Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just a quick update.

Well Monday morning was spent boxing up and delivering the harvest gifts. I have to confess that Monday afternoon was not so productive, but on Monday evening, I at last contacted a plumber. He is not too keen to do a chemical flush of our heating without investigating first. I like that. He will also look at our shower, which for some reason is reduced to a trickle of cold water, he reckons the filters could be blocked. He is coming next Monday, which gives us the weekend to sort some clutter, and make sure he has access to every radiator at one end. I have started a 4th charity shop bag, which can only be good. Oh yes, I did dig out my winter clothes,and was ashamed to see I couldn't do up one skirt. No choccy biscuits for me, must make up some low point soup, I have a butternut squash and red pepper waiting.......
Yesterday I went up to Daughter's house and helped get baby ready for his London trip. Daughter had managed to borrow a sling, so we didn't have the buggy to manouevre. We got a train which left just after 12, and bought M&S sandwiches at Euston. Baby also had his last feed before the 'op'. We arrived at Kings College hospital just before 2, and were ushered into a room which was rapidly being filled with parents and babies, some already crying with hunger. Natahaniel slept, quite oblivious.
The necessary forms were filled in, and more and more parents and babies arrived.  The paediatrician eventually came in, and gave us all a little talk on tongue tie and the problems it can cause with feeding. One poor Mum confessed to feeding taking an a hour and a half!  He said he would not do the op 'just in case it caused speech problems' as the tongue can grow and the problem be resolved  before the child starts to speak. Originally at that clinic he was supposed to see 4 babies a week, but there is such a problem he sees 20. He also described what aftercare would be needed.
We were told that the babies would be done in age order. That no anaesthetic woud be used, and the babies would be brought for feeding immediately afterwards. There would be trained breastfeeding counsellors there to help sort out any 'latching ' problems. Typically, Nathaniel was in the middle of a nappy change when his name was called at about 3.40 pm. We duly were escorted to the floor below, and Daughter decided she would be ok on her own at that point so I armed myself with a coffee and some newspapers and a mag.
I ploughed my way through the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and a Yours magazine, and was reduced to watching The weakest link on the tv in the waiting area. Every now and again I heard a baby crying loudly, but couldn't tell if it was 'ours' or not. Daughter reappeared at about 5.45 pm, with a peacefully sleeping baby, looking a little rueful, but I quickly assured her he would be fine and not remember it at all.
She had been told that the 'bit of a tongue tie' was actually quite severe, which I had suspected. The staff were also appalled at the poor state of  Daughter. She has to go to our GP for some special dressings for herself, and contact  someone from the NCT or La Leche league to help make sure that she and baby re-learn the process of feeding. I think they were all amazed at her persistence. She obviously has both her dad's stubbornness and mine!
We left the hospital at about 6, and struggled through the crowds back to Euston. We were glad we had not taken the buggy. We met Daughter's husband at Euston, he was on his way home from work, and he took over the sling for a while. He had to get off the stop before ours, we had gone from the 'main' station as there are more trains, but we met up with him in Sainsbury's, where daughter stayed in the car as Baby needed feeding again. She is already feeling the benefits of the op. I picked up some sausages as husband had been unable to locate those I had put in the freezer, then they drove me back to their house so I could collect my car. We eventually sat down to sausage,  mash and peas at 9 pm. I blessed my microwave as the potatoes took less than 10 minutes. I had no trouble sleeping at all last night, but I don't intend to start commuting just as an aid to sleep!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Husband, hospital appointment and Harvest

