Sunday, 29 April 2012

I wish the rain would stay mainly in the plain

Well I have been fairly busy this week again. On Monday I decided to visit the Doctor as I've been getting pain in my thigh on and off for a while. I rang and was offered  the Doctor who I'm not keen on seeing. 'Is there anyone else available' I asked, 'yes Dr P, at 10.30' came the reply.' Is he the one who replaced Dr D?' I asked. 'Dr D is here this morning', 'oh good has he any appointments?' 'yes 11.10' 'Ok I'll take that one'. I haven't seen DR D since he referred me about my shoulder in April of last year. In the summer my friend told me that he had retired, just prior to the move to the new Surgery.
He is the GP I had been registered with for some 31 years since moving to this town, although I couldn't always get an appointment with him as he is so popular. I had to wait a while as he was running late, probably a sign of thoroughness. He greeted me like a long lost friend, and I asked how he was enjoying retirement. He said 'Very much, but I've missed the contact with people, so I've come back for a while'. I know he has done some locum work. Once again my leg was lifted, bent at the knee, and then he rolled my legs from side to side as if using a rolling  pin. A bit of poking and pinching in the knee area had me saying 'Ouch'.
He informed me I have a bit of arthritis in that knee, and the pain in the muscle is probably caused by that,so not a DVT or phlebitis as I had feared. I have poor circulation and some dodgy veins in that leg. He said I should take vitamin D and Glucosamine, and if necessary NSAIDs, which I cannot take.
I already take vitamin D, so I walked to Sainsburys, got a few things and picked up some Glucosamine. Unfortunately I seem to be getting slight side effects, so am going to try something slightly different and see how it goes.
 Our 'remote ' door bell is playing up, sounds like a heavy smoker it's quiet and raspy, so I went to Homebase to see if I could replace it. Sadly they no longer stock that brand. I walked home, decided I'd had enough exercise for one day, had lunch and promptly dozed off. I'm still not sleeping too well, trying to avoid lying on the other hip, as I am still getting some pain there. We spent a lazy evening watching stuff on iplayer.
On Tuesday I was back for physio. She seems to think that I am improving, as I don't get that pain so often, and the the area is not as tender to touch as it was. It was a lovely day on Tuesday, for a change, sunshine and bright sky with fluffy clouds. My physio was to take part in a golf tournament the next day, but she reckoned it would be called off. When I saw the rain the next day I think she may have been right!
At WW I was told my weight was the same, but looking back I think she was mistaken and I was half a pound down. Unfortunately I couldn't find my card so she didn't write it down. Off to Sainsbury's again, don't the weeks roll around? I did the weekly shop, came home and discovered that the postie had left a card, he had tried to deliver a 'special delivery' These replaced the old registered post. I had to wait 24 hours before collecting it.
Nathaniel wasn't too well when I picked him up on Thursday he had a stinking cold, however it did not prevent him from trying to climb on a dining chair, and progressing to standing up on it
Aren't I a clever boy?

We went out to collect the special delivery parcel, which was my glasses, which I had left at Mum in Law's. The parking there was appalling. It is  a new sorting office, in the middle of the industrial estate, which means that most staff have to drive there. the visitor spaces were all full. I had to double park, and told a member of staff what I was doing. she was sympathetic, she was writing down car reg numbers who were adding to the mayhem by being parked in the wrong places. Later we went for a short walk, home for lunch of which Nat didn't eat much, then he was quite willing to take a long nap. As usual I dozed for a bit then got on with some housework. He wasn't as keen in his main meal either. Husband arrived home just as we were splashing to the car, helped me load him in, the came with me to Daughter's.
We have a 'problem puddle' in our garage area, one of the drains is blocked, and during heavy rain a puddle forms. A couple of years ago, some of us tried to get something done about that and some other drains which badly need work on the covers. All of the 12 houses are responsible for the upkeep, but very few responded. The one drain wouldn't cost very much, but getting people to pay up might be difficult, last time I looked the puddle extended over 3 of the 4 parking spaces. Most folk use their garages for anything but their cars too, so there is always a shortage of parking spaces. We have only had 1 dry day this week, hence the puddle spread
Nathaniel can now manage the stairs properly, at home he holds the rail, but here he can't quite reach, and our stairs are a tad steeper.
Holding on to the wall

