Sunday, 28 October 2012

Coming back down to earth

Well after all of the excitement of the last two weeks, this week has been fairly dull. The family came round for lunch on Sunday, Nat had been to church with Daddy, but had fallen asleep in the car. They tried to transfer him to the travel cot upstairs, but he woke up and was in one of those moods when he didn't know what he wanted, and ended up in full 'terrible twos'  mode.
Eventually, he was persuaded back downstairs, but didn't eat much apart from a few mouthfuls of roast beef. He asked for a yoghurt, but I explained I only had big boys' yoghurts. He wanted to try one, and scoffed a whole pot of  Activia raspberry. Then as we had ice cream for dessert, he wanted some too, and ate all of it. Toddlers!
After lunch, he played quite happily, and was read to, and was a perfectly happy little boy. His sister spent most of her time asleep, except for when she was feeding, she first woke whilst we were eating, I'll swear she smelt the beef! We told them they could stay here as long as they wanted, but we were going to the evening service, as it was a preacher whom we particularly like, our own pastor still being away. They decided to go home, as it would be late when we got back.
The two young ladies who came earlier in the year were just in front of us going into church. One of them at least, had had a Sunday evening job, but has given it up as she is studying for A levels. The visiting speaker gave real gospel sermon, but the girls left before communion, so no one had much chance to speak to them.
Monday was my usual, boring housework day, I did go for a walk to fetch the papers, but didn't see anyone I knew. The previous week I had bumped into an old neighbour, and we caught up on our news. He has had some health problems, but they are not as bad as his GP thought. I was asking abut their boys, and he told me that his elder son has sadly split up with his fiance. They had been together for 6 years, living together for 3, but had only become officially engaged earlier this year. It just goes to show that living together is no guarantee of the success of a relationship. The reasons seemed to be that they had been drifting apart, and she had got cold feet. Poor girl she is from a broken home herself, and had had problems with step parents. So they have lost a whole load of wedding deposits, and had finances and bank accounts to unentangle. Call me old fashioned, but life has taught me that the old ways of courtship and marriage are the best. Too many people confuse lust with love, relationships are not built on friendship as well as love and when the passion fades there is nothing left.
I spent part of Monday afternoon making the remains of the beef into two cottage pies, then later took one up to Daughter, with a jug of gravy. I sneaked a bit of a cuddle with Lydia, who slumbered quite contently. On Tuesday I overslept again, and woke up feeling a bit groggy. I had a quiet day, I felt snuffly, did go out for my usual walk, but otherwise didn't do much. I wasn't sure if it was a cold coming, or the result of getting used to the central heating again. I usually end up with snuffles and sinus problems when the weather gets cold enough to put the heating on.
This week I had lost another pound, so am making slow progress in the right direction, after a summer of ups and downs. I am back on the soups and stir fries. Off to Sainsbury's, didn't spend as much, but didn't buy a joint, as the sell by dates were all to early; then parent and toddlers. I don't usually do 2 weeks in a row, but had swapped, with someone for the week I was away. It was hectic and noisy,and I made 12 teas, and 3 coffees  that meant there were 12 parents, as the leaders need refreshments too. I'm not sure how many toddlers there were, at least 2 people brought 2 and one person had 3. It's good to know we are still providing a popular service  after about 5 years.
On Thursday the other grandparents were coming up by train from Maidstone to meet baby Lydia. I said that I would call in,and decided to get my papers from the nearby shops. I walked there, got the papers, then as I walked to daughter's house realised that the car wasn't there. In fact no one was in. A couple of phone calls later, I discovered they had gone into town as Son in Law was in need of a haircut,and they needed to do a bit of shopping.
At last the trees are turning

I glanced through one of the papers whilst waiting, and when they arrived, I took Nat out of his car seat and  indoors, he started looking for 'Daddad', as he calls him, but I explained that Grandad was at work. Son in Law got a call to collect the other grandparents from the station, and Nathaniel was already as high as a kite charging around. He was even worse when the other grandparents and their middle Son arrived. I took a few pictures, chatted for bit then left to walk home, thankfully down hill all the way. fat chance of Nat wanting a nap that day!