Last week was a bit productive in that I managed to take a third bag to the charity shop. Husband's back was still not good so he stayed at home on Monday and I managed to get a verdict on some of his old trousers and quite a few videos. I also managed to sort some of his papers and get them into the filing cabinet. I need more files though so have had  to suspend proceedings. I nipped over to see daughter after visiting charity shop, husband was having a rest on the bed and was in a deep sleep. I spent Tuesday trying to catch up on jobs around the house and started hemming some nets I bought months ago. By the time they are up the matching ones will be grey! I don't really like net curtains, but we are on a main road and a bus route and it can be like living in a goldfish bowl. I would prefer vertical blinds, but they would not be easy to fit and I'd have to chuck out all my orchids and other windowsill plants.
On Wednesday I went to Daughter's so that we could go to Sainsbury's together, but Baby was feeding, and as I was on a tight schedule went alone. After lunch I went back as she had said it would be nice to come to our parent and toddler group at church. Baby was feeding again, but when he had finished I quickly washed changed and put clean clothes on him whilst daughter had a shower. We arrived a bit late, me full of apologies, especially when I found out I should have been doing registration. I thought I was down for refreshments. The other lovely ladies were very forgiving though, especially as I had brought a new member. Daughter enjoyed some adult conversation too.Another newish Grandma from church brought her Daughter in law, and 6 week old Grandchild. They were even later than us, which made daughter realise that she is not the only one who struggles to get anywhere at times.
After this Daughter wanted to go to Sainsbury's, so I ended up trailing round there for a second time in one day.We worked out how to fit the car seat on to the special trolleys and were away. I did buy something I had forgotten though.
As we were going through the checkout Baby woke again and it was evident that he was ready to feed again, so whilst Daughter did the necessary, I  walked over to Homebase to buy a smoke alarm for them.  It's quite swish, it has an escape light attached. I timed it just right and he had finished his feed. Daughter was saying that she has fed him in  Boots car park,  a Tesco's one, and now Sainsbury's. I joked that she ought to visit Waitrose, as it would be upmarket to feed him on their car park.
On Thursday I visited an old friend for coffee, for a catch up. She had insisted I took the photo's of the Baby, so he was coed over again. By the time I had got home, diverting to Tesco's to use their loos and buy the papers it was quite late. I had a quick lunch, but then fell asleep just as I should have been leaving for ladies meeting.
On Friday daughter rang to say that the baby's appointment had come through for next Tuesday to get his tongue tie seen to. This is a real answer to prayer for both of them. He was weighed at the clinic and has put on over 2lb since birth. Afterwards,  Daughter came round here so I abandoned the ironing for some cuddle time.
Yesterday  we did our usual walk to town and back up on the bus. Lunch at home, then  bit of a doze. I phoned one sister who had been away, and heard of their adventures staying in a Hotel in the centre of Manchester. This included her husband slipping into a 'hypo', he is diabetic, and summoning a paramedic or two. They decided that the room was so hot that he had sweated all the sugar form his body, and the management, who had already said the room was too hot upgraded them to a suite.Not nice way of getting an upgrade.
It was a bit of a mystery trip, as they booked a hotel with  a certain chain, and were allocated a hotel, not finding out which one till a week before. Still at least they didn't get one in their own city!
 I ironed some bed linen, and just as i finished they arrived with Baby, and after some quick instructions they left again to go to a concert, which was Daughter's Birthday treat, her husband had bought the tickets not realising how much attention 4 week old babies need. They could not cancel or sell the tickets, so asked us if we could babysit. We managed quite well, I even managed to cook dinner for the two of us. Daughter had left some formula, and after using it twice with all the faff of boiling the kettle leaving it to cool, mixing it up, then cooling it down, I was so glad I had breastfed. No sterilising to do either. During this time I managed to also phone the other sister, but it was a short call as she was out walking the dog and her battery went.
We only had one text to ask if all was ok. Husband discovered he hasn't lost his touch with getting babies to sleep, and I dealt with the nappy and clothes change. On their return daughter was grateful, but said she felt she was missing something vital.  I remember that feeling too.
We have Harvest Festival at church today, lots of lovely fruit veg and flowers and the old harvest hymns. Daughter and Son in Law came for lunch as their day out had had to be cancelled. I didn't get much cuddle time as Son in Law was dozing on the sofa with Baby asleep on his chest. They had had an early start this morning as he wanted to give Daughter a lie-in.
 They left a while ago as they have a friend coming to worship the baby visit them. They are hoping he will allow them to get to the evening service. Tomorrow we get together to distribute the harvest, always a good time of fellowship. Harvest over what's next? Bonfire Night I suppose

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another busy week, where does the time go?