On Friday, at one point, I was coming down the stairs with an armful of washing, he a few steps behind, just as I turned to look where I was going, he missed his footing, and fell against my leg, I reached out, yanked him upright, then had to pick him up to soothe him, so both arms were full. Couldn't let go of the washing as it would have been a trip hazard. Ah the joys of grandchildren! I found yet another card from the postie, this time I had been in, but with the Dyson going, and no remote bell, I just hadn't heard him. Nat ate very little on Friday,  I wondered if his throat was sore. he enjoyed yoghurt, but that would be quite soothing. He did however empty all my Weightwatchers stuff over the floor, and I discovered my weight record card was in the bag after all!
Yesterday I went out in the morning to collect my parcel, still not easy to park, as those who work in the week had all turned up. I felt sorry for one chap, as he got the unyielding Polish lady who insists the initial on ID should be correct. 'But it's my Daughter, she is only 11' 'No I need ID, her passport or something'. I had to collect a parcel from our local office last week, I took my ID, and the counter clerk said 'Oh yes, it's for your husband'  I signed she handed over parcel. Simples!
My parcel was a splash suit for his nibs, he's getting a bit big for the buggy raincovers, so I ordered a waterproof suit online. Perhaps the rain will now disappear as the snow did when I got my snow boots.
We did our usual Saturday shopping and were so cold that we had soup in the M&S cafe,
Home again to read the papers, phone sisters, and after dinner husband wanted to watch a DVD of HMS Pinafore. It was quite a good production
Today Husband seemed disorganised and wasn't quite ready in time for church so I went alone. Our pastor is back, and we had a sermon on marriage, based on the marriage of Abraham and Sarah. There was tea in the afternoon as there was a 50th wedding anniversary to celebrate. Husband was feeling ropey with a bad sore throat, so I packed up some food and went alone. there were pictures on the OHP of the happy couple, they were married by Dr Martin Lloyd Jones.
 The cake
the wife using a broom handle to point out who's who on the slide show

We had some food, then they cut the cake, both made speeches about how they met, she a ward sister, and he a young Doctor, who went on to become the top man in his field. Then we sang 2 hymns, one wedding hymn of theirs, then we had a piece of cake.

cutting the cake
The speeches

.I helped dry the dishes, then came back home to collect husband who felt he could manage the evening service as long as he didn't sing too loud.There was a heavy down pour as I left, but it was dry as I got home. It stayed dry till after the evening service, another excellent sermon this evening too, we are very blessed.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Too many April showers have come our way!!

