Thursday, 31 December 2009

The last days of December.

Well, I did not blog yesterday as it was a fairly ordinary day. I finished making Birthday cards and husband and I went to Sainsbury's. The weather was not good rain and more rain. Late afternoon I ventured out to the Post Box, hoping bro-in-laws cards would reach him, as we will probably not have post again till Monday. Walked to washing machine repairers shop to return screwdriver he had left behind last week, then walked to Sainsbury's as I had forgotten carrots, arrived home soggy and wet.
Daughter called in, and ran out of petrol (again) so had to have lift home.
Today Husband was at work, so Mum-in-law and I walked down into town, she did not recognise bits of town centre, they moved away from the area 7 years ago.
We went to sort out some cash, and when that was done I suggested M&S for lunch, so for once we were ladies who lunch. Got news that Son-in-law had passed his theory test, hurrah, he got all questions correct.
We came home by bus and went the whole of the circle at this end. lazy or what? It did mean we were on the right side of the road for our stop. Daughter and Son-in Law also came back, with full petrol can, and after chatting for a while got the car started, and went.
We are not celebrating this evening. I long ago got disillusoned with New Year celebrations, even before I was converted. Husband is not a party person, but we will be unable to get to sleep as usually there is someone letting off fireworks till at least 1.30 am, unless they have been hit by the recession that is.
To me the New Year just means a change of date. Nothing else changes. I do not make new year resolutions, because I resolve every day to be a better Christian, better wife, better Mum. I always fail because I am human.There is only one person who can change lives,and although he cannot be seen he can be known.
I find it sad that people go out, get drunk, wake up with a headache, feeling more miserable than they did before. Resolutions are soon forgotten, and everyone wants to kick themselves for being weak willed. I'm not really a cynic, just a realist. On a positive note a New year can be a fresh start, if we do not expect too much of it. Of course all the papers are full of it being the end of the first decade, despite the fact that it is not until the end of 2010.
I hope that I do not sound too negative,and I do really sincerely wish everyone who reads this blog a Happy and Blessed New Year. Think of those alone, or bereaved or sad at this time and you will realise we have a lot to be thankful for. Praise the Lord.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Endless holidays

I had another frustrating time this morning. we have changed our Broadband and now get a quarterly bill it was previously charged monthly to our credit card. Husband gets a discount as he is a BT pensioner, but we thought it was wrong. I tried to pay the bill over the phone, but the automated voice would not accept the details. I tried another number all automated, tried a third number and ended up talking to someone in India, no offence but I could hardly understand what she said. She insisted after 2 or three 'hang ons' that bill was correct, but the fact we have to pay a charge for paying it almost wipes out the discount. She offered to take payment, but then I remembered stories of debit card detail theft originating in India. declined offer, but still not happy.
I will have to write to BT as about 10 minutes of press 1 for... press 2 for... had me seething. I wanted to speak to someone in this country. Unfortunately husband couldn't find details of his changing the Broadband.
We decided to walk into town, as we need the exercise, but the fine drizzle turned into a steady downpour. Looked in vain for Birthday cards for bro-in-law, very little choice, so will have to get out card making stuff again. We decided to get the bus home, and I had to pay for other half, as he still hasn't organised his bus pass.So much traffic on the 'magic' roundabout everyone must still be off work. Just before we went to town we got post, the first time since Wednesday. a few cards and some Amazon DVDs.
Son and daughter in law came round after they had been to Romford, and sat and chatted, then they collected their stuff and left.
We used up the turkey and ham in a pie, for other half and a fricassee for the rest of us. It's odd to have an empty fridge again. I still haven't weighed myself, not sure I want to, but will hit the low fat soup soon. More than half of the Christmas cake is gone so that's good. I can't wait to get back to 'normal'.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Two days in one blog

