Sunday, 25 September 2011

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above.

Another Sunday, another update, where do the weeks go?, we are on the last straight to the end of September. On Monday I had a very early visit from the gas meter reader, which has strengthened my resolve to have the meter moved from the kitchen cupboard to the outside wall. I have to get down on the floor, remove several items from the cupboard and the meter reader has to kneel down too. I have probably told of the time when we had a dog and Peppi sneaked up and licked his ear whilst he read the meter.
Usually though I am out when he calls so I have to send in a 'self reading'. The only thing is that it costs to have the meter moved, my neighbour paid £700, she had hers moved when she had her kitchen done. Hers wasn't in a cupboard, but it was finished by a different builder as the first one went bankrupt; probably through the cost of having to put in extra deep foundations because the ground is so poor. Of course we found all this out after we had bought the house, but when we had the back porch built the builder told us he had dug down to the required depth and could see no  bottom to the house foundations. Just to be on the safe side though he built the upper part in white UPVC panels, much lighter.
I had a trip into town, and caught the bus back up, as I was running late.
The moths are still coming. I looked them up again and discovered that the pupation time is 20 days to 300, so we could be coming to the end of them, or we could have along way to go. Apparently they pupate in tiny crevaces in the ceiling or high in the walls, Sadly I found two more grubs off to pupate. They didn't last long.  Apparently they can survive on the teeniest tiniest scrap of food. In desperation. I pulled everything out of the bottom of my larder cupboard, all the polishes, cloths shoe polish, brushes sprays etc, and had a good clean there. The back of the cupboard has never fitted properly (MFI), so I shook that, and pulled the plinths off again. I found a solitary Waitrose mini bakewell tart and binned it then vacuumed as much as I could without being able to find my crevace tool. I then washed under the cupboard with bleach. It is a wonder I don't have nightmares. The moths are very easy to kill, and husband has now invested in a zapper which looks like a tennis racquet, but actually fries them to death. In fact he bought 2 and the assistant in Dyas asked if we were going to play tennis, which is the same thing I asked when I saw he had got 2.
I had been going to have Weetabix for my breakfast, but had found a moth inside the plastic container where the Weetabix are now kept, so I binned the Weetabix.
I  also had a recorded message on my mobile about some furniture which I had ordered online from They wanted to deliver between 7am and 9 am. on Wednesday. I rang back to confirm. I then made sure I had an early night and reset my alarm for 6.30. Husband leaves home at about 7.20 am, so I had to be ready and dressed just in case they came early. As I came down the stairs after dressing husband was opening the front door, at 6.55am!
There was only one of the two items I had ordered, a chest of drawers for my kitchen diner. For several years now we have had a table top fridge in addition to our fridge freezer. When I bought a bigger Hotpoint FF about 6 or so years ago, I threw the old one out, as I had more room. However Hotpoint let me down by selling me a faulty fridge freezer, so as it was playing up badly in a heatwave I had to rush out and buy a new table top fridge. We eventually moved this out of the hall where it had been on the carpet, and I had bought a self assembly storage unit with wicker drawers to stand it on. This had been a bit rickety all along, and I wanted something solid.
The new chest