Almost a week old

Grandma gets a cuddle
Nathaniel is gentle
 On Friday I did a bit of tidying in a corner that occasionally gets out of hand, breaking off to wash a net curtain the colour of which had me ashamed. That involved moving plant pots,and other paraphernalia from the windowsill, then I cleaned the window inside and out. sadly my window cleaner found another job and neglected to inform us. My neighbour found out when she rang him. I made a bolognese sauce in the afternoon,and took some up to the family. I forgot to mention that the midwife called back and was very pleased with everyone. Daughter has had an ear infection, for which she has drops.
I overslept on Saturday morning, and ran late again, so we took the car into town again. Husband got his flu jab done at Boots, he has to pay for his, whereas I've always had mine free because of asthma. Now the clocks have gone back, and the evenings are darker, roll on the shortest day!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Our new arrival

We were pleased to be back in church a week last Sunday, although our pastor is away at present. We had a visiting speaker, who preached a fairly short sermon, so we were home early for our Roast chicken lunch. We both crashed out in the afternoon after our travelling, and  strange beds.
Monday was spent mainly in washing as usual I seemed to have loads, that is the worst of holidays washing and ironing to get ready, then more when we return. I was contemplating starting dinner, when pouffe! out went the lights and there was an electronic 'sigh' as everything shut down. the only light came from my laptop, as it has a battery. Another power cut, I groped around and husband wound up his torch, and between us we found matches, and candles. Soon I had enough light to see to cook dinner using the top of the stove. I had to use matches to light the hobs, and then we had a candlelit dinner. Not so romantic when it is forced on you. Husband brought down the oil lamps,but was worried we might not have enough oil, there's a parable in that somewhere!
We lit the lamps, and after dinner once again I read the Telegraph by torchlight. Everything started up again after about 50 minutes, so we watched some iplayer .On Tuesday I still had loads I could be doing, but as I like when I can to have Tuesday as my  'Do as I please day', so I went to see C&C, and hopefully cheered the wife up, the husband went out to take a neighbour to the Dr, then did some work in the garden. I came home had a soup lunch, then pootled off to Watford, I  had seen something in M&S and dithered over it, but of course, he who hesitates is lost, and it was no longer in stock. I went into the market to the card stall, and bought a few bits, I also got some new winter clothes for Nat. I called on the way home to take them, they were pleased to see me. Daughter still rather large, and finding the last month the longest, as normally happens. She still had 11 days to go according to the midwives.
At Weight watchers I was half a pound down, but I reckon I had gained 2lb whilst away, so my 'special effort' of Monday and Tuesday had paid off. I didn't stay for the talk, as I had a busy day. Off to Sainsbury's for a big shop ,then a quick lunch, and off to parent and toddlers. It was very busy, we seem to have a whole lot of 'new' Mums this term. H came with her twins, they are still quite small, but they were born early. I held one for while. but then had to get on with the refreshments. I actually managed to make the right number of teas and coffees this time. It's difficult making a list when people are constantly moving about.
The lady who does the singing wasn't there so as I have aloud voice I was asked to help. Old Mcdonald's farm, row row row your boat, and  the wheels on the bus being the favourites. Then home for a bit of a rest before husband arrived home.
I overslept on Thursday, ran late all morning, but managed to get to Women's hour. It was book reviews again, and as I hadn't read any lately couldn't possibly comment. There were plenty reviewed though, quite diverse really. On the way home I called on Daughter, she was complaining of feeling grumpy and having backache,and was quite glad to see me.
I was late to bed that night, I kept telling myself to get to bed earlier, so that if I had to look after Nat I would be less likely to need nap myself. On Friday morning husband brought in my tea and said that Son in law had phoned to say the midwives had been, she was 2cm, and they would be back later. Son in law would be staying home that day. That spurred me out of bed and into action. So I was ready when the phone call came. Husband had actually neglected to say I should phone them, but I picked Nat up and brought him here. He was quite happy playing and having a snack. Later I took him into town in the buggy, and after we had been in a couple of shops, I treated him to lunch in M&S. I let him choose a book in Waterstones, then I chose another. We came home on the bus, and Nat was wide awake
He still didn't seem to want a nap, then my eldest sister phoned, she was laughing at the noise she could hear, then my mobile rang. I asked my sister to hold on. It was my daughter to say that the baby had been born at 12.58 pm, a girl weighing 6lb 6oz. I asked when she wanted me to take Nat back, and she was a bit vague. I told Nat that he had a baby sister, and he went back to playing. I asked him if he wanted a nap, and he said 'no'. I would have had to put the cot back up, but each time I asked he said 'no'. Eventually I asked did he want to go and meet his sister. 'Yeah' was the reply, so I gathered up his stuff, got him into the car seat, and off we went. All the way up the hill he was practising, 'Hello sister'. When we got there we had to wait a bit whilst they cleared up, then we went in and Nathaniel met his sister, but forgot what he had been practising. He was fascinated, and very gentle with her. The house was like an oven, it had to be for baby's sake. The birthing pool was being drained in the kitchen, glug glug, it hadn't been used as much as hoped as there was bit of difficulty, with baby being 'back to back', or facing upwards.

