Thursday, 27 May 2010

water, water everywhere, and couple of mysteries too!

When we returne home after our weekend away, our bathroom radaiator had been leaking. I knew it had leaked before so  I had left a microfibre cloth down to see how much water came out. As I climbed the stairs I could smell the typical dirty, damp dishcloth smell, and yes, the microfibre cloth was full and overflowing.
On Monday I decided I'd had enough of the mess in the bathroom and started to sort it out. I also thought I would tighten up the bleed nut on the radiator. It wouldn't turn one way so I turned it the other and whoosh! Big mistake! the bleed screw came out altogether! I stood for a while like the boy with his finger in the dyke, thumb pressed to the end of the radiator, praying and wondering what to do.
Eventually I draped a towel over it, then more towels on the floor. The radiator wouldn't turn off. So I ran downstairs, grabbed mobile and rang a bemused husband. He could not remember where the pipe was to stop the water to central heating, but with the aid of a wrench I managed to turn radiator off. In the meantime the bleed screw had gone missing.
When I went downstairs, there was a puddle on the kitchen diner floor. Some of then water had found its way through and was dripping down the side of the fluorescent tube. Oh joy! More mopping. Then I set off for B&Q in search of anew bleed screw. I found one and refitted it, but there is still a slight seepage. The area round it is rusty, so I expect we need a new radiator.
So once again I will ask around for a good plumber. the last one was recommended by the local bathroom and plumbing suppliers, but I didn't rate him too highly, plus the fact that despite being asked twice he didn't send receipts.
It was too hot to do much, but in the late afternoon I decided I must do the lawn. Our lawn space is much reduced, but I got the strimmer out, then the mower and it began to look decent again. Unfortunately, I had used my housekeys as the shed key is on the ring, but come Tuesday I couldn't recall where I had put them.
Another thing that happened at the weekend was that most of our plants died off, those grown from seed and some bedding plants I had bought, so on Tuesday afternoon I went to the garden centre to buy more.I do have spare doorkeys on my car key ring, so managed to lock up. Afterwards I called on my neighbour whose daughter is to be married on Saturday, and we chatted over a cuppa. A couple of weeks ago D couldn't find an outfit, but she settled for one less than perfect, as you have to sometimes. It is a hotel wedding as the family are not church goers. I'll have to try and get a glimpse of them going off.
 Yesterday was Sainsbury's day then parent and toddlers, so it was an in and out day. I also went to another nearer garden centre to replace a plastic trug which had mysteriously gone missing from our garden. I bought even more bedding plants!
Today, I popped out for the papers, but most of the time was spent fretting over and hunting for doorkeys. I cleaned out the porch, and vacuumed all round. Then I said. 'Lord You know where they are, please give me a reminder.' As I worked I suddenly remembered I had been wearing an apron with a pocket at the front. there it was hanging up and there were the keys in the pocket. Phew! when things like this happen I do worry, especially as a friend and former elder at our old church has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Well husband will be home soon, I must put my Dyson away. I wonder what I will lose tomorrow? Hope it's not my marbles!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Some pictures