 Sorry for not blogging for a while, life seems so busy, but I'm still not sleeping too well, and find myself napping when I get comfy on the sofa. I eased back into having Nathaniel quite well. There were no real problems except husband leaving things within his reach, but if they get taken or messed up, he doesn't get annoyed. Nat has used the potty properly a couple of times, and looks a bit startled when he actually sees something in there.  The first time I flushed the contents away, he applauded!
When I took him home on the Thursday evening he went and stood on the sill of the French window, and shouted 'eaddy teddy gah' and raced towards me. I found this highly amusing as over the weeks when he has stood there, I have said 'ready, steady, go', and got him to run. He is absolutely fascinated by all types of fasteners, and often when I come to put him in the booster seat to feed him, I find the strap already done up.
He was trying to do the popper up on my coat, and got frustrated that he couldn't manage it. I showed him how and said 'there we are' he came back with 'we are'. Must be extra careful about my speech now as he is repeating things.
On the Saturday we were running late as usual, and I missed a call from Mum in Law, whilst in town. I'd only spoken to her earlier that morning. I rang her straight back and she said that she had had a phone call to say that her friend who had been so badly injured last August, had died. It was a very difficult situation, the lady had been in pain for years and was very depressed and had jumped from a motorway bridge, She was found alive on the verge the next day, and had been airlifted to a hospital in London. She had had many injuries, but got several infections, and despite the physio she had was unable to walk, the infections had attacked her brain, and she wasn't always 'with it'.  She was transferred to a hospital nearer her home, and about 3 weeks ago to an expensive nursing home, but became even more unresponsive, and then got a lung infection.
This has all affected Mum in Law really badly, she was discouraged form visiting, as she was told it would upset her too much.She has however been offered a lift to the funeral, I had offered, but it's one of the days on which I have Nathaniel. The lady's family need prayer too, although the husband seemed to have accepted that there would be no miracle. He is now alone as the boys are both married.
On the Sunday we had a different preacher, as Pastor was at the Banner Youth conference. It was a shorter sermon, so we had lunch earlier than usual, and I managed to get out for a walk. The weather here has not been good, and there was no one else walking along the canal bank. It has been cold and so wet since the hosepipe ban was announced. We have had lots of hail too.
On Monday I babysat Nathaniel whilst Daughter went somewhere where she didn't want to take him. he has become fascinated by books and brings 2 or 3 to be read. I noticed that Daughter is almost word perfect on 'the tiger who came to tea'. I spent quite a lot of time ironing later, it's amazing how it builds up. On Tuesday I was off to the physio after lunch again. She keeps increasing the ultrasound, and the magna pulse, and has added an exercise. However I had quite a lot of soreness the day after, which is quite discouraging.
Wednesday at WW my weight was down by 1lb, the first time in weeks. I do need to have willpower though, as when I'm overtired I seem to snack more. I have inspired 2 family members to go, one has done very well, the other not so well, but she was following another plan before, so it wasn't such a shock to her system.
I dashed round Sainsbury's, got the shopping, went home, had a quick lunch and then out to parent and toddler's. One of the church mum's had given birth that very day! She didn't come I hasten to add, but she now has 3 girls and one boy. There was a good attendance despite the showers, and we had a new mum and toddler join us. Afterwards I felt quite exhausted, and fell asleep just before 5 pm.
On Thursday I picked Nathaniel up and  brought him to our home. We went to Sainsbury's, then to Dunelm Mill, where I bought a few card making bits. The day went by quite quickly as he has quite long afternoon nap, and I dozed, then got on with some housework. When I took him home Grandad arrived for a visit, so Nathaniel played to the gallery.
 Friday we went into town, I walked with the buggy, I had to transfer some money to pay some bills. I treated him to lunch in M&S, and he enjoyed a ham toastie. Then I let him walk on the reins for a bit, in fact he walked right to the bus stop, and walked very well. His aversion to reins seems to have disappeared. When we were in Eastbourne a couple of weeks ago, I bought him a children's story bible. He brought it to me,and I read the story of Noah to him, I said 'this is your bible, and he said 'Bible' Later after his nap, when I was trying to get him to eat his dinner I said. 'come on, eat up' and he echoed 'eat up', so he is getting there with language skills. He got very wet walking through the puddles back to our car to go home.
Yesterday I was late up again, we pottered a bit, then took the car into town,did the shopping and bought sandwiches, then drove to the garden centre and ate lunch on their car park. We bought compost, some solar lights which were on offer, as some of ours no longer work; a tomato growbag, and some strawberry and tomato plants. I will leave the bedding plants till next moth when the daff foliage has died back a bit.
 I spoke to both sisters on the phone yesterday.
Today, whilst going into church I had an attack of my palpitations, so we decided to sit in the church hall whilst I recovered. The service is relayed through, so we had comfortable seats too. It was visiting speaker, our pastor was in Bradford on Avon. It was a challenging sermon about backsliding, and how easy it is to long for worldly things, I found it very thought provoking. Later after a roast chicken dinner and a doze I went out for my usual walk, I'll try and upload some pictures.
Looking grown up in his sweater

My best terracotta planter

nearby green fields being ripped up for housing

Topiary peacock, once destroyed by vandals, now happily regrown

The swan family were around

Just look at those clouds!

Red Kite

 Just as I came round the back way, the red kite put in appearance, and helpfully circled overhead. I said a quiet, ' Thank you Lord' as I've been wanting to snap him for ages. Another good sermon this evening, then a chat with Mum in law rounded off the day, Hope you all have a good week.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Beds, busyness, Border Collie, beef and (chocolate) bunny.