Nathaniel was presented with the books for being a good boy for Nanna, we sat and waited for husband to arrive. Son in Law was so tired, he'd been awake most of the night, and at one point he was sitting bolt upright, but fast asleep. As they were both in need of a good rest, we offered to take Nat off their hands overnight, and he was quite happy to come. He didn't get to bed very early, but slept till 6.30 am. I took him home at about,to find his parents a bit more rested. later we drove into town,and in addition to the usual shopping I ordered congratulatory flowers, bought a card, balloons and a sweet little outfit.
Later I blew up the balloons, tied them together with silver ribbon and took them round with the card and gift. Perhaps the silver ribbon was a bad choice, as one balloon was determined to escape. I
eventually traced it to my daughter's neighbour's garden. Nat seized on the balloons and began to drag them around the house. They have named the baby Lydia Rose Grace, she is tiny but perfectly formed, Nat has been happy to share his toys with her and presented her with the monkey which husband bought his Mum. As for us we thank God for out beautiful grandchildren

Monday, 22 October 2012


Ok, so I admit it, I've had a couple of senior moments lately. When we were away, on the Tuesday, I realised there would be a good sunset. So I set off, camera in hand to photograph it, leaving husband as I thought, dozing off. When I got to the seafront, I took the first pic, only to be told by my camera that there was no card in it. I had taken the card out to see if I could view the pictures on my computer.
I was contemplating going back, but then would probably have missed the sunset altogether, then I spotted husband, he hadn't dozed off, and decided to join me with his camera. I explained my dilemma, and he said 'go into Asda and buy a card ' When I said 'I haven't any cash', he felt in his pocket and produced a tenner. Lovely man!
So I got my card and my sunset pics, and of course that card was in there when I took the family pics. DOH!

When shall we three meet again
great nephew, sister and 2 cousins

Soppy dog
a cat in the garden

I sneaked onto her lap
Son and daughter in law

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Many meetings, (apologies to Tolkien)