Not very lazy sunny days

Why does the weekend fly by so quickly? The weather has been glorious, but we haven't been sitting out in the sun.
I was a bit concerned last week, despite having paid the balance on our summer holiday, I had not received the promised confirmation letter. So I rang the company only to be told the info had been sent by e-mail. A quick scan of my e-mails showed this not to be so, so the lady said she would 'do it the old fashioned way', ie by post. I looked again at the confirmation of booking, and saw it was addressed to husband. I remembered he had booked it this year, first time ever, so I checked his e-mails - nothing. I thought this is most odd so started checking the 'Junk' file and found it nestling quite happily in the piles of spam. So we now have the details twice over!
On Friday morning I decided a  visit to the GP was necessary as I had a very bloodshot eye. It had started quite small, but the way it had spread had alarmed me.Plus the fact that the endodontist had asked me about it and so had a friend who is an optometrist. I walked to the doctor's which is in the town centre, and she was actually running to time, so I didn't have a long wait. I explained the problem, and told her my eye had started to become sore. She examined it and said it was just a small burst blood vessel, they become much more common as we get older! She then took my BP, as that can be a factor, but it was fine. I was really chuffed at this as if I know it is going to be taken it is sky high.
I had a good walk round town bought the newspapers and some flowers and got the bus back up. I spent the afternoon ironing and generally tidying. Husband arrived home early, and we set about packing for our weekend away. We set off at 7, and arrived at Mum -in law's at around 10pm, having stopped for a drink and sandwich on the way. Mum-in-Law was pleased to see us, and we caught up with general news, getting to bed rather late. I couldn't sleep at first as there was a  clock ticking on the windowsill. The next day we discovered this clock had never worked very well, but she had given the key a turn or two to see if it would work. Thankfully it stopped after a couple of hours.
On Saturday we went into Eastbourne, and decided on an early lunch, to beat the crowds. The cafe is in a shop which sells materials, wool, gifts etc, and after lunch I visited the wool dept and came away with a book of baby patterns and two balls of wool. I can't believe how little wool it takes for a baby cardigan but then I haven't knitted one for years.
Afterwards we took Mum to a garden centre as she needed compost and has no means of transporting it. She is forging ahead with the gardening, determined to cope alone. A visit to her favourite Tesco followed, and she bought one or two things she cannot get in her local Tesco, which friends take her to.
In Tesco I was quite amused to see several people wearing shorts, and with a bright red stripe down the front of their thighs and one down the back. I am glad I am not the only one who never manages an even all over tan!
We went back to the bungalow, unloaded all the purchases, and then dozed or read the papers.
Yesterday we went off to the local Free church, who were pleased to have us, as some of their own members were away. Afterwards we went  back to the bungalow, picked up Mum-in -Law and took her to the Eastbourne Hydro for lunch. It was four courses, and very reasonable.
Back to the bungalow and we all dozed off! I had a shock to wake and find it was 5.30! Husband was already awake, and we quickly packed our stuff, the got Mum to get out the cake which I had brought. We put figure candles on it and got her to blow them out. She will be 86 today! Sadly we had to leave, so, set off at about 6.30. Traffic was fairly heavy once we had passed Brighton, I think that the world and his wife and family had been to the coast. we stopped for a while for loo and drinks, and  eventually arrived home at about 10. Daughter had also been visiting in-laws but not so far afield, and arrived home at about 10.30. It is hot and sunny again today, I am trying my Mum's method of keeping the living room cool, by keeping the curtains drawn, but it's already 80 f in here! must get the fan down from the loft.
I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A very mixed week

Well I haven't blogged for a while, I didn't think I had much to blog about. I managed to get my first man's hat knitted for last week's ladies' meeting and was cheered when I walked in with it. Last week we were filling shoeboxes for next Christmas!
We had our usual fairly quiet weekend, Daughter and Son-in Law came round on Saturday, needing to use our Broadband. Things are progressing with the house purchase, but every now and again the seller puts pressure on. Our daughter has a very stressful job and with her being 6 months pregnant, pressure is something she does not need.
I finished my antibiotics but the sinus problem has not fully improved, it is a permanent problem with me, but no doctor seems to want to refer me for treatment. the other problem is improving too. I decided to cut down on carbs this week again and have lost a couple of pounds,but for various reasons have not done so much walking.
On Tuesday I called on my friends C& C. the wife has various health problems  and now has to use a wheelchair. I think I managed to cheer her up, but the doctors tell her there isn't anything they can do for one of her problems and it frustrates her. She cannot knit, sew, read or do a lot of things that most of us take for granted, it makes me so grateful to God for the fact that I have sight, even though I have glasses for reading.
Strangely enough there was an article in the newspaper about something that fitted one of her other problems, I hope that her husband read it, although all it did was confirm that the doctors can do nothing.
 Just lately we have watched the Mill on the Floss, but husband decided it was too miserable, and watched something else using his computer and headphones. It was the version with Bernard Hill as Mr Tulliver. Then on Monday we watched the first of the latest series of Foyle's War. Once whilst visiting the in-laws we went to Hastings and found some of the streets where it is filmed, including Foyle's house.
Daughter came round on Tuesday evening after work, and brought sad news of the death of  a member of their congregation. I knew P, not very well, I taught his son in Sunday School about 12 years ago.
It was quite as shock, apparently he was out running and was hit by a car. It just shows how life can be so fleeting, and how we need to be ready to meet our Maker. I expect I will go to the Thanksgiving service, depending on when it is.
Yesterday was D day for my root canal filling. It dawned with brilliant sunshine and a blue sky.I wore a skirt and T shirt, no jacket, but decided on tights as I do not want to inflict my pale legs on the world. I've tried fake tan, but they all seem to streak, daughter always laughs and says it is a triumph of hope over experience.
It was quite a long procedure, and I had my mouth open for an hour but unable to say a word. Anyone who knows me well will realise that was quite a feat! I was told to expect throbbing, when the injection wore off, and throb it did! However pain killers worked, so I slept ok, Son is still applying for jobs, so those of you who do, could you please pray for him. They have been advised to drop their house price too.
I still can't get used to having a different Prime Minister. I don't know how this coalition will work, but we are supposed to have more MPs sympathetic to the Christian veiwpoint in law making so that can only be a good thing. We don't expect to be better off though.
Got to go and get on with the day.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bread head, or dough say me