The Hotpoint fridge freezer developed the same fault again within 2 years, and although it was still under warranty, I decided to cut my losses and buy a Bosch. Hotpoint had one refrigeration engineer for the whole of the region, and after talking to him, and a sales assistant, decided to end my 25 plus year love affair with Hotpoint. Basically Hotpoint are now owned by an Italian company and use cheap parts. I am also disgusted that the Italian company closed a factory in one of the most needy  for employment parts of North Wales.
I got to Weight watchers well in time, having emptied a few drawers, moved the unit cleaned the floor underneath and installed the chest in its place it is good and solid. I am less solid having lost a further 3.5 lbs.   and obtained my first silver seven, I didn't stay to the meeting as I had a heavy day, off to Sainsbury's, then home and a quick early lunch before the electrician arrived. He cannot do exactly as I wanted, claims that  one thing would be a huge job 'and would never look tidy', but would see what he could do to tidy it up.
Her went away promising to call me back, and I rushed off to do refreshments at parent and toddlers. Fortunately there were fewer this week, as there were only 3 helpers. H came she is a young Mum who already has 2 children 5 and 3. Over the Summer she discovered that she is expecting twins. She has been told by Watford that she has to go fortnightly to Queen Charlotte's in London for a scan as the girls are identical. We have a scanning unit in our town ,so the whole thing seems ridiculous. Most Mums, including Daughter are scanned there. H is a childminder so going to London is a great inconvenience to her and the families she works for.
Afterwards I came home and finished off the changeover of stuff from the unit to the drawers, binning some stuff no longer needed, and.when I had finished was pleased with the result.  I also broke up the unit into manageable bits to take to the dump
On Thursday I went to collect Grandson, and discovered he had a cold.  Daughter and I chatted for a bit, then she went out to her car. I called after her, 'As he has a cold do you want him to have his jab?' Remembering how poorly he had previously been after a vaccination whilst he had a cold. 'Oh! Good point Mum, would you like to cancel it?' so I phoned the Doctors and cancelled. I took him back to my home and after a while we went for a walk to Sainsbury's, we saw a cat and he seemed to say 'cat'. Then as we approached the canal bridge he appeared to be saying something that might have been 'dog'. There was a chap on the bridge with a beautiful black labrador puppy, which was not on a lead, the owner appeared to be trying to control it with a stick, not by hitting I hasten to add. Before anyone could do anything the pup had bounded over, put his paws on the buggy and licked Nathaniel soundly three times. The chap was apologetic, but I was just grateful that the pup had been friendly. I hope that the dog will be on a lead in future. Nathaniel did not seem unduly upset by the encounter, but I wiped his face with a tissue and then washed it when we got home.
After lunch he went down quite easily for nap, then I took him to Women's hour. He played with the other little boy again who also had a cold, at one point he spotted the open piano, and before I could reach him had played the bottom notes. No one seemed to mind too much, but I grasped him quite firmly during the final hymn. I then went and parked in town and walked around a bit till it was time for my hairdressers appointment. Unfortunately she was running late so I had to keep him amused for a while with tickling and raspberries on his foot. When It was my turn he complained a bit but then fell asleep. It was my regular lady, she hadn't cut my hair last time, and  we were talking about how the other lady's maternity cover had cut my hair, not taken enough off, and as I said, it didn't feel right form the start. She said 'I've heard that from lots of people', so it's not just my imagination then. This lady took plenty off, and I felt shorn but better for it.
Later N wouldn't eat much of his tea, so I took him home and waited for Daughter to come. Husband came round again and we had a pleasant time watching N play and chatting. That evening I checked my pedometer and I'd done nearly 12,000 steps!.
Friday was not quite so hectic, which was just as well as N was a bit feverish.  We walked into town via B& Q, I was looking for brackets to make the safely gate easier to use in our difficult doorway. As we left B&Q N went to sleep, so I continued on  my way via shops and various banks and building societies. He woke up just as we left W H Smith. As I entered the bus shelter, I saw J the lady whose youngest Daughter had terminal cancer. She knew my face but had to ask my name. She was very confused, but I managed to glean that E had actually died, fairly recently. J's bus came in before mine, so she was off.  I got a seat near the' buggy stand' and held on to the buggy as I'd forgotten to put on the brake.
A lady got on whom I only know as 'Ben's Nan'. She is the grandmother of our son's best friend from primary school, so I had some one to chat to all the way to my stop. N enjoyed his pasta bows with bolognese sauce, and again went down quite easily for his nap. The baby monitor arrived and I put in on charge. hopefully I will now be able to hear him straight away when he wakes from a nap.
When he awoke I gave him a snack, then took him up to Daughter's house. later he wouldn't eat his tea, kept dropping it on the floor. I wonder if those oaty bars I give him for a snack are just too filling? Eventually I took him into the living room and he played and brought me books to read, I said, 'I'd better clear up the mess you made' I got out the dustpan and brush, and he helpfully grabbed the broom.
Nathaniel lends a hand