The men came form J L and bought the replacement bed. They were not as early as the previous week, but in plenty of time for me to get there, water Daughter's drooping basil plant, and then afterwards check all was OK before heading home for lunch, then off to physio later. Daughter and Husband with Nathaniel were at New Word Alive, where they met up with Son and wife.
The weather here was cold and a bit cloudy, it was worse where they were, they had drizzle Just a few miles from where they were, there was deep snow. My weight was up on Wednesday. I blamed the weekend away.
Tracking isn't quite so easy when you eat out. WW seem to only cover cafe chains in their Eating out guide, but the only chain place we tend to use is Costa.
I did the Sainsbury's run as usual, spending quite a lot. I didn't do anything particularly exciting on Thursday, I am still not sleeping too well, trying to avoid sleeping on my right side still. the downside is that I often fall asleep after lunch  On Friday we had a service at the church at 10 am for Good Friday, and I must confess to having a hot cross bun after that. The weather has been very miserable this Bank Holiday. We called in on Daughter and Son in Law, Nathaniel was bit clingy, having been away amongst so many strangers, in a large creche for part of the time. He was also sporting a new haircut. By the time we left he was beginning to smile at us. Son and Daughter in Law arrived in the evening, but were staying with Daughter. The bed had been delivered in the nick of time.They also brought Tom, the Border collie who had spent the week in kennels.
I overslept on Saturday again, my hip wasn't up to walking, so we drove into town, then bought lunch, and went up to visit the family.Tthey were just about to have lunch too.We stayed quite a while chatting, and then left for home, where I dozed off, so was late phoning my sister and having dinner, then I made a pastry case for a lemon meringue pie.
I was a bit more organised on Sunday morning than usual, admittedly I took shortcuts by using M&S parmentier potatoes, but I managed to finish the lemon meringue, mix the Yorkshires, and peel carrots before we left for church. They all arrived later after their service and some chatting. The house seemed very full with 6 people a medium sized dog and a lively toddler, but he was asleep when he arrived and spent the first hour napping in the travel cot.
The only casualty was the Yorkshire puddings, as I forgot to turn the oven up after taking the beef out. Then I managed to burn some of them. However it all went down well, and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal. the (bought) sticky toffee pudding had absorbed most of the sauce, but no one complained.
Later Daughter fell asleep, she had had a bad night, and some of us went out to the local field so that dog and toddler could have a run around.

Tom was quite worn out after chasing a ball, Nathaniel was successfully steered away from the canal.
Back home, we had a drink and a piece of cake,and Nathaniel had the dinner which he hadn't fancied earlier. Some of us went off to church, some had to stay and supervise feeding.
Monday was pretty awful day, it rained most of the day, so much for the hosepipe ban! The family went up to Ashridge forest for a muddy walk, and after lunch we went up to Daughter's house and chatted till it was time to say goodbye to our Son, his wife and the dog.
 I forgot to  mention that on Saturday morning female PCSO came to see me about the theft of my Birthday presents, and said that she had viewed the  copy of the CCTV and couldn't believe the cheek. It is to be passed round the office to see if  anyone recognises the thief, and they will keep a look out for someone of her description. I had to sign various forms, but wonder if anything will ever come of it.
Yesterday was back for physio, then the asthma check. My peak flow was ok, I explained that I was using the Bricanyl less and the reasons, and the nurse approved. I have to up the steroid use. Then came the dreaded BP check. It was quite respectable, so the nurse was happy and so was I.  Hopefully I won't have to have it checked for a while. My bloods were ok too, cholesterol up a tad, but nothing to worry about.
Today was hectic, I got weighed, hmm! up a tad more, must make sure I track everything, then didn't stay for the talk. Off to Sainsbury's did the shopping came home put it away, had a quick early lunch,fished out a black skirt and white top, got changed and and off to Lily's funeral service. I took a huge plate of salmon rolls I'd made last evening and refrigerated, dropped those off, then went and parked about a 5 minute walk away. Was not pleased when I saw 2 spaces had opened up on the car park nearest to the church.
 The service was very good, Lily had been a Christian for an amazing 80 years, having been converted at 16. Afterwards I dashed home changed into trousers, then off to the dentist. I thought I would be having just impressions, but he gave me injections and did what he called preparation work, then fitted a temporary crown. I debated whether to go back to the church as there was tea going on, and said 'Lord if there is space n the car park I will go' there was , so I went. I had to refuse food and drink as I wouldn't have been able to find my mouth, it was so numb, but I chatted to various friends, then helped with the clearing up.
Hopefully will have my new crown by the end of this month. I must go now as I'm back to babysitting tomorrow, that  should be fun.
PS Nathaniel ate the ears of someone's chocolate bunny, little monkey!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Marching into April