Well we found a counsellor, I went up early on Tuesday morning to Daughter's house and helped get baby ready to go out. The clinic we were told about in Luton, we discovered did not start till 1pm. We had two other alternatives, Borehamwood and Watford, so Daughter chose the Watford one. We arrived quite early, then the counsellor, who was actually a nursery nurse arrived. She was very good, very pleasant, and asked if we wanted baby weighed. So poor mite had to be undressed; he is still gaining weight. Whilst he was lying on the changing mat waiting for a clean nappy, he was very unhappy, so I picked him up for a quick cuddle, big mistake! I ended up with a wet cardigan!
I quickly dressed him and he went back to his Mum for a feeding 'demonstration'. the counsellor decided that the tongue tie is the most likely reason for the problems, and gave us the details of a consultant in London who does the snip. Daughter had to get a letter of referral from our GP.
 On Wednesday I did my usual Sainsbury's run, and in the afternoon walked into town to take in my repeat prescription form. I walked through the shopping centre and was going to use the lift to get up to the level where I can leave via a back door for the surgery. Only one lift was working so, I decided to use the stairs. There were at least 4 flights, but I made it to the right level a bit out of puff.
I don't think that I mentioned this but the previous week I had gone into town to collect a parcel which had been sent for Daughter to our address. They would not let me collect it as it had Daughter's name on it. Grrrr! I had to rearrange delivery, and make sure I was in. The postie was as baffled as I was when he brought it.
On Thursday I was all ready to go to the ladies' prayer meeting when I got a call from daughter about something that she was slightly worried about with baby, so I offered to go up and give my opinion. It didn't seem too serious, so as he was having fussy time, and I realised I was now too late for the meeting I offered to try and settle him so Daughter could have some 'Me' time. Daughter chose to have a bath, and when she came down all refreshed  baby was fast asleep on my shoulder. So I still haven't lost my touch.
I have been trying to get the vinyl tiles in the kitchen cleaned and polished, but I spread the task over 2 days. The smell of the polish gave me sneezes, and in some places didn't dry evenly, so I remembered why I had given up on the polish.
Then it was off for another trip into town to collect prescription form, and take it to a pharmacy. Whilst I was waiting for it to be done I went to the health food shop and bought some vitamin B. I always used to take it but haven't for a while.I find it helps me unless I take it too late in the day, then I am unable to sleep. I collected the prescription, and then a had a walk through town. I met a lady who used to go to Weightwatchers the first time I went and we had a good natter and catch up of news. She offered to text me the number of a plumber from whom I can get another quote. Must get the job done before the heating goes back on. We usually wait till after our North Wales trip to switch it on for the winter.
Son and Daughter in law were due to move back up to Cheshire this weekend. Daughter and Son-in Law went over to Essex to help at this end, we were excused as between us we have a variety of back problems, in fact husband is suffering now,
Daughter  dropped her husband in town for a hair cut and then came here so I had an extra few cuddles.  So much for my  I'll just do an hour's ironing'. He was a bit fussy, but I discovered singing to him makes him quieten down. He obviously can't believe his ears, sorry babe!
Daughter's husband walked back up from town to here and they left at around 7pm.
This morning we were running late for church and halfway down the path husband decided his back would not let him rush, so I went on my own. A lady from our ladies' meeting who usually goes elsewhere came. It was good to have our pastor back from his break, and afterwards I gave the lady visitor a lift home as she lives not far from us. Daughter and Son in Law didn't come for lunch today, they had been invited to a church barbecue for folk in their twenties, and as they still just about qualify they decided to go. I must admit when she first said a 'twenties barbecue' I had visions of all the girls in Charleston dresses and Mary Janes, and the lads in sharp suits with two tone shoes. I shows what an unspiritual mind I have these days!
Well it's time top put the kettle on. Please pray for Son and his wife. they are travelling back to Essex today as E has still got 2 days to go at work. They will camp out in the flat and Son will have to clean it. Then on Wednesday E is due to start work in Cheshire, talk bout pressure!
Hope all is well with you and that you have a good week.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Baby on the move