Grandad called again, and we had another pleasant time chatting and watching him play. when I got home I phoned friend from J's church and got the full picture, I then phoned C&C, who had been away and not heard the news.Saturday was a fairly normal Saturday, walking to town for the market etc, except that I went down to the church to take some harvest gifts, then off to Wickes where I managed to locate some decent sized brackets.
Today was the harvest festival, in the morning all the children brought their gifts to the front of the church, then we had  harvest hymns , and an excellent sermon on Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. The thought suddenly struck me, it is the women who have these bright ideas, the men go along with them, and look what trouble it causes. Adam and Eve, and now Abraham and Sarai. So much for women's lib!
I forgot to mention I have caught Nathaniel's cold, so was in real need of snooze after lunch. I also lay down flat on the sofa, as my back has been niggling. I must watch how lift N, as if my disc goes again we will be really stymied. We had a good sermon this evening too, and then I borrowed husband's phone to take this;
The harvest display
Must close now as I have to be up in the morning to help distribute the harvest stuff.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Birthday, bedding, bag blunder, bedding plants and babyminding

I find it hard to believe that we are past the middle of September, only 12 days to go till October, where do the weeks go? On Monday I looked at the calendar and realised that I had missed a Birthday again. One of my neighbours had twins five years ago, at the time we were probably the only family in our group of 12 houses who actually spoke to C, so different from years ago, around the time my Daughter was born we knew practically everyone who lived here. However I digress, C has twins and an older girl, she had a very bad episode of sudden mental illness about 12 months after the twins were born, and I helped out where I could, which was not very much. I have tried to remember the twins' Birthday every year, unfortunately  C's relationship with the children's father did not last, and she has to work very hard to keep a roof over their heads. Poor lady has had a problem with the extension which the previous owners built, it was coming away from the house.
Anyway I walked into town to buy some books for presents, and cards, and called round after the family came home from school. The twins are now there full time, and all three children are very lively. I commiserated over the work she has had to have done, and hoped she would soon be able to get the painting done. She is not even sure that a full structural survey would have picked up the problem. We had a cuppa, and I left her to her hectic family.
On Tuesday, I decided to extend my walk, and wandered into Dunelm Mill, just for a look. Whilst there I remembered some Pyrex dishes I had broken, and replaced those and decided to treat myself to a new iron, as mine was very battered, and had an unknown black substance on the soleplate. I fully intended to do my ironing in the afternoon, but Daughter rang and asked if I would like to go to the big garden centre, as we hadn't seen much of each other except at 'handover' time, so I agreed and she picked me up.She had promised me a coffee, so we chatted for a while in the cafe, whilst Nathaniel guzzled a fruit juice. He manages a 'sports' cap very well.
Then we took a trolley and she picked up the plants from her list. I was quite restrained and just bought 2 crackle border lights to replace one I had broken and another which hadn't worked this summer. They have a marquee, with a beautiful display of  dahlias, so we went in there. We also went in the hot house where they keep the houseplants, and I repeated the mantra, 'I have enough orchids, I have no room for any more'. I must admit I dream of one day having a house with a conservatory, so that I could indulge, but unless we move to a cheaper area, it remains a dream.
On Wednesday I was saddened to learn that I had not lost any weight this week. The leader asked what I had done differently, and I said 'probably eaten less'. I hope that the scales tell a different story next week. I dashed off to do the Sainsbury's run, unloaded the shopping and left the bags in the garden whilst I opened up. I unpacked most of the shopping, grabbed a quick lunch, then dashed off to Parent and Toddler's as I'd had swapped duties with a lady who couldn't be there. On the way home I called in at Daughter's, she had been unable to make it to the group as N keeps changing his nap time. I think it was after husband got home, that I found I had left a bag of shopping on the patio, providentially  it was still all there.
I had bought a copy of POTC 4, just out of curiosity, so we watched that. I do get irritated at the mild swear words though. It was quite dark in some places, and shows just how cruel pirates could be. We were both tired and decided to leave the rest for another night.
Thursday I was up early, and arrived in good time to collect my charge. I brought him to my home, and we went out to get the papers, and some odds and ends. I was due for physio, so had to bundle him into the car, and I took the buggy to keep him in whilst I was treated. Apparently I have very tight back muscles which affect my posture, so I was laid face down so she could work on my back. After a few minutes N objected, so an assistant came to take him for a walk. She took him to see the hydro pool.  I was taped, as a reminder to keep my shoulder in a certain position, then N came back and we came home. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. but woke up when we got here