Well there hasn't been a lot to blog about. Yesterday was a normal Sunday, though fewer people in church as some are away. We had a visiting speaker in the morning, then home for roast beef, makes a change from turkey. Son and his wife are still here. I hadn't had chance to read all Of Saturdays papers, but found the Telegraph Weekend and started the Gk crossword, didn't doze much. Made some scones for later. We all went to our church last evening, and Ian brought out some interesting points on the passage about Anna and Simeon.
It was communion, postponed from the previous week because of the Carol service, so it was quite late when we got home. The scones were brought out, plus the left over clotted cream and jam. There were Pringles, not for long, Mince pies and Christmas cake.
I had rather a bad night which I put down to too much rich food too late in the evening. Today, we woke to a frost, but most of the previous icy snow had gone. I managed to put my car away, hurrah! Mum-in-law and I walked to Sainsburys and we got quiche for lunch for a change. I also stocked up on soup, in case I don't get chance to make it. Covent Garden leek and potato is expensive, but nice.
When we got back, son and daughter-in-law, were here and son was playing his new electric guitar (again)
After lunch son produced torn trousers and asked if I could mend them. An awkward tear, requiring iron on material before tackling tear. A quick trip to Dunelm Mill brought the required materials and out came the sewing machine.
Wrong foot on sewing machine. So long since I used it that I had forgotten how to wind the bobbin up (shades of parent and toddler group there)
Husband came to rescue and pointed out I had the thread on the bobbin winder and vice versa. I am soooo tired my brain could not see what was wrong. After much searching, found the correct foot and did some zig zag stitches to neaten tear. Broke machine needle whilst trying to sew back leather label.
Daughter and Son-in-law arrived back, and the other 2 were out. Much phoning going on and they arranged to meet for cinema, Sherlock Holmes, I prefer Jeremy Brett, then pizzas. If they all came back here it will be a squash, but we haven't been all together since their Grandad's funeral.
I am blogging earlier tonight, husband has relented and let me use main computer, he is on his net book.
The idea is that I actually get to bed before midnight. Hope it works out.
I am glad I still have my uses, ie mending trousers, even though I am an empty nester.

Saturday, 26 December 2009


p.s. we have a temporary lodger, he is sleeping on our living room floor. He is our son and wife's gerbil. they got him from a place that rehomes pets. He was taken back by someone as he is antisocial and can bite. His name is Vinny, named after a certain former footballer I should think. We don't know if he was given that name because he was antisocial and bit, or having been given that name he may have decided to live up to it!

Is it Boxing day or not?

Well this morning I set off in search of newspapers and Brillo pads, as I had managed to burn a pan whilst making custard. I had finished off custard in Microwave, and then had to clean it out as it boiled over. Ah me!. I was surprised at the number of little local shops open, and tracked down Brillo eventually in a Co-op. When I got back Mum-in-Law had restored the pan.
I had tried again unsuccessfully to put my car away, but there is still sufficient unmelted solid ice to make the wheels spin and there are now 2 cars parked by the fence yards in front of my garage which does not help at all.
Son and Daughter-in-Law braved Watford, and Husband and I left Grandma dozing and vetured into the town centre to look for a replacement cordless phone, as ours was on its last legs. It was strange in the town centre, some shops open, some not M&S not, Dyas not, Curry's digital yes. I deposited all my Christmas money in a hole in the wall for spending later. Got 2 cordless phones, one for upstairs so I don't have to race downstairs at breakneck speed if I hear the phone. Dislike the ringtone, but hey, does it matter?. P&E already back from Watford when we arrive home, they report some shops open some not. John Lewis not. We had discovered our big Tesco is open today tomorrow and Monday, but having seen people with trolleys piled high all of last week, I wonder how they can possibly run out of anything other than the odd pint of milk. I must admit I dislike the way Tesco are taking over, they buy up land so no one else can have it then keep it empty for years before actually building on it.
Some of us had cauliflower and bacon soup for lunch but then feasted on cold cuts and wedges with veg, plus left over Christmas pud and trifle for dinner. I have a penchant for Clotted cream with Christmas pud, don't tell my weight watcher's leader, I may have to skip the first class of the New Year!
Church tomorrow, it seems odd when I only went yesterday, but that's Christmas for you. If anyone wants my cauliflower and bacon soup recipe I can post it, but it is an invented recipe, of the 'clear out any old bits from you fridge' variety

