Friday, 23 December 2011

Counting down to Christmas

Christmas flower arrangement
 I am really quite cross with my blog, I typed a whole load at the beginning of the week, and came back to add to it,. then the first lot I had written disappeared. I wrote about husband's trip to the dentist as he has another infection, and more antibiotics, about Daughter and I going to M K to look for a hat for her for a wedding , and how neither of us had a working mobile, and how we were late home. I wrote about me losing another pound, and looking after Nat, and his antics, none of which I can now remember. I also said about husband picking up his Mum on Friday, and how we had Nathaniel to stay  to stay for the weekend as Mummy and Daddy went to said weddding. Nathaniel seemed to enjoy himself, although woke up at 11pm for a short while, then again at 5.35 am!  we took hime to church with us and he fell asleep during the sermon. Now I have caught up!
On Sunday his Mum and Dad came round for lunch, having stayed overnight in London. We had roast lamb, and then a few of us tried to grab some shuteye. We rushed out for the carol service, daughter was doing creche at their church, so took Nathaniel, and we went off to our church, where I discovered I had forgotten the specially made mince pies. Husband wouldn't let me go home for them. The church was so full that we had to sit really near the front. 9 lovely carols, and my voice held out. There were so many mince pies that mine were not needed.
On Monday I spent a lot of time printing out our news letter, and doing a photo sheet. I also went to the surgery to collect form for my full blood count test to be repeated, then in the afternoon I went to the pathology dept. for another blood test. Only a small  bruise this time.  I made the almond paste and put it on teh cake in the evening  Tuesday morning, so fed up with coughing at night, I made an appointment with the doctor. They were quite booked up, so I had to see my least favourite doctor. The appointment was not till 4.50, so after spending time doing cards, going for a walk etc we had lunch and later went to see Daughter. I left Mum in Law there whilst I went for my appointment.  I now have a course of Amoxil but am still resorting to Benylin night. to help me sleep.
At WW on Wednesday I had lost a further pound despite eating a few mince pies. Sainsbury's was heaving with people, but I didn't spend an awful lot for a change..I posted some more cards, having posted the last of the parcels on Tuesday.  I collected Nathaniel on Thursday, and Great Grandma came out with me to collect the papers. Then I showed her Dunelm mill, I could see people saying 'Ah' as they passed in cars and realised that a little person was fast asleep.
This morning I picked him up again, and later took Grandma into town for a shampoo and set at  my hairdressers. I carried on to the bank, and sorted some money, then decided to call in at the optician's, on the offchance that my repaired specs were back. Eureka, they were. I went into a card shop, which was too crowded, and had to walk very close to the display.on my way out. As I left the shop I realised that Nat had 2 cards in his hand! I hastily went back in and replaced them on the display, watching him carefully as we left. 'Back home I tried to wrap presents, at husbands's desk, but Nat grabbed scissors, then unravelled ribbons, he tried to grab the mouse, the mouse ball, and anything he could get his hands on. in the end he settled for Grandad's wind up torch. I was quite relieved when his Mum who had half a day came to collect him.  Now the house is clean, well almost, Grandma has washed up,and all presents are wrapped, and I've actually hung up most of the cards. I marzipanned and iced the cake earlier this week too. All that remains is for me to wish all my blog readers a very Happy Christmas- Joy to the world the Lord is come.
Holly and Ivy cake

PS My blood count is coming down, phew!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