I gave him lunch,  then set off in the car, with the buggy,  to take him for his jab. I got there nice and early, the grumpy receptionist was polite this week, and I was sent back into the lift up to the second floor. I was the first there and H came to collect us, then broke the news that I should have a letter of consent. She has known me for over 30 years, but that makes no difference. She felt sorry for me, and fitted me in for a general appointment next Thursday morning.
Back down in the lift into the car and off to Women's hour where they had just started. I sat at the back with a young lady who has an almost 2 year old, and the 2 boys played with the box of toys that this lady had thoughtfully collected from the cupboard. Grandson got bored, and I stopped him from pushing along one of the children's chairs I was using to keep him in check, Undeterred he crawled under the chair in front of me turned and out through the next, and made off for the open door. Despite spending time chasing after him, I managed to hear most of the talk which was about 3 hymn writes named Frances. When we had our cuppa, I gave N his approved snack, I don't think he saw the biscuits, and he and the other boy headed off for the main hall, where they crawled, toddled, chuckled and played hide and seek. Our oldest member, 95 was so delighted to see them she declared she wanted to sit and watch them.
 Afterwards  we  went to Daughter's where he had a nap. He awoke full of beans, and played till Mummy came home. Grandad also called in on his way home, so N had someone to play with. I rustled up some minced beef and veg, then we watched the rest of the film.
On Friday I awoke still feeling very tired,  I may not have slept too well because of the taping . I arrived on time at Daughter's and she was a bit concerned that he appeared to cry and cling just before she went out. However, as I picked him up to say Bye bye, he broke into an enormous grin. I took him home, and got the buggy out, we went to the paper shop, then I decide to walk the long way home back, which takes me along the canal bank. I chatted away to him about the things we saw, dogs, ducks moorhens and geese.I glanced at my watch, it was only 9.15! Many days I haven;t even left the house by then. I managed to get a load of washing in, bedclothes,  and he pottered about the kitchen whilst I tried to tidy up. I suddenly heard beeping, and realised he had been pressing buttons on the washing machine. He had managed to hit one of the few that still work during the cycle, and it was the fast forward, time save button, so the load was done quicker than it should have been. I decided to try and see if the ladies tap class was there, and he fell asleep in the car again.I woke him up and took him into the hall.  He was quite bemused, much admired, but refused to smile or flirt, and at one point he toddled off to the door.
I promised to visit someone, not sure how child proof her pristine house is, then took him home. This time he didn't stir much when I got him out of the car, and went quite uncomplainingly into the travel cot. As he slept I prepared his lunch and left it to cool. I was reading the paper and suddenly realised he was crying, so went up to fetch him. Oh dear perhaps we need a baby alarm. After lunch we set off  for Berkhamsted for the baby supply shop to collect the knob which had fallen off the seat when I picked it up. The chap fitted the knob, and declared that the seat had been very well fitted, give husband a pat on the back! I called at home for some teabags and the Telegraph, then took his nibs home to Daughter's, hopefully for another nap. However he refused to go down, and cried and cried. So I had to get him up again, he played till teatime, then again till Mummy came home. She was a bit late, as she had been discussing the planned reorganisation at work, husband forgot to call in, and when I got home I felt really tired. I made fish pie and then we watched some,extras from the film we had seen, disappointingly short. I was dozing on the sofa, and was glad when it was bedtime.
Yesterday I had to remove the taping. it had rolled up in parts with all the lifting I had been doing and was very uncomfortable.We went to the big garden centre, had lunch, and then husband bought a few lavender plants to 'fill  in' at the front I also bought a ready made up Autumn/Winter pot to swap with one of my pots which looked a bit tired. I will have to redo the pots and troughs soon ready for winter. I will go to the other garden centre for that as I have some vouchers. Husband also admired the dahlias, which we realised were entitled 2012 Olympics. We went into St Albans for market shopping, but it was so late that most stalls didn't have much left, so  I got my fruit and veg in Marks along with a few other items. I made a casserole, rang my sister, and spent time with the Telegraph weekend Gk crossword, relaxing after my busy week.
Our Pastor is back from his holiday, we had a very good sermon on Abraham, and sang 'How firm a foundation;' for the third week running! The first time was at Bexhill then last week with a different speaker. Husband doesn't mind it's one of his favourites, we had it at our wedding. Well it's nearly time for church, will try and upload some pics later. ps., I did fit the ironing in somewhere, can't remember when! pps, we are still killing moths, have no idea where they are pupating, but at least they are not still laying eggs.