Christmas Day

Well yesterday was quite quiet really. I prepared at lot of stuff for lunch and put the turkey in on a low light before going to church, Unfortunately I got one of my visual migraines during our cooked breakfast, maybe I am overtired. I had not slept well at all. Then as we rushed to get to church, our garage area and the car park by church were still lethal, I must have had a massive adrenaline rush, as I had to sit for the first hymn to try and control the awful palpitations I had. We did not open our presents till we got home, all of my presents were exactly what I wanted. Hurrah for Amazon wish lists. Although one present had been bought off list, and husband had ordered the same thing from Amazon, but it had not arrived.
After church I discovered that my fears of having left a pan on low containing giblets, were correct, but they had not long boiled dry , so no damage to pan; unusable for gravy however.
Didn't quite mange to get roast parsnips right, or sausages, but it was all edible. My sister who was spending Christmas alone, partly through choice, rang between courses. She does not seem to enjoy Christmas.
After lunch and M&S choc mints we variously dozed or in my case phoned relations, then dozed. We decided to watch one of my presents, a DVD called Millions. it stars Alex Etel, who in my opinion is one of the best child actors around at present. In the film he plays a young lad, prone to 'visions', who has a great knowledge of saints. He finds a lot of money, just before Britain is due to go over to the euro.
Most of it was good harmless fun, very quirky, but one bit that made me feel uncomfortable, where the elder brother looks at something on the internet. Also, when he has a vision of St peter, there is a deliberate attempt to explain away the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand.I did not find that at all funny.
There is also mild swearing, but no warning on the box.
My son and his wife arrived at about 8pm, just in time for a late tea. they had provided Christmas dinner to two lads who would otherwise have been alone. They are sleeping in his sister's flat, which has meant I did not have to try and transform the remaining bedroom from a junkshop.
It was good to have them here, and they can lie in on Boxing Day without feeling guilty. All in all a good day

Christmas Day

Thursday, 24 December 2009

We're almost there.

Well I was up early again today made the decision of how to decorate cake, just a few simple Christmas roses. Hmm they are supposed to dry over 24 hours, stick them on plate on radiator and pray no-one knocks them off.
I have to go out to take presents to daughter and Son-in-law as they are away for Christmas. Our car parking area is like a skating rink, the rain must have frozen. Manage to stay on feet,(just) Sainsbury's car park nearly as bad. Find Son-in-Law needs to go out so ferry him to where he wants to go.
Get home no post again, decide to ring sorting office, no local number in book; ring 0844 number. automated voice, by the time I reach a human being,, she is not a lot of help, but gives me local number, hang on for ages then get a grumpy male who tells me it depends where you live whether you get post today, some roads are too bad, it's health and safety. Suggest they issue staff with crampons, the post has never not been delivered before. Remind him of card sent by Royal Mail promising evening and Sunday deliveries, he growls we don't deliver on Sunday from here. Remind him of card's promise-he growls we don't get volunteers. Strikes me that mangement and staff are still at odds and Royal Mail promise worthless. Wonder what the legal position is?
Chase up Son's extra present, advised no delivery till 6th Jan, cancel, check Amazon, delivery 2nd Feb. Give up and order something else.
There have been periods today when I have felt really happy and positive, but dealing with these individuals thoroughly depresses me.
After lunch, finish cake. Listen to Carols from Kings, join in when not too high (the notes I mean).
Relax with papers, then make mince pies oops I nearly typed mice (Could make a few of those with my Fairyland sightings). Son-in-law and Daughter arrive to say 'bye'
Son-in-Law quality checks mince pie!
I have wrapped the final parcels, filled the final stocking, but have mislaid 2 cheques. I wonder where the safe place is?
Looking forward to our church service at 10am tomorrow, then a quiet day till our guests arrive. I know all the arguments about Christianity hijacking a pagan festival, but I know in whom I would rather put my trust. It doesn't really matter what month Jesus came, His birth is not the most important event, but we mark it because he came and came willingly. That is what is so humbling that He left the riches of heaven and for our sakes became poor. Do I deserve salvation? no I do not!Tomorrow I will lift my voice in thanks and praise for the one who died for me. Happy Christmas to everyone who reads this blog.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Raindrops were falling on my head