Monday dawned bright and clear, it was lovely day, so we decided to walk into Rhyl. It was a bit noisy crossing the Voryd bridge,as they are working on it. We popped into a couple of antique/junk shops in Wellington road, but we couldn't have got anything much  in the car had we decide to buy. A few more shops had closed in Rhyl, very depressing, one was gift shop that has been there for years, as long as I can remember; we bought our Daughter's teddy Edward there when she was small. I expect the owners had retired.
Deciding it was too cold for sitting out with M&S sandwiches, we had lunch in Costa, then husband went off to the barber's. he doesn't get much time for visiting barbers, and he always complains they are too busy on Ssturdays, so there are a couple of barbers that he goes to on holiday. In between muggins has to try and tidy him up. We wandered around the town, then decided we'd had enough , so nipped down to the bus station, and got the bus back. Sadly our bus passes are not valid in Wales. I had picked up pork steaks and lamb steaks in M&S, so we had a fairly easy quick meal.
On Tuesday we drove over to Llandudno. There is a lovely independent shoe shop there, and I wanted to look for a replacement for some brown shoes, which are feeling their age. Unfortunately they didn't have much in brown, so I had to pay a fortune for a pair made in France. They are comfortable though, and for me, walking a lot as I do, comfort is worth paying for. We had lunch at the Cottage Loaf again, in fact we both had a cooked meal. Can't remember what husband had, but I had fish with prawn sauce, which was delicious. They have  some new wooden sculptures In Llandudno, Lewis Carroll had links with the town
The White Rabbit

The Red queen

We had seen Alice round by the station on the way in, but I didn't have the energy to walk that far!.
We did our usual, separate, tour of the shops, I didn't buy much more, but did pick up some small items in the lovely kitchen shop. Then  I bought some food from M&S as family were coming to visit on Thursday. 
Having finished my tour of the shoe shops, I made my way back to the car where husband was waiting, having finished his charity shop tour. We had been fortunate enough to find an on road parking space, so saved a couple of pounds. As you can see, the weather was still good, we had a fairly easy run back, had tea and spent the evening with my sister, where we chatted and kept one eye on the goings on at Holby City.
On Wednesday we went to Chester, it was a dull day, so we had lunch in M&S. We then wandered around the shops, popping up on to the walls for a peek in the antiques shop.
Statue artist

Great nephew's dig
end of Northgate Row

 I didn't buy much, the stuff in M&S was rather overwhelming, I just bought food there. I bought a couple of small items in Lakeland, again there were shops that had closed down including one called Nauticalia. Great nephew was not at his 'dig'. I rang husband and waited for him by the town hall, and we went into the market, which is looking better than before. We sampled lots of cheese, and bought some, there is such a variety. Then we went and got the park and ride for Boughton,and headed back, just at the beginning of rush hour.
On Thursday it was pouring with rain. Oh dear, my niece was driving up from Brum with her Mum and Dad. I spent part of the morning making cheese, ham and egg baps. We had a cooked meal for lunch, then afterwards I packed the sandwiches, quiches other snack items, mini welshcakes and  coffee walnut cake into the cool bag, and drove to my sister's house. As usual I had overcatered. We had a good time chatting, my  Rhyl niece and her son were there, he had finished the Chester dig. We spent most of the afternoon nattering, then had tea. All too soon it was time for the Birmingham crew to leave, and we had a couple of photos taken. They had a bad journey back weatherwise too. The A41is not terribly well lit, but they arrived home safely, praise the Lord.
Sadly the photos seem to have vanished from my card, that didn't happen with film!  Friday morning I bought flowers, and took them to the cemetery. it was a fine windy day, but the graves were waterlogged. I found Mum and Dad's straight away this time, then we packed up, had lunch - more quiche I'm afraid . Then we deposited the key, and went to see Son and Daughter in law in Sandbach. They had a friend round for the evening, and we all went out for a meal, then got desserts from Aldi! They know how to do things in style!. We had taken the mattress topper with us, and used it on the bed so had a reasonable night's sleep. They were off to a wedding so we left before lunch, and arrived home at about 3.30. After we unpacked the car, I had to go to Sainsbo's and stock up for the weekend,  back home back to normal (whatever that might be).

