Tuesday, 26 June 2012

whether we like it or not!

I did go back to bed after photographing the dawn. I awoke at around 8 to another cloudy morning. As the day wore on we could see people getting off the little train and putting up their brollies. Husband popped out for the papers and some milk. when he returned he said 'Either J has a twin sister, or she is in St Ives' 'J who? I asked, J from church' he replied. he had seen this lady who looked like J dressed like J, wore her hair like J, but hadn't spoken to her. He said she had looked at him too. I said, 'well she and her son do sometimes come to Cornwall, maybe it was'.
Husband decided that the rain looked set in for the day and suggested that we drove along the South coast for a while, starting with Marazion.,we haven't been to Marazion for years. So we set off along the A30, turning left towards Marazion. It was still raining when we arrived, and we trudged along to the village centre. I was wearing my proper waterproof, but the rain was just steady, not torrential. We walked to the end of the shopping area, then found somewhere for lunch. We ate in, I had a crab ciabatta this time, husband had cod and chips.The people at the table next to us were German, and the other side sounded Portuguese; there were lots of German tourists in Cornwall, quite a few Americans and Japanese too. I wonder what they thought of the British Summer.
We wanderd back along the Main Street and ventured into a shop called the silver mine.It has been there for as long as I remember, over 30 years. I could never afford to buy anything when the children were young, but I found a neat little necklace, reduced in price, quite inexpensive, so treated myself.
We then wandered into the Post office, attracted by some vases in the window, strawsilk, laid over glass and painted. I chose the smallest cheapest one, and also chose a couple of take home gifts.
Then we walked back to the car. I noted that the tide was still out and my Daughter could have achieved the ambition she had as a10 year old to walk across the Causeway and back
We drove off towards Helston, but at the last minute decided to go down to Porthleven. It was still raining, but we wandered around more shops, saw more tempting retro stuff,and bought it. I said, 'If we don't stop we'll have no room in the car at all'. We stopped at a tearoom for a cuppa, and a rather nice Brownie, then as it was so cold went back to the car, via a small supermarket, where I bought the last 250g pack of mince for that evenings bolognese.
St Michael's Mount
When we got back to the flat Husband said, 'Yes it was J, I emailed her Son, and she is in Cornwall', what a small world we live in!
my new vase

I started my packing on Thursday evening, we woke to blue skies and fluffy clouds on Friday, forecast wrong again! However we were not complaining. We started to pack stuff away, trying to tidy as we went, I stripped the bed, and folded the mattress topper. We the left things for a while and wandered around St Ives, enjoying the sunshine. Husband wanted his last pasty, and I decided to have my last lunch in Bumbles. Afterwards I walked round the corner to Porthmeor. I phoned husband and he came to join me. We wandered around together, he said he had seen J again and they had talked. We bought our final ice creams on the wharf, then spotted J again. I called her over, She was actually staying in Penzance with family,and had relatives from Australia with her.The first time she had seen husband, she had though it must be his double,and as I wasn't with him decided it couldn't be him. She is used to seeing him in a suit in church, not a checked shirt and hat.
We wished her good weather for the rest of her stay, then wandered back to the flat for the packing of the car, and the final clear up.Husbamd managed to get everything in the car but I would still have a bag between my knees, something I always used to complain about. How we ever fitted the kids in I don't know, but we did have an estate car and a roof box, for the plastic dinghy, beach chairs, windbreaks, boules, frisbee etc. Maybe we should get another estate car!
We got the flat ship shape, locked the door and set off walking to the town to drop off the keys, then our final walk back up the steep slope to the car. It was around 7 or 7.30 as we drove off. we stopped at Bodmin for fish and chips and decide to eat in. As we sat by the window husband said, 'Look how close that guy has parked to my car'. I watched a young woman ease herself out and said, 'That's J B, or she used to be'. I knew she had married  but didn't know her husband. As we got up to pay she recognised us and we had a long chat. Her family went to the same church as us in St Albans, they now go to the Daughter church  J trained .as aGP and now works in Bristol, they had come down to Cornwall for the weekend. Honestly, I couldn't believe we had met so many people we know so far from home.
We arrived at Days  Inn, Taunton Dene not long after 10.30. It has undergone a couple of name changes, but the rooms and beds are the same, more comfortable than the last one, with a decent shower, although perhaps a little shabby after 20 years.
We hit the hay and husband was soon snoring. Boo! Someone else seemed to be snoring in another room in the gaps, all my sleep aids had been left in the car, then some latecomers came into the room above ours talking loudly. they also appeared to be using the floor as a trampoline.
I eventually got to sleep, but we both awoke late, and by the time we went to hand in the key there was no one on reception. We dropped the key in the box, then found our way back to the Northbound carriage way then off at the next turn, to Cartgate where we repeated our breakfast of 2 weeks ago. We diverted a bit to avoid Yeovilton air day, but used the A303, then the M3 stopping at Fleet for lunch. We were home at about 3pm, unloading the car and making a real tip of our small house. Back to a garden like a meadow, no fruit to harvest, too much rain not enough sun; back to reality with no beautiful view. St Ives we love you, you are so relaxing, hopefully we'll be back one day.

