Sunday, 7 February 2016

October odds and ends

Well hello there! Don't faint it's actually me. I was quite busy in December,and then I seemed to get a sort of writers block, then a couple of weeks ago we both caught a virus, so I haven't felt up to much.
I seem to remember I got up to September the last time I wrote.
October was quite an active month for us, at the beginning of the month our Daughter was busy at work, as she works for the local council in the city where the huge sinkhole opened up. I was trying to keep up with the walking,and did a few miles. On the 9th of the month we went out for a bike ride, but only got as far as Winkwell.
scenic route into town

We saw this swan on our ride, her mate had been recently killed by a dog

Where we turned back

The next day, we loaded up the car, put the bike rack on, loaded the bikes and set off for week in North Wales. we were staying in a bungalow in Kinmel Bay, which didn't have cycle storage, but we were able to cover the bikes with tarpaulin and leave them in the rear garden. We went to the small church at Rhuddlan on the Sunday, then later went to visit my sister.
Husband always goes to the barber in Rhyl, so we cycled into Rhyl on the Monday. There was a bit of fine rain, but nothing drastic.  On the way back, near the new bridge, we met a couple around our age, and were chatting to them about cycling. They have both invested in electric bikes, it certainly solves the problem of hills. We got back, and husband decided to carry on along the cycle path, but I had to go food shopping.
Rhyl had the flags out for us

The Clwyd bridge from the new cycle path

The next day we went to Chester, as my sister wanted something from Argos, which was only available in that branch. Husband was devastated to learn that both of the local pasty shops were closed. We toured the shops separately as usual, but didn't find anything very exciting to buy.
On the Wednesday we set off on our bikes to go for a ride along the cycle path along the coast, On the Monday, husband had discovered a little cafe, at beach level in Llandulas. It was a beautiful day, so when we arrived at the cafe we looked at the menu, and decided we would have lunch there, It was so mild that we sat at an outside table. We rode back,and called in at the local Asda, to buy a Telegraph,and a few small items. As usual we spent our evenings with my sister.
lunch outside on the terrace

Looking back to where we had come from

We were planning on visiting Llandudno on the Thursday, but I felt I needed another bike ride, so before we went, we mounted up and rode to Splash Point and back. In Llandudno we lunched at the Cottage Loaf again, then toured the shops, again not finding much to buy.
On the Friday, I had my usual visit to Mum and Dad's grave to put flowers on, then we packed up, and drove over to see our Son in Cheshire. Tom was glad to see us, and Ethan got more used to us.
It was our Daughter in Law's Birthday on the Saturday. sadly our Son had to work, but we managed to find somewhere to take her for lunch, and then explored the 'village'. There was a huge antiques emporium, not the place for small children, so Ethan went with his Mum to the play area.
Afterwards we went to go to the indoor play area, but it was pre-booked for a party. That evening, they managed to settle Ethan, and then went out for a meal, they had provided something for us which was quite easy to cook. We didn't go to their church with the on the Sunday, as we didn't feel 100%, after lunch we loaded up the car, put the bikes back n and drove home.
The Monday was Lydia's Birthday. We took her present up there,and she was quite pleased with it. Her brother had been unwell first thing, but had improved so was going into school late. Lydia had wanted a Minion, and Peppa pig cake, and she got one!
Lydia opens her present

Lydia's cake
I has a G P appointment on 22nd, she said my  home BP readings were ok, even though I had dropped the dosage, as I had been feeling rather wheezy. I have to take my preventer more often.
Husband resumed his batch cooking of lunches. We paid a visit the garden centre, and I found a beautiful new orchid, a Miltoniopsis, different from all  the others. We also fitted in another bike ride,and found that some of the hedges have  got overgrown.

something needs cutting back


I made my Christmas cake, and thought, 'I don't use that much black treacle, it seems a shame', so I made some treacle toffee, and very good it was too, I didn't pull any dental crowns off.
Well that's October at last, all I have to do now is load some pics.