I have a feeling that there are a couple of things which I have neglected to mention on my blog. A couple of weeks ago, we couldn't get hold of my Mum in Law, her phone was off the hook again. When I managed to reach her by phone, I was busy telling her off for not putting the receiver back, when she told me that she had had a fall. She had been about to cross the entrance to a supermarket car park, and was waved across by a van driver. She hurried, tripped and fell on her face. Two men stopped to help her, and an ambulance was summoned.
Nothing was broken, but she had a bruised face, 2 black eyes, a bump on the head and a cut lip. I don't know why she did not tell us before, but there was not much we could do from 100 miles away.
The second thing which I didn't mention, was that whilst eating dinner a couple of weeks ago I managed to lose a crown, and probably swallowed it. So last week I had a trip to the dentist, and have another appointment to have impressions taken. Unfortunately some of the 'peg' of the tooth has broken off, so I may have to try and get a cancellation, as the tooth is now very sharp.
Daughter didn't go into work last Thursday, nor did Son in Law, so I had a break from looking after Nathaniel. I still didn't manage to get to  Women's hour though. I'm still very tired, and napping after lunch when possible, but often am woken by someone ringing to try and sell me something. I've been spending time trying to catch up on things which need doing, I've caught up with the housework a bit, and got to the bottom of the ironing pile, but then spoilt it by  doing more washing!
On Friday my services were required for a spot of babyminding. Daughter's in Law's neighbours had revamped their kitchen and were chucking out  a perfectly good dishwasher, so Son in law had hired a small van to go and collect it.  They wanted to borrow our trolley, and for me to keep a curious Nat out of the way whilst they removed the dishwasher from the van and put it in the kitchen. Nat wasn't happy. I had to shut various doors to keep him out of the way, and he was soon on tiptoes trying to open the door to the hall. I managed to dissuade him, and eventually, corners of his mouth turned down, he climbed up for a cuddle. That was rather  nice and by the time Daughter came back into the room he was asleep. An early nap fitted in nicely with the time when they were to return the van.
Most of my daffs are out in the garden, and for the first time in 2 years one of my indoor orchids had bloomed. Only 2 flowers, not variegated this time, but like twins.
The others are doing pretty well too.

Husband came home early on Friday, later we packed and went down to visit Mum in Law. We arrived  at around 10 pm after stopping at the services for a bite to eat. We had a very good run, and husband had managed to fill the tank with petrol, despite the fiasco caused by an incompetent government.
We were pleased to see that Mum in Law's bruises have faded, she still has a bump on her forehead, and one on her lip. It has knocked her confidence a bit, but she was quite keen to come into Eastbourne with us on the Saturday.
We had lunch in our usual place, and then wandered round shops, not buying very much. after a while I felt we had both probably had enough, indeed as we walked back to the car my hip was aching. So I was glad to get into the car and wait for husband. When we got back to the bungalow I tried to have a doze, I had slept a bit better than I sometimes do there, but still needed a doze. I spent time reading the papers and husband was pottering doing things. he is still determined to get Mum In Law using a mobile phone, and would like to get her on the computer, which really only gets used now when we are there.
On the Sunday Mum in law went off to her church service at 9.30 am, and was back in time to come with us to the church we go to when there. Afterwards she treated us to lunch out at the local hotel,  then we came back, husband had a long doze, I had a shorter one, and went and packed. We didn't leave very early, as Mum in Law got out the cake she had bought, cut herself a large slice, and gave us the rest to bring home. we were still full from lunch, so only stopped for a drink on the way back.
Yesterday was Husband's Birthday, and he had booked the day off. He intended to go for a walk, and set off to walk where he used to take the children on a Saturday sometimes to get them out of my hair. He got back earlier than I expected, and he was complaining that the path is no longer there, they are building houses Later we went up to the old High Street, and browsed the antique/junk shops. I think we have watched too much antiques road trip! He treated himself to a silver plated candlestick and snuffer. Afterwards we drove round where he should have walked, and discovered that the path does still exist, he hadn't gone quite far enough. They are however building houses where he said, it will be interesting to see if they are building on a right of way. A short trip to a garden centre, where the cafe had just closed rounded off our afternoon.
Today I was up early, as J L have promised to deliver the bed to the correct address. I haven't heard anything yet, they are supposed to ring about half an hour before arrival. They are probably doing the route the other way round today.  I hope they hurry, as I'm due at physio this afternoon again.
Sadly, husband took a phone call yesterday to say that our eldest church member had died, she was about 96. She hasn't been well lately, and had gone into a home. Now she is truly home with her Saviour, and we thank God for that and for her life.