Do you know, I don't think that I remember what I was doing most days last week, it all seems to have gone into a blur. There is nothing that stands out as particularly memorable, just the usual jumble of days keeping on top of the housework, going out for walks, my usual Sainsbury's trip and going up to visit our daughter and Nathaniel.
A big milestone for her was Wednesday when he husband went back to work.
She is still trying to establish a feeding pattern, and has developed mastitis, for which she has an antibiotic. One day I went round there and couldn't get in I had arranged with her that I should go, but couldn't make her hear me. I had to pop home for my key, only to find her fast asleep in bed and baby wide awake. I must admit I remember those tiring days.
I went round on Friday to do some housework for her, (and sneak an extra baby cuddle) As I had been sorting clothes and stuff in our bedroom and vacuuming upstairs, I felt I'd had plenty of exercise.
On Saturday her husband was home, so we left them to it. our usual trip to town for shopping, then home, lunch,newspapers, phoning sister and dinner. I made a casserole as the weather is turning cooler.  Yesterday the family came for lunch again, but the baby did not settle well, and when we got home from the evening service he was really crying. I wonder if her antibiotic is affecting him? I picked him up and danced around the room with him for a while, he seems to like being jigged. A few minutes later he was asleep! we had more crying later after a nappy changed, but as soon as they went through the back door he became quiet, I think he likes motion.
Today I went up to her home early as she wanted to go to a cafe for new Mums where they can discuss problems. We got there quite quickly, it was in Harpenden, in fact at YWAM, they have a huge place there. The land must be worth millions in today's market, I don't know how long they have been there. Daughter soon got chatting to other Mums and she got the details of someone who might be able to advise her. Then we had to take baby for a hearing test which he had failed on one side just after birth. We arrived where we thought it was just in time, but were then re-directed somewhere else. When we got to the second place, which was up a long zig zag path, (and we didn't have the wheels). we were told that the clinic was somewhere else that day! However the very helpful lady rang through for us, and we set off for yet another children's centre attached to a local school.
These places seem to have sprung up everywhere under the last administration, I didn't even know they existed. The hearing test was quickly done whilst baby slept. No, I don't understand the technology behind it, but he passed this time.
Then we came to my home for lunch after being fed daughter headed upstairs for a nap, and baby was kidnapped by his Nanny and whisked off to Sainsbury's in the car seat clipped to the buggy wheels. I did some shopping and he slept really well, however I didn't meet anyone I know, so we set off back for home by a longer route. It's good exercise pushing a pram/buggy, whatever.
Home again and when released from the car seat he settled down in my arms for a nap whilst I read the paper, not waking till 4.30, so his Mum had a good long sleep. By the time he had been fed, changed and fed again, it was nearly time for his Grandad  to come home, in fact he arrived just as we were showing a very wide awake baby to the neighbour who missed him 2 weeks ago. She was very impressed and reminisced that it doesn't seem long since our 2 were  that age.
I had to go home with daughter as my car was still outside her home, I unloaded baby,and carried him to her door then hopped in my car and came home. I used the remains of yesterday's beef for cottage pie, read the Telegraph, and then dozed a bit. I hope to sleep tonight as I feel quite tired after lugging the car seat around, hope I'm not stiff tomorrow, as we are off in search of this counsellor. Happy days, still its nice to be busy and have company.