Well Mum-in-law and I braved Sainsbury's this morning, and they took the other arm and leg. It was very cold, and foggy, and I had to defrost my car first. I had heard on the news that 3 cars had been stolen in an hour in one town, people leaving the ignition on whilst cars defrosted, presumably popping back indoors. Nasty to hear of the coach crash in Cornwall, we went to the lights in Mousehole last year on Tom Bowkers' Eve, but did not get star gazey pie. However last Christmas in Cornwall was mild.
Mother in law pottered about and finished my ironing, my kitchen has been cleaned to within an inch of it's life, whilst I braved the elements and took a bag of stuff to the charity shop before husband changed his mind. Then took referral forms back to dentist. I have to have a root canal filling replaced, as I get toothache in a tooth with no nerve, and apparently it is a specialist job. Also quite expensive, but as it is a pre-molar and I don't want a gap,would like to preserve the tooth. Vanity of vanities! Husband has to have an investigation into his abscess.
some side roads were still treacherous, and in one shopping area I visited the car park was like a skating rink. I had a few nasty moments. As I drove home, I could see rain on the windscreen. Husband said 'It's raining' when he came home. I went to neighbours' houses to delver cards and it was dropping on to my head. Last time I looked out it had stopped. Hope it doesn't freeze tonight. Have wrapped presents today for those not here for Christmas. Cake now iced but can't decide how to decorate. Mislaid part of Mum-in-Laws present, hunted high and low, then sneaked into her room and found it in there. Hope she's not too nosey! She may have seen it.
I must go now as I am soooo tired and I have a sandwich to make for husband's lunch tomorrow. Nearly finished nearly there.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Crunchy snow and Slush.

Up early this morning, woke and couldn't get back to sleep. Husband working from home as we had a dental appointment. Dentist was running late, and we both had to have xrays, and possible teatments outlined to us. Husband given prescription for more antibiotics. Crunched our way over last night's snowfall, and ice back to the car. Got call from repairman, his colleague on the way. Hurrah! now have a functioning washing machine and start on washing backlog. I volunteered to get husbands new antibiotic prescription from our local Sainsburys, said store heaving with people, get the impression that folk are using snow as an excuse not to go to work and setting tills ringing instead. Told wait for prescription 40 minutes. Decide to wait in cafe, decide to have a soup lunch to kill time. Yummy tomato and basil.
In the afternoon get phone call, new spare specs ready. Make phone calls about dental clinic referrals, then set off for town. Last night's snow turned to mucky slush in town centre, even more lethal than crunchy snow to walk on. Found book for part of husbands gift, and card to give husband. Went off idea of making his card, looked in vain for Cadbury tree chocolates, but found el cheapo, ones in Wilko (bet they taste horrible)
Collected new specs and admired opticians tie, red with father Christmas on.
Decided I needed to hurry home as traffic buiding up, and certain hills closed in town centre.
Spent a pleasant evening with daughter and Son-in-Law at their flat being fed and watered. I have to say my daughter is a very good cook. Husband fell asleep, woke on the dot of 10 and said 'home time'.
Came home shivering as so cold out, foggy too.
I forgot to mention had a suprise phone call from an ex colleague, now in America, we worked together XX years ago, she had got our newsletter and was responding. Nice to know all our round robins don't end up in bin. Long 'to do' list for tomorrow, thankful to Mum in Law for helping with ironing, I was in and out like a fiddler's elbow today. Off to bed now as it's late

Monday, 21 December 2009

Soup recipe

For IZZY, and any other soup maker.
Lentil and bacon soup
325g bacon bits (pref smoked)
325g rinsed red lentils
I med to large onion
1 ham stock cube
half teasp curry powder (optional)
good pinch mixed herbs
2 small bay leaves
1.75 ltrs water

1 remove excess fat from bacon, chop bacon and onion finely and saute together till softened,
2 Combine with rest of ingredients and bring to boil reduce heat and simmer for 30-45 mins until lentils soft.
3 remove bay leaves and blend if you like smooth soups
alternatively cook in pressure cooker, for 5 minutes at full pressure

my lardons were less than 325g so I adjusted lentils to match and used slightly less water. I blended, but not for long and there were still chewy bits of bacon. Please note that apart from the bacon there is no other fat in this recipe.
I also omitted curry powder so cannot vouch for taste if used.

I thought it was ayummy filling soup , just right for snowy weather..