More Advent antics

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I have been rather chasing my tail lately, trying to get Christmas sorted, me sorted, cards and newsletter written,plus toddler minding It all takes up time. Monday of last week I went to the Doctor about the blood tests that had been recommended. she took my BP the gave me the necessary forms. At lunchtime I looked after Nathaniel whilst his mum went to the annual staff Christmas lunch. afterwards I went to pathology for my blood tests, parking at the local Asda, as it's cheaper than the hospital. the phlebotomist left me with a nice bruise.
 On Tuesday I tried to catch up with things, but never quite succeeded. Wednesday was Weight Watchers, I had stayed the same. Better than going up though. I did the Sainsbury's run, buying sweets and extras as one does at Christmas, and using my substantial nectar points to reduce the bill somewhat.
Thursday I had Nathaniel, and when I took him out for walk he fell asleep, Great!  I could now hope to get to Women's hour, which was the Christmas one. Nat behaved fairly well, but being held very tightly on my lap seemed to help. He had his usual run around afterwards. I rang the Doctor's later and have to have some of my blood tests repeated, full blood count in 2 weeks and thyroid is borderline, so 6-8 weeks. that could explain my constant tiredness.
On Friday we didn't do much as the weather was not so good, just the usual walk. Last week we had some pretty heavy frosts. Nathaniel's Mum says he has to sit still for his snacks, so I've been experimenting with him sitting at the table on a cushion. Not so good on Friday as he smeared yoghurt all over the tablecloth.
Yummy snack time
On Saturday we did the usual shopping. lunching in Marks and Spencer as we had to go back to the garden  centre. The fibre optic tree I bought for husband's office wasn't really big enough, and one of his colleagues had fallen in love with it and asked to buy it. so we bought another, plus a taller one, which was on offer. The later that day I asked to borrow husband's shed key as I needed to top up the compost in my Christmas tree pot. I had mislaid my house keys, but when I opened the shed door, there they were on the floor. I had a feeling that was where they might be. After dinner I brought the tree in, and went up stairs for the decorations. I found things as usual that I had forgotten we had. This is the finished tree:

I found Nativity baubles at the garden centre
Last years treetopper was top heavy, so I used the one we bought in St Ives
Close up of some baubles.
I used the Sainsbury's star lights and they seem quite effective.
Our Son and his wife were visiting Grandma on the South Coast, Daughter and Son in Law were in Kent at his parents, as he was going to have a Birthday. we had a quiet relaxing Sunday, 2 excellent sermons, a few unusual hymns, and some nice roast pork for lunch. Ovaltine helped me sleep for a few nights, but then I started with a cough again. To be continued

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent antics

Well it seems that I spoke too soon about the weather! We had a frost overnight on Sunday. My beautiful puffball dahlias are sadly no more. I was feeling fidgety on Monday, couldn't settle down, so I rang Daughter and asked if she would like to go to the big Garden Centre to have a look in their Christmas shop.  I said I would treat her to lunch. She agreed so off we went. We had a very nice lunch, but the table was a bit small and Nathaniel kept trying to grab the ham from my salad. We looked around the Christmas shop at the beautiful decorations, but Daughter decided that glass baubles were definite no no, as she will have enough difficulty keeping him away from the tree. I was disappointed in the selection of lights, decided that the little stars I had seen in Sainsbury's were better. I think most of their lights were intended for outdoor use. Later that afternoon I went for a much needed haircut My usual hairdresser hadn't been able to do it the previous week due to a family emergency. The lady who cut it on Tuesday said that the other lady's brother had collapsed and died with a brain haemorrhage. Only about 49, how very sad. It reminds us of the brevity of life and the importance of being right with God. Any of us can be plunged into eternity at any moment.
Daughter was due to go to London with friends on Tuesday, but didn't really want to take her buggy as it is rather on the large side. I offered to lend her mine. As she came over late in the afternoon to collect it, she caught a kerb and got a puncture. She had to ring the RAC as she couldn't get the wheel off.  So she ended up staying here until her husband arrived home from work. The RAC arrived just before my  husband arrived home form work, and I fed Nathaniel from my emergency store of
On Tuesday quite late in the afternoon I went over to the nearer garden centre to check on their potted Christmas trees. They didn't have a large stock and they are a bit pricey, but I had some garden club vouchers. I just needed to find out where I had put them. I came away with some snowflake lights, to compare with the stars I had bought that morning in Sainsbury's. I also looked for some bulb fibre, as I still hadn't planted the hyacinth bulbs I bought weeks ago. They only had big packs, and my back is dodgy at present, so I declined.
It had suddenly got very windy, and as I drove away from the garden centre it began to pour with rain, very squally.  What a difference from the brilliant sunshine that morning. I suddenly realised that a pheasant was taking a leisurely stroll across the road in  front of me. The last pheasant we hit cracked our number plate, so I braked as quickly as I dared, so as not to skid, and the pheasant disappeared under the front of my car as I  stopped. A solitary feather flew up, and then much to my relief the pheasant also flew up!
 I experienced a huge rush of adrenaline with the resulting palpitations as I drove off. Later that evening I rang Daughter to ask how she had coped with the buggy, but her London trip had been called off as her friend's little boy had a temperature. I do hope that he is better soon, haven't had a further report. I located some unopened  bulb fibre in our back porch store, and planted the bulbs, which are now hopefully growing in Son's old wardrobe.
On Wednesday morning at weigh in I had lost a further pound. I dashed off to Sainsbury's, spent far too much money, then rushed home grabbed a sandwich and out to parent and toddlers, where I was in charge of  refreshments. Daughter and Nathaniel came too, One little girl had her third Birthday, and her Mum provided a cake with candles, which were duly blown out. This turned into rather along procedure, as 2 little boys had also had second Birthdays that week, so the candle blowing out was repeated twice more. The lady also gave all of the children party bags, how sweet.
On Thursday we awoke to a heavy frost. I felt sorry for husband, as he had left my car out overnight. As I drove up to collect Nathaniel all along the road there were people scraping at their windscreens.  late that morning I walked into town with Nathaniel, intending to transfer some money from a building society to a bank, and do a bit of shopping. I suddenly realise that I had used my debit card to pay something on line, and it wasn't in my purse. So I couldn't transfer the money.  I then let Nathaniel play on the  little train which the council have provided in the shopping area.
  It was getting a bit late, so I decide on lunch in M&S, use their baby changing facilities, then I could get the bus back up, and be in plenty of time to get to Women's hour. As I reached the bus stop, I realised that N was fast asleep, so I had to park the buggy in the hall and wait for him to wake up. Sadly I missed Women's hour again.