We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather,

The second Wednesday dawned cloudy. The forecast was for rain by evening. We spent some time deciding what to do, and I said to husband 'We have brought our walking boots, but haven't worn them, why don't we walk from Sennen Cove, to Land's End. That way we avoid paying at Land's End, and we get a scenic walk'. He thought that sounded a good idea, so we set off, via the big car park at the back pf St Ives, as I wanted to use the recycling at the car park. That road is fairly winding, and it seemed to take for ever to get to Sennen. We were quite disturbed to see police and Coastguards at the old Botallack mine, and wondered what was going on. Later we heard on the news that someone had fallen whilst climbing the cliffs at Bosigran. He was airlifted to Trelissick, but sadly died
Eventually we arrived at Sennen, and found a parking place, paying for enough time to enable us to walk to Land's End and back. we popped in a cafe and bought one pasty and one crab sandwich which we ate in the car. We had passed the tearoom where we almost walked off without paying a few years ago, after drinking our tea outside. It now appears closed, so perhaps we aren't the only ones who forgot to pay.
We got out our walking boots put them on, I paid a final visit to the ladies' room, and we set off towards the path. The path began with lots of shallow steps. We were about 4 steps up when it began to rain, husband's knee was hurting, I was getting palpitations at the thought of all those steps, and he said 'I don't think this is a good idea'.
We set off to find somewhere for coffee, passing the place where we had bought the takeaway. As we walked the heavens opened, and down came the rain in Torrents. I was wearing my new 3 in1 jacket, as I had thought it might be chilly up on the cliffs. The next cafe was right at the end of the beach. The rain was pouring off our jackets on to our trousers which soon became soaked. Rain dripped off our noses, and we were so glad to reach the Beach cafe. we were made welcome, and were given menus, husband said something like, 'Blow the cofee, I'm having a hot chocolate'. We both went for the full Monty, cream, marshmallows and chocolate flake, with a piece each of pistachio cake.
As I removed my waterproof I realised it wasn't. The lining was totally saturated. Later I read the labels and it was only showerproof.  The rain was easing as we left the cafe,and we wandered round a few shops and a very expensive gallery in the old winch house. Paintings at £2,000 by artists I've never heard of. Perhaps I'm a Phillistine, but I often think of the Emperor's new clothes in these places.
Cape  Cornwall had been visible on our arrival, but could no longer be seen.
Cape Cornwall

Sennen Cove

We took the A30 back to St Ives, as I had been feeling a tad unwell on the outward journey. Back at the flat I found dry trousers, my socks weren't too bad thanks to Nikwax. We relaxed had a cuppa and read the papers till it was time to go out for our final meal out. I wore my new trenchcoat in case it rained, but it's only about 200 yards to the Porthminster cafe. It's a fairly unimpressive looking building, 1930s beach cafe, but the food is renowned. It is expensive, but hey! we hadn't been there for 3 years.
We both started with scallops.Then I had Hake with locally foraged herbs, and husband had John Dory. we shared a dish of potatoes and greens, but I was beginning to regret the pistachio cake.
I couldn't finish my meal, and wondered if there would ever be room for dessert. We were fascinated by what appeared to be metal trees being presented at other tables, and discovered it was the chef's new way of serving petit fours.
Eventually we decided on floating islands on lemon curd, with a scoop of raspberry sorbet balanced on a biscuit above the 'island' surrounded by bits of fruit; so artistic I could hardly bear to eat it, but about the lightest thing on the menu. after coffee, we waddled back up to the flat, regretting the steep incline even more.
I wondered if I should set an alarm to take some solstice sunrise pics. but felt too tired.
As it happened I woke at about 4.00am .I don't know why, overeating perhaps? I went into the bathroom, then crept into the sitting room. All the street  lights were still on, the tide was in and I saw two fishing boat leaving the harbour. Later  I slipped my sandals on, and my fleece and opened the balcony door, camera in hand. I could see signs of the dawn, but it was too cloudy in the East to see the sunrise.
dawn over St Ives