Some of the dahlia exhibition

this one represents archery


Snow sports

My one and only dahlia, that I forgot to lift last winter
husband's vine has produced grapes this year for the first time, however I don't think it has been hot enough to ripen them

Monday, 12 September 2011

A new month and a new role for me.

The beginning of the week was fairly unremarkable, getting reorganised after a weekend away, washing, ironing, the usual boring stuff. I rang the car seat people as they hadn't rung me back. The lady apologised and said they had been mad busy, she would however ring the suppliers, (the seat was imported from Germany). Later she rang me back to say that it would be in at the weekend. I said that I needed it by Wednesday at the latest, she said that  she would see what she could do.I got online to check another company, and she rang me back to say that it would be in on Wednesday, now that is what I call service.
At the weekend when we went away, at the last moment I remembered my phone charger. I grabbed it and as I shut the door it got caught in the door. As I tried to charge my phone at Mum in Law's, it wouldn't charge, and I realised that the wire was partially cut, a result of  being caught in the door. So on Monday I did go into town, to T mobile  to get a replacement. After waiting ages whilst a woman went all through the sales 'patter' on phones, and then walked out without buying anything, I was  eventually attended to. Unfortunately the replacement did not work either.
I was a bit cross with the postman, he left a parcel outside the front door, didn't ring the bell. We used to have some tableware called Spring Fields by Jenny Rhodes. Since husband had been successful in tracking down dinner plates to match the 2 that we still had, I had been nostalgically trying to recreate the set. I managed to replace the tea plates. and had tracked down cups and saucers through 2 suppliers. When I unpacked the first 2 they were perfect, looked unused.  A couple of days later 3 more arrived, again left outside the front door, this time with my glass recycling basket upended over them. I haven't seen the postie to remonstrate with him, our front door bell is not broken.The new batch also look unused. they were supposed to have sent 5, but found 2 cups damaged, so had to ring me and offer me a refund. I have managed to track down 2 more, this is when the internet is most useful.