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hold the front page

We are interrupting this blog to give you a newsflash, our granddaughter, Lydia Rose Grace was born 8 days early, yesterday, at 12.58 pm, at home weighing 6lb 6oz. mother and baby and brother Nathaniel all doing fine Nat is sharing his toys.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Farewell we call to hearth and hall

A week ago last Saturday I was up early, and at 8.25am joined the queue, outside the surgery, which was already snaking round the corner onto the car park. However as the doors opened at 8.30am, the queue quickly began to move, and we were soon queuing up the stairs. Not sure where the people who came up in the lift slotted in, but it was done differently this year. No ticking off of lists, but straight into the surgery, a quick jab, and by 8.45 I was to my way to the paper shop.
I met a neighbour and stood chatting, but then had to rush home with griping tummy pains! I had a slightly upset tum, but it was more likely to be some prawns that  I had picked at after they were left out of the fridge. I had no other signs of the dread lurgy, thankfully. Husband and I got on with our packing and rounding up of things to take on our twice yearly trip to North Wales.
We were interrupted by a visit from Daughter and Son in law, with Nat. The events of the week had woken Daughter up to the fact that she might need to call on someone else to care for Nat if she went into labour early, so they departed with the smaller car seat which I had fitted in my car, and the travel cot.
 We set off just after midday, car fully laden, had a reasonable run with a stop at Corley for lunch, where I had something from Waitrose, and husband had his usual fish and chips. Later we stopped at Sainsbury's Chester,  to stock up but didn't use the cafe as we were running late.
We arrived at the bungalow in Kinmel Bay at around 6.30, found the key, and unloaded the car. After a quick ready meal during which I managed to spill chilli down the only sweatshirt I had brought, husband settled down to recover from the journey. I called round to see my sister.
On Sunday we had been planning to go over to Chester to church,as we haven't been for a while. However due to the fact that I hadn't slept on Friday night, plus the journey, neither of us woke till 9.25 am! The services up there start at 10.30, am, so Chester was out, but we were both so groggy with sleep, that we realised we probably wouldn't be going anywhere. At least the bed was fairly comfortable, the mattress is memory foam, but I do have problems turning over.
Later that morning I went out for a walk. I haven't been to the seafront at Kinmel Bay for years. I took my camera.
Flowers alongside the pavement

A new sign

Looking over to Llandudno

A viewing point

Boats leaving the Voryd harbour, along the mouth of the Clwyd

Oil /gas drilling platform off the coast

base for 'planting' wind farms
Later after a Waitrose 'meal for 2 for £10', which includes chocolates instead of wine, we went around to my sister's for the rest of the day. My niece and her son were there and he was telling us about the various digs which he has taken part in. Actually, when they were redoing the sea defences at Rhyl harbour, he was paid to be on standby in case anything of interest was found.
 He was working on Chester walls part of the week that we were there. He also takes part in world War 2 reenactments, having moved on from the earlier history ones he used to do.
I think I must break this blog into more than one report

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A week of 'fun and games'