Eventful Monday

Well the day started ok, I had slept well, so had Mum-in-law, and was pleasantly surprised to get post.Spent part of morning on the phone trying to get a missing direct debit payment sorted, then drove to Homebase and Sainsbury's. At Homebase stocked up on bird food, the birds are so hungry you can get right up to the table when they are on it. Sainsbury's shelves had been completely wiped clean of salt, except Maldon smoked sea salt. I managed to locate 'Road salt' at a local builder's merchants
Son-in Law rang to ask could he come here and work, as the power had gone down at work and he does not have broadband. After lunching on chicken and leek soup, I popped out to post hopefully the last cards, and return the card which was given to me in error last week. Had forgotten to get plain flour, so popped into Tesco. it was mad in there. Judging by the crowds half of the population of our town is off work. Left Tesco ASAP with flour and sweets to add to a gift.
By this time it was already snowing again. I cut open the salt and started to sprinkle it where I thought my wheels would go. As some clown had parked by the fence near my garage, I could not get the required 'swing' and ended up with wheel spin. I stomped off for more salt, flung it behind wheels, but still could not get a grip. The adrenaline rush gave me palpitations, so decided that a frozen car was better than a heart attack. Gave up and drove back to our garage area. Thoughtfully sprinkled salt down our path right to our garage for husbands sake. After 5pm, much phoning going on. St Albans in total gridlock, daughter decides to accept female colleague's offer of an overnight stay. Tell son-in-law he can stay for dinner, and bed down on sofa if necessary. Husband arrives home 8.45pm having taken about 2 hours to get from M1, 3 miles away!
After dinner Son-in Law sets off for lonely night at home. Me? I haven't warmed up since I was out putting salt down. Why is this country never prepared for snow? It is winter, which means snow is very likely. Meteorology does not appear to be a very exact science. What happened to the 'Mild and wet end to December'?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

A very good Sunday

Today did not start well, husband did not switch his alarm off before he went, a radio/cd alarm. I was woken by wailing women at 5.30 am. Pressed all the buttons, it went off, only to come on 5 minutes later even louder. Sat up and tried to focus, ended up pressing volume reduction till annoying wail disappeared, sorry dear, made sure my own alarm would wake me at respectable time.
Got up and had another go at sorting out chaos caused by weeks of card making,dumped most stuff in son's old bedroom. Got veg ready, got me ready, meat in oven and out early for church. Car behaved despite roads near church being dodgy, enjoyed service, but how soon I forget what is preached on.
Arrived home tried to put car in rented garage, wheels spun and spun. Gave up and parked in garage area probably to annoyance of neighbours who have 3 cars and don't use their garage for cars. Daughter and son-in law arrive, daughter offers to help tidy, watch in dismay as stray card I had mislaid, and found disappears into heap again!
Husband and Mum-in Law arrive, hurrah, attempt to settle everybody, listen to stories of journey, finish peeling carrots, and peel fruit for forgotten desert. We were so late sitting down to eat, but so lovely to have family together. We sat and chatted, then woke husband grabbed mince pies and cards and headed off for carol service. I just love our carol services, I sing my heart out. We have a group of children from Sunday School/ club who came and sang for us, and handed round mince pies. May God be pleased to save these youngsters, they are sometimes noisy in the services but they come every week and our pastor does not preach short sermons. Had my 2 favourites, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem and Joy to the World. husband tried to sing latter, despite not having had a voice for 3 weeks.
Pastor preached a wonderful gospel sermon leaving no doubt to why Jesus came, and what we must do to be saved. I felt really uplifted. Mum-in-Law enjoyed service too, she hasn't heard our pastor before. I have a recipe request, but will post tomorrow. Talking of post, our promised Sunday delivery did not come. It is so frustrating, what if the bad weather continues? Don't really like Sunday deliveries, but the post must be really piling up. It's late so I'm off to bed.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

