I had finished my Sainsbury's shopping when I realised I hadn't bought any flowers. I went back in, and as I wandered round the flower stand I noticed a folded £20 note on the floor. I went to pick it up, and discovered that it was actually 4 notes, £80 in total. I wondered who could have dropped it, a pensioner perhaps? Maybe the person was still in the store. I took it to the desk and waited, and handed it over to the lady there. I had to fill in a form, and was told if no one claimed it within a month it was mine. I pointed out that there was a shopping list on the floor too, so L, whom I know from when our children were at the same school, kept it with the cash.
I then had to get petrol, so by the time I got home I was running a bit late. I had an appointment with the general specialist at our local hospital, so decided I was running too late to walk, I took the car and parked in the local Asda. I was prepared for a long wait as I am usually there for about an hour and a half. They had changed the clinic area, and it was incredibly hot, so I armed myself with some water and settled down with a newspaper. I hadn't got beyond page 3 when I was called. As the problem for which I was referred has not recurred, I was discharged with some general advice. My appointment had been  at noon. As I left the building I checked my watch, 12.05 pm! That is unknown in my experience of the NHS! It even beats the time I waited at the Spire hospital.
Daughter and Son in Law had gone off to the Isle of Wight for a week, with Son, his wife and some friends. I had been going up to water plants, and had discovered that the local post office had tried to deliver a package. I brought the card home with me, and knowing that I would need Daughter's ID to collect it, decided to have it delivered here; this was duly fixed up for Friday, online, and a confirmation e-mail received.
I think that it was when I had to pop out for sour cream, for the beef fajitas, that husband took a phone call from a very grateful lady, thanking me for my honesty in  handing in the £80. She said to call at the desk next time I went in Sainsbury's, where there would be a note for me.
Thursday was car service and MOT day for my car. I duly took it to Ford's and walked into town, I meant to take some pictures on my walk to post on here, but didn't have my camera. when I returned by car to take them, the camera wouldn't work, dead batteries! As usual I got breakfast in M&S. I like to leave at least an hour after taking my medication before eating, as it is supposed to  make the meds work more efficiently. I must admit though, by the time I got to M&S I was suffering from signs of low blood sugar.
I got on with some housework, had  lunch, and was surprised to hear husband's key in the lock even earlier that the 5 pm that he has been getting home. As Ford's had not long rung to tell me the car was ready, I got him to take me up there. Much better than a crowded bus. The buses here have their heating on in the summer. I wish they would get some of the buses that we used on the York park and ride, they had air con. As I had given then permission to carry out 'advisory' work, the bill came to almost as much as the car is worth! I must find a cheaper garage. Even the discount and the nectar points, it isn't worth taking it to Fords.
On Friday there was to be the funeral of a lady, Daughter of friends of ours, who had had around a10 year battle with breast cancer. I didn't know C, but another mutual friend had asked me if I would go to the funeral to support her parents. By and large C had  never professed faith, which was a great sorrow to her parents. Her father had been speaking much to her about spiritual matters, and the pastor of the church her parents attend had been visiting and going through the gospels. Apparently, one day whilst singing 'And can it be', with her father, she got to the line 'my chains fell off, my heart was free' and realised that yes, now her chains had fallen off and she truly believed. What joy for her parents. Deathbed conversions are rare, but they do sometimes happen, not that I would recommend that anyone leaves it so late.
By lunchtime, there was no sign of the parcel, I was inwardly fuming, and after about half an hour on the phone to various people, was told. 'Oh they don't finish till 5pm'. I had to ring M and explain why I would most probably miss the funeral. By the time husband got home, I was no longer angry, just frustrated at the general decline in services these days. I decided to take the card back up to Daughter's, with a note explaining the circumstances. As I opened her gate, I saw the package tucked behind some of her bins! Needless to say the Post Office got a complaint from me on Saturday morning!
I had called at Sainsbury's and they still had the papers, so I bought those, then went to the customer service desk. There was very nice card there thanking me, and a £5 gift card, sadly no contact phone no for me to thank her. I think that I will pause at this point, as this post is far too long