On Wednesday I set off for my Weightwatchers meeting, full of trepidation. I need not have worried, I had lost 4.5 pounds. This was despite having been tempted by a tiffin in Costa Coffee, on the way to Mum in Law's; It turned out to be a whopping 12 propoints! The good thing is, now I have 49 weekly points for when I make bad choices, so I like that safety net; or they will be handy if and when we eat out. Also I like the fact that fruit is 'free'. I stayed to the meeting, then zoomed off to Sainsbury's. After lunch I drove over to the baby equipment suppliers and picked up the car seat.
 I then drove back into our town, and went back to T Mobile. I had mislaid the receipt, but figured that as the charger was faulty, they couldn't refuse to change it. They tested it in the shop, declared it faulty, tested one from a new batch, and I came out with the new one. I then went to Vodaphone to top up my spare phone. I arrived  home exhausted, to a message saying that the car seat people had found a piece of plastic that had dropped off the leg of the car seat. It was not vital, so they said call in when you can. Husband fitted the seat in his car when he got home, I had  put my car through the car wash, so at least the outside looked clean. Although dashing along country lanes as he does, will soon dirty it again.. I was hoping for a good night's sleep, and took some cough mixture. However I developed a pain, in one of my foot joints, which came like a mini electric current every 30 seconds. Very disgruntled, I got up and took paracetamol at around 1 am, then bliss! I slept. I was up early, showered, dressed and arrived at daughter's for 8 am. A quick discussion about routine, and she was off.
After a while I decided to bring  Nathaniel home, but then had a struggle with an unfamiliar car seat trying to get the straps to fit him. It was a muggy day, and I got a bit panicky, but eventually figured out how it worked, and he was safely strapped in.  Later we went out for a walk using the buggy I bought, I gave him lunch, then put him in the travel cot for nap. He wasn't happy, but I hardened my heart and he eventually settled.
He had an appointment for a jab, so I took him to the new surgery, where all the consulting rooms are upstairs! That was one reason why they quit the old surgery in our area 27 years ago. However they now have a lift. As I backed out of the lift and turned with the buggy, I backed into a wall. Ouch! bad design I think. A lady helped me open the door to reception, and I announced who I was and why I was there
One of the receptionists was very rude, told me Nathaniel couldn't have his jab as they only had one nurse, and she could only do 8. I said 'well he has an appointment' and she snapped 'nothing to do with us that has come from County'. 'Well, what am I supposed to do?' I asked. 'You will have to bring him back next week when there are 2 nurses here'. The other receptionist who is more experienced, was apologetic and said 'it is all  bit of a muddle'. So I will have to get there really early next week, as there will doubtless be more poor deluded souls thinking that they also have appointments. I had missed Womens' hour too, mind you it was a prayer meeting and I'm not sure that N would have stayed quiet. I am reluctant to report the receptionist for her rudeness, but having done reception work in the past, I know rudeness is not acceptable. If it happens again though I might reconsider. I did hear once that years ago the Doctors sacked all their receptionists as they seemed to think it was their job to prevent patients from seeing the Doctor.
Much later after I had given N his tea, I took him back to his home. He played quite happily, and we played chase, but he kept forgetting when he was supposed to be chasing me, his chuckles were a joy to listen to. Just as I was on the way upstairs there was a tap on the door, It was husband, calling to see how I was getting on, then Daughter arrived. After a chat about her day, and N's day we left her to bathtime.
Dinner for us was easy, pork steaks, and I managed to get an earlier night, with no pain.
Friday was fairly easy, I took him to the ladies' dance class, but they weren't there. As I could see that he had fallen asleep I took him for a drive. When I got him out of the car eventually, he settled on my shoulder and stayed asleep till his little body touched the mattress of the travel cot! Oh well, it was time for his lunch anyway I had experimented wiith poached chicken. He seemed to enjoy what I gave him, and I had the other half of the chicken breast in a sandwich with pesto. I took him back home for his nap, and had a little doze myself. Then he played quite happily, toddling up and down with a huge grin. He seems to think that life is for living to the full, and naps are an insult (till he falls asleep).
Husband arrived even earlier, saying he had left early thinking it was 5.15, when it was 4.15. He enjoyed playing with N, I nipped up to the shop for some milk. Daughter made it home slightly earlier, and we left her to it. Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal, but the weather has been a bit peculiar. Our pastor is on holiday, the sermon was shorter, and Sunday dinner was on the table in record time. Husband had persuaded me to get corn on the cob, so we had those as a starter. They are very nice to eat, but play havoc with my insides.
Unfortunately we have had an infestation of  Indian mealy moths, I will spare you the details, but I have had to redo the spring cleaning of the cupboards, one of which I had missed, and lots of food has ended up in the bin. We are still catching the moths, but hopefully there is now nowhere they can lay their eggs. Husband has also bought some plastic containers for opened packets. He told me that he once discovered the creatures in a new packet of muesli (shudders). Oh well, must go and shut that window, it seems the tail end of the hurricane has arrived.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mini week, mini heatwave and mini weekend away