The last Saturday before Christmas

I was thinking earlier on, this time last year or rather by the day, tomorrow's time last year(or would it be yesterday) Confused! we were in St Ives for the week. How much has changed since then. Now I am sitting here with cold ankles wondering why the heating doesn't seem as hot.
We spent the early part of the morning humping a bed around, and shifting assorted junk to get to said bed.I have a bag of old towels to take to the dogs home, but keep forgetting to look up the address.There is a charity shop bag, assorted clothes airers for when I try and economise on tumble drying; old videos that need sorting and charity shop bagging, and books that didn't quite fit the new book case.
Husband set off on his mission and I managed to get my car out to go to town.I could have walked but it's quite different walking in snow and it aggravates my disc problem. Collected specs, ordered new spare pair, did market shopping, then off to garden centres to try and buy granular salt. A sideways slide outside one garden centre scared me, but I recovered. No one had any salt. B&Q sold their whole pallett in half an hour. Crawled home through traffic, ate remains of lentil soup which had taken on a strange consistency, Could have used for wallpaper paste, but tasted better.
Use other half's garage as I must go to church in the morning. Made up spare bed,used computer, (strange to have it all to myself) went under sink for pan for stir fry, found all filled with water! No obvious leak, but may have to get plumber back Possibly from washer hose connection. Tightened everything by hand, just to make sure.
BTW contacted washing machine repairer, 'we couldn't come vans snowed in' 'what was repair?' 'Oh we don't have that will have to order, maybe Tues or Weds' Maddening, yesterdays planned visit would have been a waste. May have to use launderette. No post again! Why? elf'n safety? slippery pavements?, give me strength! how would they have fared in 1947, 1963? I find it hard to believe that there has been no post for me for 2 days. Delivery man with my Lakeland order was wearing shorts BRRRR!! Thought about ringing Sorting Office but would probably have got press 1 2 for..., but I am trying to keep my BP down. Oh well tomorrow is Sunday, thank God for sanity and a day of rest. carols tomorrow, hope we have my favourites!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter warmer

A couple of weeks ago I bought some bacon lardons to use in a soup. Today I downloaded a lentil and bacon soup recipe. It was just the day for it. Husband said it was ok, but then asked for more, so it must have been more than ok. Will make it again.I always use a pressure cooker as it cooks in about 10 minutes. I am building a repertoire of soups, much nicer than out of a tin.

A very wintry day

Well, not too surprising, but we woke up to a good five and a half inches of snow this morning, probably thicker in places. The wheely bins wearing thick white hats, had a job to find the lids to lift them to put rubbish in. Husband trying to work from home, but difficulty connecting to work's network. No call from washing machine man to say he wasn't coming.
I ventured out to our local Sainsbury for papers and tea, the side roads were not to bad, but the packed snow on canal bridge was lethal. It would be a real PR exercise if Sainsbury's would grit it. Last time it snowed I met an old lady who pays for grit out of her own pocket, to put on the bridge.
The washing machine man did not appear , nor did they answer the phone. Dairy explained milk float had broken down, but milk eventually arrived. Didn't see a bus all day. No post either. Daughter got to work 7 miles away, but with difficulty, they had their Christmas lunch today. She was sent home at 4. Lots of kids around as apparently all schools shut. Lots of cars parked in our road as they can't get up side roads. Did the roads get gritted?I saw no evidence.
The sun shone for most of the day, but the snow has not melted. a few flurries today, but hoping it will miss us tonight. have been trying to get room ready for Mum-in-law. Good news, my glasses are mended, will collect tomorrow.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

see amid the winter snow....

That is one of the carols which we sang at our ladies' meeting Christmas session today. Since then it has come on to snow and as I write it is still coming down thick and fast.This could be a problem for us Husband is due to drive 100 miles to collect his Mum on Saturday. Please pray that the weather will improve and the roads will be clear. It will be here first Christmas as a widow, and we do want her to be able to spend it with us.
Otherwise it has been a fairly normal Thursday, I went and got weighed, had time to walk down, weight has remained stable which is good, as things have hardly been normal here the last couple of weeks. I stopped off to get someone a present in Marks, then caught the bus home. The printer refused to print any more photo sheets,despite me putting in a new cartridge, so I still haven't finished the cards. Off to said ladies' meeting and a message from Luke Jenner, then gave my regular lady a lift home. She gave me a card, which I discovered later was for the local bus drivers!
The printer would still not co-operate, but other half sorted it when he got home. I still didn't have enough, hope it co-operates now. Wish now I had asked him what he did. In view of weather he got dumplings tonight, I abstained s I'd had a mince pie.
he has brought his laptop home as he probably won't get the car up the hill at the back tomorrow. They grit the side roads once in a blue moon I don't know if they have even gritted main roads, about par for HCC. Hot chocolate then bed I think, with a hotty

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Good news

I forgot to say, Smiths had 25% off their crackers so I bought some. I think I've now got all the stocking fillers too. Bring it on!

it's just another day!