Most of Monday morning last week was taken up by distribution of the harvest goods. Arriving just around 9 am, the car park was already full, and some of us had to park in the lane at the back The display had already been partly dismantled, and the boxes laid out. We had to pack the items one to each box, then if anything left over, go round them again. There was some food left over which would go to the local food bank.
Eventually, all was sorted, the tablecloths neatly folded, and I was given 4 boxes to deliver. The first lady was out, but had a high fence so I left hers on the doorstep. Then the next was in, and she had a visitor who was able to point me to where the  the third lived. His was taken by his carer. I popped back to the church to tell the lady who was organising that the first lady had been out and was concerned that she wouldn't know who it was from. We usually put a tract in the box. She reassured me that the tract was there, it was just a smaller one than usual. So reassured, I set off to my last visit which was nearer home. he also was out, but I have left his on the porch before so that was ok.
Then home, off for my usual walk, then lunch,and a upstairs to move a few final things so that the bedroom door could opened really wide for the bed delivery.
On Tuesday,I was contemplating visiting friends, when I got a phone call. It was Daughter.She had to go to take the bible study, but Nat had been sick during the night, and she couldn't take him, as he would have been in the creche, and if it was a bug, he would give it to others. so I went to babysit. Apparently Daddy had given hIm some Weetabix as he seemed ok. he was a bit clingy, wanting cuddles, but soon perked up, and wanted books read, and played with a set with puzzles in it, and name cards, naming the animals for me.
Later he went very quiet as he sat beside me, too quiet, I should have guessed! Suddenly his breakfast reappeared, and I had to grab a kitchen towel to mop up. I insisted he walked up the stairs, no way could I carry him, then I stripped him off, washed him, and changed his clothes. Spending much time washing my own hands. I carried him downstairs and gave him a cuddle.  When his mum arrived home, she said that not many people had been there, as there was a tummy bug going around. it must have originated in the creche that Sunday. Daughter had been at a different service from the other mums, but I pointed out that it could be spread from contact with toys. Time for a deep clean of the creche toys. We worked out that the incubation period was less than 48 hours. So if we could get past that, we should be ok.
On Wednesday I had to miss Weightwatchers as the bed was to be delivered between 9 and 1. They came fairly early, but by the time they had dismantled the old bed and put together the new one. it was too late for me to go. So I ended up at Sainsbury's doing the weekly shop at around the same time as I would normally. I made up the bed, and when I went to bed that evening had to take a co codamol,as I had slight back pain. The bed felt strange, as all new beds do. I wasn't to keen that the new mattress protector had polyurethane in it, I may have to go back to my old one.   I did manage to sleep, but not as well as husband.
On Thursday I varied my usual walk, after leaving Sainsbury's I crossed the road and went up the path through the church yard and over the railway bridge. When we had a dog, husband used to take that route, there is a path through the trees which he nicknamed Poo Alley, as everyone exercised their dogs there. Thankfully it wasn't as bad, and there is a doggy doo bin at the end of the path. It brought me out at the bottom of the field which is being redeveloped, but the piles of debris were so high I wasn't any the wiser.
Poo alley

Development site
Autumn berries

View from railway bridge, showing ski centre

Thursday afternoon Daughter rang, she had been sick during the night, was getting awful cramping pains. The baby hadn't moved much, and there was another sign that she could be going into labour, 3 weeks early. She had rung someone and been told to go to the antenatal ward. I went up there to look after Nat, she was going to drive herself there, and her husband was going to get the train, get off at Watford and join her at the ward. Nat was quite happy playing, and being read to, I was updated by phone,  all was ok they wanted to keep her in as she was dehydrated, but she managed to get her ketone level down. the cramps were thought to be from the tummy bug. the other sign meant that she theoretically could go into labour before her due date, so it was wait and see. the hardest art was actually waiting for a Doctor to discharge her.
Nat had climbed up for a cuddle and fallen asleep with his head on my shoulder, so was lying fast asleep on the sofa. Me? I was bored. I had dimmed the lights, hadn't had time to pick up a paper or mag before leaving home, so got a book off their shelf to browse in the half light. As I  was checking through the front door window for their car,I felt a movement behind me. Nat had woken and was soon asking for 'food'. Everything in the freezer needed defrosting first, so he scoffed some of his leftover toast whilst I contemplated what to do. Then his parents arrived, it was just after 8 pm. I left them to organise Nat, and went home to shove pork steaks in the oven.
Friday was spent mostly catching up on housework, ironing and walking to the Doctor's to collect a prescription, quite a normal boring day for a change. I didn't catch the bug, had a mildly upset tum, but that was more due to prawns than anything else. Although I wasn't pleased not to sleep on Friday night.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

No autumn leaves drift by my window

Autumn is late starting here

Just a few yellow leaves

Are these from last year?