Monday, 6 September 2010

De-cluttering, dogs home, and driving

Well not quite such an exciting week last week. I did get one quote from a plumber about the sludge in the system, but interestingly he said, 'The gas engineers often claim this but it's usually something else that is causing the problem'  Apparently systems are usually flushed out when a new boiler is installed. We had a new boiler installed about 6 years ago,but I do not recall any talk of flushing systems, and as the system is over 30 years old.... I must get another quote, but plumbers are so hard to get hold of when you phone, I guess they are all busy plumbing (and making money judging by at least one I have had). We had a lovely plumber years ago who fitted our new tank,  and I think he flushed the system, but he is no longer in the book.

On Tuesday the 'other Grandparents' came up, so I popped in to see them. They brought one of their sons with them too, so all male hands were utilised to put the new bed together. It looks very swish and comfortable, and I tried out the mattress. I think I could have fallen asleep on it, so maybe it's time we had a new mattress. I am sleeping better but still getting to bed too late, and have had some disturbed nights with cattarh problems and indigestion. M has trained as a masseur, and when I complained of shoulder pain I got an impromptu shoulder massage. I tell you what, he found tender spots where I didn't know I had tender spots! I am far too tense I know that, but how does one find a decent masseur without straying into the decidedly dodgy stuff? M lives in Kent so I cannot become a regular customer.

I am  still on my mission to de-clutter a bit, but pinning down husband to go through old videos is not easy, he always has something else more pressing to do. Still 2 bags to the charity shop in less than a week, and a third started isn't bad going. I'm planning a trip to the dump later on, and will buy yet more storage boxes to help sort stuff, every time we get some together one or other of the offspring moves, and the  empty boxes  are refilled with their stuff and  go with them never to return.

On Friday I managed the long anticipated trip to the dogs home with the bag of towels. We had passed the new location when we came back from the church barbecue a few weeks ago, so now I knew where to go.
The lady who took them was so grateful. I avoided looking at the dogs as it would be too tempting, and with a new baby in the family I think it would be so unwise.

The dogs home is not far from the small market town where the in-laws used to live, so I drove over there and parked. I had a wander round the High Street and bought a few items in the lovely hardware shop there. The bag they gave me had the logo of a chain group on it, but this particular chain seems to buy up hardware stores and keep them more or less as they are. I'm afraid hardware shops and stationery shops are more of a draw to me than clothes shops these days. Most clothes shops seem designed for the under 30s with cheap throw away fashion. There are few that serve the more mature customer, who dreads looking like mutton dressed as lamb, and have a decent price range. After eating an M&S sandwich in the church square in the sunshine I got in the car and drove off round the scenic route home.The by pass is very quick but oh so boring, so I meandered around country roads. Just think how nice it will be when husband retires and we can have days out like this. My neighbour from round the back called with a gift for the baby  and was disappointed to hear I had called round with him on Sunday. Apparently they were not out and their bell doesn't work properly and the dog is going deaf.

The weather has been decent in fact even hot and sunny this past week. We did our usual walk to town on Saturday, but the bags were far too heavy to carry up the hill so we hopped on a bus, We lunched at home.
Not much work was done in the front garden, but it is coming together.

Yesterday daughter and son in law came for lunch, but little Nathaniel was not happy, and had one of those 'explosive' nappies that didn't quite get caught by the nappy, so he had an impromptu bath in our wash basin. Fortunately they had brought lots of spare clothes. They also unwrapped about half a dozen more gifts received whilst at church that morning. Neighbour was away so I couldn't take him there, but he was not happy seeming to need lots of feeding. he has gained about 1lb since his birth less than 2 weeks ago. They give the weight in grams , but I find pounds sound much more impressive.

We had a different speaker yesterday, the son of the former pastor. Our pastor is away having a break. We always appreciate him more when he returns. Well I must go, I am supposed to be finishing off the voile curtain the sewing of which was interrupted by daughter's labour. happy days