Well nothing exciting today.We got lots of cards and I went to Sainsbury's, I wonder when they will want the other arm and leg? Then I was pairing up cards with newsletters, and pictures and sticking stamps on envelopes. Oh yes and I did 2 parcels. I'm not the world's neatest parcel wrapper. After queueing at the nearest post office, a mile away up the hill,(Whyever did they close the one down the road?) posting cards, parcels etc I poppped in to our parent & toddler group just in time for the singing and clearing up. The bad news of today is that my second pair of reading glasses broke. I'm getting by with cheap chainstore reading glasses, but I went in to the opticians and they can get a new arm.
Decided I will look for a replacement second pair later. I'm not due a sight test for another year, but I can't read without glasses.
Cheered up when I saw I'd had a letter published in the daily Mail. Couldn't get Firefox to work so dragged the tree in from the garden and went in search of decorations.
Remembered I haven't got choc ornaments for tree, I do miss Woollies. Sainsburys had only packs of nine, there's 6 of us so with 2 packs we would only get 2 each. Don't Cadbury's do any bigger packs these days?. Have missed going to Oxford Street this year, mind you Selfridge's sweets cost a packet. Memo to self, don't have work done just before Christmas. Washing machine still leaks on half load. well I'd better find the number of our local repairer.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

All the work finished.

Well today has been a funny day, I didn't have too good a night, woke at 4.30, then was still awake when other half got up at 5.30, must have slept after though. Up early and finishing removing everything from under the sink and tidying the corner of shame. Managed to kneel on some chewing gum, must have come from one of the kids they always did rather aim things at the bin! managed to get it off later, I can recommend Stain Slayer. I did pong a bit for a while.

The workmen arrived just as I was hulking the new sink down the stairs, I topped their water up and plugged them in, before the cheery plumber arrived. Then I sat down at the computer to play in Fairyland, not really, I was trying to upload Photos to accompany our news letter. What fun! every time I uploaded a new one the others changed place or migrated to another page. Meanwhile slabs were being laid and a sink replaced. The plumber nipped out to buy some piping, so I nipped in the kitchen for a cup a soup and some fruit. I usually make my own soup, but it's not so easy when you have pair of feet sticking out in front of the cooker!
The workmen knocked to say all was finished, and departed with a fat cheque, and the plumber tidied up. Then just after 2.30 I was free!! didn't do much exciting, just went and got the papers,and some odds and ends then came back to the photos.
Husband has now sorted them out 'proper',and I've been trying to make family Christmas cards. I got some toppers a while ago, and thought I knew where they were, not so!I made 3 cards and spent the rest of the evening looking for said toppers and muttering. The washing machine needs a new door seal, oh well it is 7 years old and this is its first problem. It's a Hotpoint, made before they were taken over by Indesit. I want it to last a bit longer.
I think I will wait a couple of days before phoning our local repair man, at least I haven't blown this one up!

Monday, 14 December 2009

keep Christ in christmas

Well I am afraid that I must complain again. This time it is about the lack of Christmas cards which portray the real meaning of Christmas, the clue is in the first 6 letters.
After the workmen had left today,I went over to St Albans to buy a present for my mother in law. I thought I would also get some more cards, as I still have to give some to neighbours. The recession has done for a few card shops, but wherever I went, I could not find cards with nativity scenes. Snowmen (when did it last snow at Christmas) robins, what do they have to do with it! stars, yes but penguins!??
There do not seem to be any of the olde worlde cards either, Victorian scenes, coaches, rural scenes. I went into one shop whcih looked quite posh, only to spot a card with a naked couple on a tandem with Santa hats! Oh and of course Santa is everywhere.
Eventually I located some in a tiny Christian bookshop,and had a chat with the lady who served me, who is somene we knew from our days at Spicer Street. i did hear that sales of religious cards were up, but I don't know where people found them. Oh well moan over, my other half is home and will want his computer