A shorter week this week because of the Bank holiday. I had to go into town on Tuesday, because I needed to buy something, I was late leaving home so ended up in M&S cafe again for lunch. this time they did have mini sandwiches for little ones, but I didn't have Grandson with me. I also bought more weed killer, as with all the rain we've had they are prolific, as are the moths, so I added moth spray to my purchases.
I did loads of ironing, but washed another 9 shirts. Having ironed about 7, I couldn't face more, so left them. I had to dry them by hanging them on the shower curtain rail. On Wednesday I  went back to join Weight watchers. I didn't go to my old class, that is on a Thursday, and I decided a morning class on Wednesday would suit me better. As usual I am sceptical, and as it has all changed and is more complicated, will take a while to get used to it.  Then I did the Sainsbury's run, then after lunch, a salad, had to go to Physio. I think that I'm getting to the end of the visits, she has reviewed my exercises, dropped some, and added others. She says she doesn't think I'll ever be posture perfect. (Maybe I should try Alexander technique classes?) I have another appointment in 2 weeks or so
Sadly, as I was very tired, I completely fouled up my propoints by comfort eating, so decided to postpone the start till Thursday, I also threw some cake in the bin!! Thursday was a catchup day, I took an old net curtain down in the bathroom, I had managed to hem it the previous evening, so I gave the window a clean, scrubbed up the windowsill ,and tidied it and it looked 10 times better. Some of our evenings have been spent watching DVDs of  people renovating a Victorian Farm in Shropshire, then farming it for a year, then going back for Christmas the next year. it was all very fascinating, and makes me glad that I have electricity, and a washing machine, although I remember my Nan having a copper boiler and dolly tub, we had a copper boiler when I was a child too. Sometimes we were bathed in front of the fire as small children.
Thursday was the 1st of September and it was really hot. I always said that the weather would improve just as the schools went back. I decided to tackle our side of next doors trees, they had had their side cut during the week. Our side hadn't been touched for months. I got out the hedge trimmer, and hoped my shoulder would hold out. I managed to get it all done, but the bits take ages to clear up.  Next morning I expected to feel stiff, but wasn't too bad.
Friday was hot too. I walked to the shops then sat out for a while after lunch. It was too hot! I drove over to Berkhamsted to collect the baby car seat, but it wasn't in.  The chap I saw last time who had phoned me last week wasn't there, and the lady took my details and promised to phone me. Disappointingly she hasn't. I  then took some bed linen and those 9 shirts to the ironers. I went round to daughter's and had a moan about the car seat, and we sat and chatted for a while. Nathaniel is now toddling really well, very pleased with himself.
 I came home, and had a cuppa, and did some tidying. Husband came home early and said he needed a doze, as we were going away. I left him to it and did some vacuuming, and gathered together some stuff. We were late leaving, about 8pm, but better than driving with husband tired. We stopped at the services for something to eat, and I was tempted by something I shouldn't really have, but took it out of my weekly 'extra' allowance.
It will take me a while to adjust. As we got towards Brighton, we encountered fog. So the last leg of the journey was very tiring. We arrived at Mum-in Laws at about 11pm, and husband went to bed soon after.
On Saturday we went into Eastbourne. Mum-in Law stayed at home as she was tired, but husband got her a new phone as hers had been playing up for ages. We ate sandwiches, sitting on the promenade. Lots of people were around and it was very hot and sunny again.
We spent the evening relaxing, and during the evening Mum-in Law got a phone call from the husband of the friend whom I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  apparently she is getting better, after having been rushed back into intensive care with an infection, either pneumonia, or meningitis, they are not sure which. I think they were reluctant to test for meningitis because of her many injuries. thank you to anyone who prayed for her.
we wathced some of the proms, some film music, but a little disappointing as it was all Hollywood musicals.
Today we went to the local church in Bexhill, St Paul's, where we had a very good encouraging sermon.  It was cloudy and muggy, giving way to rain, then later much cooler with a wind.We had lunch with Mum in Law, then left at around 4.30pm. We stopped for a cuppa and a break at about halfway, arriving home at about 7.30. Husband went to bed at about 9, as he drove all the way. He must have been tired as he didn't even switch the computer on. I must get to bed soon too. I'm trying to get to bed, and get up earlier, as next Thursday Daughter has to go back to work for 2 days a week, so I will be baby sitting. I must make sure I get plenty of sleep

Eastbourne pier

The sea was sparkling, but someone always walks into the picture

The young seagulls were about
So were the fuchsias