I  seem to have got back into routine quite quickly, although having missed the ladies meeting as I was crashed out. The antibiotics seem to be working, but I still had a couple of  nights of coughing. I had the 24 hour heart monitor removed on Friday morning, followed by the echo cardiogram, an interesting experience especially when the sound was turned up and I could hear the sploosh sploosh  of the blood pumping through my heart.It was not painful, but the probe did dig in a bit, it probably wouldn't for someone less well padded.
Saturday was a miserable day, and in view of my cough and wheeziness we took the car into town. We bought yet more garden lights to replace some that have died, then went to Homebase for another tomato growbag. Unfortunately we did not stop at that. and we now have a wooden trough planter at the front, several busy lizzies awaiting planting, and a sweet pepper plant. I meant to get bread but forgot, so after ringing my sister and a very nice pie from the M&S gastro range I set off to Sainsbury's to buy bread amongst other things.
On Sunday morning I woke up and couldn't remember putting the bread away. Gradually it dawned that I had bought potatoes, ice cream, cough sweets and Actimel- but no bread.
I prefer not to shop on a Sunday, we campaigned so hard against it. Whilst wondering if I would make it to church, or even stop coughing enough to listen to a bible reading let alone a sermon, I rummaged through the cupboards and found some slightly out of date wholemeal flour and some past its best before date dried yeast.
I managed to stop coughing and went to the morning service, then whilst I was preparing the dinner the dough was beginning to rise.My usual afternoon doze was interrupted frequently by the timer, but I managed to produce 6 rolls and a loaf of very dense texture.The oven had gone out at one point too.
 Unfortunately when husband came down just before 6pm dressed ready for the evening service I had just briefly awoken from a very deep sleep. I was so zonked I couldn't have coped with church, so stayed at home.
Daughter and Son-in-law came round after church and they appreciated the bread, however  it wasn't really  suitable for sandwiches, so Husband bought his own on Monday. I decide to walk to the hospital, it takes about half an hour, and I had no symptoms on the way, I kept up a good pace too.
The cardiologist was lovely, so sympathetic. Unlike a lot of the old consultants who behaved as if they were gods. He said that the original palpitations could have been anxiety, or the drugs, and he could see why my GP was concerned by my ECG but he didn't think it was a matter of concern; he answered a couple of my questions about the ectopic heart beats I get, and said he thinks I am more sensitive to them than most people. It was all very reassuring, so much so that today my BP was down.
I have been to Watford today. a neighbour's daughter is getting married soon, so I wanted to get  John Lewis gift token for them. I had lunch in M&S, a chilli jacket, they hadn't had  them in our M&S cafe on Saturday,  so I felt deprived! Then after a quick browse round the shopping centre I returned to John Lewis for haberdashery. I met old friends in JL and we chatted for ages. G, the husband is having chemo at present and they were updating me with what had been happening. Good to catch up, and now I can pray intelligently. He has a bone scan tomorrow.
Wow, it's 5pm and I haven't done much today, still there will still be housework tomorrow, so why worry.
Better get on as  husband will be home soon


Thursday, 6 May 2010

My long weekend away.