Friday morning we went for a longish walk, and he was asleep before we got home. I met my old neighbour again, and we renewed our vow to get together after Christmas. Nathaniel was a bit late having his meal, and as I wanted to go back to the local garden centre  to get a tree, having found the vouchers, he missed his afternoon snack. The tree took up rather a lot of room in the trolley, and tickled Nathaniel's back, as he was in the child seat. I also got husband a fibre optic tree for the office, as their old tree has disintegrated. Nathaniel was fascinated by the till, which was at just his height, and his eyes nearly popped when the drawer popped open.
I struggled to get the tree in the car, but managed in the end, then drove home and deposited it on the patio for now. I also gave it some water. An early tea for Nat, who had missed his snack, and a quick pressure cooked cod and veg for me. Husband was calling at the chippy, he is allowed to occasionally, I dislike battered fish. I took N home and Grandad popped in to say hello, but didn't stay as parking was limited. Yesterday we went shopping in a nearby town, so that I could drop hints for stocking fillers to husband. we lunched and shopped at Waitrose for a change. I would love to shop there permanently, but the way husband sneaks things into the trolley, would lead to disagreements. I found some table mats which match my best china in a charity shop, very clean and not much used. They had 2 packs, but I just bought one, I also bought more Christmas cards, I actually saw someone posting some. Don't you just hate people who are smug and organised? Last evening we babysat as the younger generation had been invited to a friend's for a meal. Husband fell asleep for a couple of hours, then woke at 10. I fell asleep, and woke at 11.10 pm. Nathaniel slept really well. apparently he has been very good with the Christmas tree, which they put up on Friday evening.
This morning we went to the morning service as usual, got caught up in traffic for Sunday shoppers, and arrived a tad late. It was communion after the service and as I was singing the last hymn, I got a shooting pain in my chest and felt faint. I had to sit down. I got really bad ectopic heartbeats too, probably as I had a massive adrenaline rush. There is a Doctor in the congregation, and he checked my pulse etc, said I had gone very pale but, my colour had come back. He advised a visit to the 'urgent care 'centre. There I had BP checks, and 2 ECGs. which were both ok. I was advised to rest and go to my GP for blood tests for anaemia  and thyroid. I am on thyroxine, but the Doctors have never told me that that can cause ectopic heartbeats.    I get a reaction from my inhalers as well. The faintness could I think  have been from standing up suddenly and singing, a vaso vagial apparently. Sunday Dinner was a tad late, but I spent the rest of the day resting. Will try  to get an early night, have been sleeping a bit better.