Tuesday, 6 October 2015

July Journal

 I am really sorry for neglecting this blog, I started this post weeks ago, but had some minor health problems, more of which later, and didn't really feel like updating. The beginning of July was quite eventful. We'd had a wedding anniversary to remember at the end of June, Son and wife, and we had another on July 1st. We babysat whist our Daughter and Husband went out for a meal. The weather was hot the children were bent on not sleeping. I had taken husband with me, as he has a commanding voice, but he fell asleep.
I lost count of the times I went up and told them off, but in the end I just sat and watched a detective story on iplayer. Their Mum soon settled them when she got home, and the next day, I bought them both some summer pjs, in case it was the heat keeping them awake. We had already discarded the  duvet, and had cotton satin sheets on with a very thin cotton bedspread.
The next day, I got a phone call to say the rector had seen an ambulance outside Mum in Law's house, had gone to investigate and was told she was being taken to hospital, as she had been found confused in a road at the other end of the village. At the mention of the word 'ambulance', I'd had a massive adrenalin rush, then palpitations. It was going to be 6 years the next day since her husband died.
I managed to tell husband, and he phoned the A&E dept and actually spoke to his Mum. She said she was ok, but had some sort of fall, and they were going to keep her in overnight. She didn't want us to go down. She actually ended up staying till the Tuesday morning,as she needed to see a physio,and they don't work weekends. She had various xrays, a brain scan, 3 ECGs, but they couldn't seem to find anything that had caused a fall, and she has no recollection of the accident other than that she was on her way to the hairdresser's, and was taking a short cut through the car park. so how she ended up cut and bruised, in a road about a quarter of a mile away, remains a mystery. Perhaps the memory will come back later.
On the evening of the 3rd July,we'd had a couple of really hot days ,and then we had a huge thunderstorm, which went on for ages. That weekend we went over to Aylesbury for shopping as there was something I wanted to buy. I didn't find it but we saw some very interesting people.
New comic shop opening

Roald Dahl festival


Mum in law came out of hospital on 7th July, but was quite sure she didn't want us to visit, so it was difficult, as we didn't want to put any extra strain on her by going there to stay.
Our Daughter took the children to the dentist for the first time, so I went with them to help out whilst Daughter was being examined. July was a fairly wet month, but we also had some very hot days. The front garden really flourished again, there were loads of raspberries and blackcurrants,and we ate lots of them, I froze some, I made 2 lots of jam.

 We had a day shopping in Watford and husband went into Lakeland,and bought a cheap ice cream maker, so ice cream is added to his repertoire. I need a bigger kitchen! I was left with egg whites, so I made a pavlova, which we took to Cheshire when we spent a couple of days with our Son and family. We had a day out in Chester, but our Son had to work on the Saturday, so we took Ethan to a local children's farm.

making friends with the goat
The children finished school for the summer. The first week I wasn't feeling wonderful, so we didn't do anything much with them, but the second Thursday we took them to Wendover woods, where they used the play area, we had lunch,and then went for a walk through the woods. They both fell asleep in the car on the way back.

At the end of the month it was the local steam fair again. We had had 2 days of rain, but the filed wasn't as muddy as we thought it might be. there didn't seem quite so many steam partcipants but we had a good afternoon there. The Sunday was cancelled as it poured again.

shire horse demo