Just an update on my humdrum life. Last week began with me trying to move some of the clutter from our bedroom, as it was getting on for 4 weeks since the bed was ordered. The boxes began to pile up in the front bedroom, but I was able to wield the Dyson in corners that were previously inaccessible. Bits of the carpet which hadn't been seen for some time hove into view, and so did the dust. I just hope no one wants to come and stay for a couple of weeks. Ideally, I would like husband to go through the boxes and sort out what he can chuck out. I unearthed 3 pairs of binoculars, plus a largish monocular type, not sure what to call it. He thought he had donated that to Son in law. He bought that in St Ives, when we stayed at Coastguard cottages, which had arguably one of the best panoramic views in the world.
On Tuesday I had a call from daughter, could I possibly look after Nathaniel for a couple of hours whilst she went to a bible study preparation meeting. She had asked me, but I didn't realise it was so soon. However I abandoned any thoughts of visiting a friend, and she dropped him off here, and he rediscovered my toybox.  Afterwards I had my usual walk to pick up the newspapers.
It wasn't my usual leader at Weight watchers, but I had managed to lose one and a half pounds, then went and spent a fortune at Sainsbury's.  When I got home, I had missed a call from the furniture store, saying that the bed had arrived and would it be convenient to deliver it on Saturday. I had to turn that down, but arranged delivery for Wednesday of this week. Later I got stuck into some ironing, I don't know how two people produce so much washing and ironing. I know some of the younger generation don't iron, but I can't bear to wear a creased t shirt, and husband wears proper shirts for work.
I made it to Women's hour, the speaker was our Pastor, so I didn't want to miss it. I'm still not sleeping too well, and I'm sad to report that my right shoulder is now getting painful and stiff like the left one did. When I got home I had a phone call to say that the bible I had ordered from Dunstable had arrived. So that meant another trip to Dunstable.
Friday morning my progress was hampered slightly by phone calls, but I managed to get to Dunstable by lunchtime. This time the A5 was clear. Of course it began to rain. I had missed the McMillan coffee morning at the bookshop, and so set off to look for somewhere for lunch. West street church have opened a coffee shop, but I couldn't see a menu, so set off for the main shopping area. Sadly there are as many empty shops there as in most towns these days, including what was a very nice ladies'  clothing shop. I managed to find a Costa, and had a panini, but they never seem to be hot, just lukewarm. Afterwards I had a quick tour of the shops, but as it was raining I'd soon had enough,  so drove back over the Downs again. Not the weather for stopping for the view, and I didn't have a camera.
Later I walked down to Sainsbury's for some fruit and veg for the harvest, we haven't anything in the garden to take, the tomatoes are tiny. Our flowers aren't the sort to put on display either. So Saturday morning, I took the stuff down and the church was actually open. No one seems to have known in the past who should open it, and the pastor's wife said their porch got piled high with stuff in previous years. I picked up the papers on the way home, one less thing to carry up from town.
Nat's parents dropped him off here, at about 11.30, they were off to a wedding, and no children were invited. He went through the 'Oh pleeeease don't leave me' routine, just enough to make them feel guilty, but as soon as they were out of sight he was fine.
It was a sunny day, sorry to the folks who had floods, but we had sun and  wind mostly last week,
so we took him to town in the buggy. Husband took him off on a tour of charity shops whilst I shopped, and when we met up Nat was fast asleep. We went into M&S cafe for lunch and  ordered his favourite toastie, then when it arrived, gently woke him up. After lunch, we decided to try and walk up the hill, distributing the shopping around the  buggy handles,and some in the shopping  tray underneath. We took it in turns to push up the hill, but once we were on the level it was fine.
 We played with him read to him, cooked dinner for him,  but he only ate a few mouthfuls.Thinking he was tired after only a short nap, we took him home, only for him to begin to gallop up and down the sitting room!
I got him ready for bed, did his bedtime routine, cleaned his teeth, but he insisted on taking over, and
put him to bed. Within moments he was fast asleep, so we dozed, and read papers till the wanderers returned.
Sunday was harvest, a lovely display, some good hymns and 2 good sermons. I ended the day with a phone call to Mum in law. A humdrum week, maybe but there is good in the everyday stuff.