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day of Rest

Well here we are at the end of another Sunday. Husband did not make it to church this morning, he felt unwell whilst getting ready,so I went alone. We had a Sermon on Daniel in the lions den, it is surprising that I always get something new out of these stories. I had quite forgotten that Daniel was in his 80s when he went in the den, and the pastor explained the reason for the stone being sealed. I can't recall ever having that explained before.
I fell asleep after lunch as usual, but did not get out for my afternoon walk. I made a Birthday card for Son in law instead. We both went to church this evening, another good sermon on Colossians, then after we got home were invaded by daughter and Son-in-law.
Good thing had made the card as I was thinking his Birthday was Tuesday, but It is tomorrow. I didn't have it on the calendar. I quickly wrote a cheque and grabbed an envelope.
I really should try getting to bed earlier, then I might get into a sleep pattern. if I don't sleep I get all grumpy. Workmen back tomorrow, I should have a lovely front garden wall soon. Hope to get plumber fixed up tomorrow too.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Deck the malls with loads of money, tra la la

Well we made it to Watford, but we did not stay long. We went into John Lewis to look for our daughter's Christmas present, and bought it there. Watford was heaving with people. I went into Boots bought some odds and ends, and got served very quickly, which was amazing. Nipped into the High streetto post some cards, and went into M&S food to meet husband. It was horrendous in there, lots of shoppers, but worst of all, someone, who obviously is not in their right mind had arranged to have DJ churning out cheesy Christmas songs, such as 'I wish it could be Christmas every day' at full volume. they were doing the meal for 2 for £10, but the choice was so poor we went for another of their meals instead.
I offered to let Husband go back to the car whilst I nipped upstairs for some stocking fillers, but he didn't want to. I quickly chose some stuff, and thankfully the queue to pay was a lot shorter than the food dept queues. We decided to have some soup at home for lunch. We stopped off at Sainsbury's to get the fruit and veg, I couldn't face Watford market, it looks so sad and tired these days, and I'm always tempted by the card making stall. have made enough cards lately thanks. 50 Christmas cards and 2 Birthdays. Only one more Birthday to go this Year.
After lunch we both dozed off. it must be our age, though I did have a disturbed night with asthma. Still couldn't get hold of plumber, tried 2 others but no one answered phones.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Time lag?

The clock on google seems to be set wrong. My last post was at 22.10pm How odd!

Getting on a bit further

Sorry if I sounded so negative earlier on, I do get like this at around this time. I usually expect to disappear in a gibbering heap under the cards. I don't think that it has helped having workmen here so close to Christmas, but when they did the fence they said to contact them at the end of November when the price of materials usually goes down. The carpets are getting in a bit of a state as although they leave the site tidy, there is still a film of dust sticking to everything outside,and at the front there is just a sort of cinder stuff till the slabs are replaced. Of course it did not help having road works, so the jobs are not being done in the planned order.

I bought a new stainless steel sink a while ago, to replace the plastic compound one which is really grotty. Every time I ring the plumber, it is inconvenient for him to talk, so I am hoping to nab him tomorrow, and get a date sorted. there are so many days when I have forgotten to phone him, but when you have builders who need your water supply you can't have a plumber turning it off. The building is due to finish Tuesday, so perhaps I'll get a new sink next week. In the meantime I have written nearly all the cards, shredded some of the labels that went wrong, plus a few sheets that spewed out when I pressed a wrong button. It seems to be my fate to always press the wrong button. Good job I'm not in the White house. I've solved most of the present shopping dilemma by shopping in my pj's, ie good old Amazon. Husband and I might brave the crowds in Watford tomorrow as I need a prezzie for daughter and a few stocking fillers. Watch this space!

Bah Humbug

Well I have reached that time of year again when I am exhausted and wondering why I bother. The workmen are not here today, and so I took the opportunity to go out and do things. I visited the ladies at my old dance class, they were having nibbles at the end of the class. I cannot join in for fear of setting my back off, so couldn't use up any calories, but joined in the nibbles, (and I missed weight watchers yesterday!)
Then I popped into town, to transfer money so I can pay the workmen when they have finished, then went to the garden centre for a Christmas tree. it cost an arm and a leg, but I had gardening club vouchers, so it was cheapeer. i also picked up a plant fro a Christmas present.
Then off searching for more cards, preferably with nativity scenes. I managed to find some. When I got home, I struggled to get the tree out of the car and on to the new patio.
I came indoors and realise what mess I had left everything in. Cards and lists everywhere. I can't do the tree till it is tidy in here. I always feel that I will never get it all done before Christmas.
Then my daughte rang, she wants to come round to look for stuff! I feel like hiding under a duvet.
I fell asleep on the sofa at 9 pm last night, but when I got to bed couldn't get off. I would love to wake up refreshed, but it never happens.