Well the reason I haven't blogged lately is because we took one of our twice annual trips to see my sister and family in North Wales.We didn't go for the whole week as husband had a week off in March for our anniversary tripe to the Lakes. We went up on Saturday, didn't start till lunchtime but had a good run and the M6 was quite clear. We had to pick up the key from elsewhere this time, as the cottage owner was away.
We had quite a lot of rain on the way up, and when we got there I couldn't seem to get warm. We set off for a small church in Rhuddlan on Sunday, but guess who got the time of the service wrong? I couldn't face going in 10 minutes late, so we went back to the cottage and listened to a sermon on the ipod. We went out for Sunday lunch so much easier than me cooking it. We spent the afternoon and evening at my sister's, and saw a few of her family.
On Monday we braved the crowds at the Victorian Festival in Llandudno, and are pleased to report that our favourite place for lunch, Tiffany's has survived the recession. One high spot for me was meeting the lady who was team cook on the UBM teams in New Quay back in the 70s. I haven't seen Ros since 1978, when I arrived on a Friday evening only to be told by Ros that she was off home and there was no team cook for the next week, and would I like to do it? We muddled through, I cooked for a team of 15, with help.I was also team accordionist, but my accordion playing was very basic. I can still play 'He made the stars to shine' though.
These days if you are a team cook you are not expected to go to the beach as well, but certainly in St Ives they have a picnic at lunch and not a two course cooked meal. they are not so rigid about supper either, more hot chocolate and biscuits than bread and spreads with cocoa, or Cornish pasty which was left over Corned beef  and potato pie. ( and we didn't have a fridge!) Those were the days!
Ros was with the evangelical church, dressed as a Victorian lady and giving out tracts. I didn't take her picture, so as not to embarrass her. I visited 3 shoe shops and didn't buy a single pair!
Tuesday we went into Rhyl, husband visited the barber, and I went in a couple of shops. Then onto the promenade to take some photos, will have to post some on here. We hadn't been sleeping well, strange bed, and despite the sunshine on Monday and Tuesday there was a very cold wind. We went back to the cottage and had a doze. My sinuses had been playing up before we went there so I had started some steam inhalations. the problem got worse and gave me a cough. I also developed a more personal problem, so in a way couldn't wait to come home.
Wednesday dawned misty and drizzly, we cleared up and packed the car, and were glad to be on our way. Although once we hit the A55 the weather gradually cleared. We got home before 4 and unpacked the car. as I was feeling ropey husband came with me to Sainsbury's. He got himself a ready made curry, but I just had a cup a soup. That is how bad I was feeling. I crawled into bed just after 11 but had to get up again as I couldn't stop coughing.
Today I managed to get a Doctor's appointment this morning as it was open surgery. I now have an antibiotic, and  a treatment for the other problem. I am a bit cross as there is a better stuff I could have had which would have cured it quicker, but I suspect she is trying to save money for the health service.
Our Son had 2 disappointments yesterday, he had a phone interview for a job, but then got an e-mail to say he was unsuitable. No feed back. He also is not eligible for Jobseekers, as he doesn't have enough contributions  from the last 2 years when he was at uni. I am so cross because someone whom I know is on benefits, so is her 'partner', she is pregnant for the second time and will receive £500 of taxpayers money to spend on the baby. A friend of hers is on her third child, and so far has had £1500!
I digress. I came home after the Doctor's and an hour later set off for the cardiology clinic. I am now 'wired up' for 24 hours, can't have a shower in the morning, but am relieved to know that the echocardiogram does not involve a treadmill, I shall be lying still so am less likely to have an adrenaline rush with the attendant problems.Well Husband is on his way home and we will be off to exercise our democratic rights, or whatever. I don't suppose much will change.One lot of sinners out another in.
Will upload some pics later.