I understand that it was raining at Stonehenge , so perhaps they didn't even see a decent dawn.

whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot

Our second Sunday was pretty much the same as the first, I had bought lamb shanks in Sainsbury's but they were so big, and had a use by date before Sunday, so I cooked them in a casserole, then on the Sunday sliced one up, put it in the microwave with some of the juices and it was adequate for both of us. The other one was chopped up later and made a decent shepherd's pie.
I did take all of my Weight Watchers stuff to St Ives with me, but was finding it difficult pointing everything, so I decided to abandon the plan for the duration of the holiday. I wanted to be able to eat the odd bar of chocolate or ice cream without feeling guilty, there was a place on the harbour that sold about 30 different flavours, I hasten to add that I only tried a few!
I was doing plenty of walking, I'd left my pedometer at home it doesn't seem too accurate, maybe that cycle it went through on the washing machine didn't help. I also rediscovered the unpleasant sensation of having eaten too much. On the Sunday evening husband overslept again, so we missed church, I decided I would do my 'tour of St Ives', taking my camera. I zipped up my fleece and left by the back entrance and up the valley.

Along Albert Road, past the flat where we stayed for many years. This had been built on the corner of Albert road where a car park was.The Porthminster Hotel has also had a lot of building work done, building a terrace where the outdoor pool, was, building a spa where the indoor pool was, and the amazing 2 bed flats at £480,000. each

I went round the corner, along  Park Road, then downhill and across the Stennack
Then up Bullan's Lane, and down Porthmeor Hill.  there were surfers on the beach as usual
Then I walked round Porthgwidden, round to Bamaluz, and onto the harbour and pier

clear sea at end of pier

Seagulls on 'Lambeth walk beach'
Husband called when I was at the end of the pier and promised to come and join me. We met up on the wharf, and walked back together along Lambeth Walk, and up the Warren. The next 2 days were hot and sunny, but with a strong wind. I spent a few hours both days on the beach. Husband came to join me for awhile, he is not a sun lover. On the second day I was going over to the shop for drinks and husband said if they still did chips he would have some. As I walked back across the beach a seagull swooped, and I managed to move the chips out of his reach, he then came at me from the back, I felt his wings on my neck, but managed to shrug him off. I reached husband, chips intact. I wish people wouldn't feed the gulls!  On the Monday evening I had been up to the island for sunset again and husband joined me. It was a good sunset for a change.

So far so good, variable weather, but what was the rest of the week to be like? as I have to tidy the kitchen, I'll tell you later

or whether the weather be not,

Thursday of the first week was the day we chose to go to Falmouth. I wore a zip up cardigan, and took a folding waterproof with me. We arrived at about lunchtime again and went up to our usual Quarry car park. Memories of the 'park and float' in the pouring rain still haunt us.That was the time I headed straight to M&S for dry clothes! As we left the car it was beginning to spot with rain. I unfolded my waterproof and put it on. We headed for the old junk/antiques shops, but they were mostly closed.
Husband then wanted to start his tour of the charity shops, so we parted company and I started off in M&S. I did think about having lunch in their cafe, but they had nothing which I fancied, so I went over the road to a place which I had seen last time we were there. It was fairly full, but after I had popped in Smiths, I went back and it was not so full, so I nipped in and sat at a small table. It was a very nice little place and to be honest I was feeling quite cold. The day was reminiscent of our trip to Harrogate last year. After a sandwich and coffee, I  moved on, but was feeling so cold that I went into this place called Mountain Warehouse. There seem to be a few of them around. they have taken over the top 2 floors (Fore Street entrance) of Woolworths in St Ives.
They were selling 3 in one jackets at a reduced price, a fleece zipped into a waterproof, which can both be worn separately. I bought one, and was so cold that I quickly found somewhere that I could put it on. Instantly I felt so much warmer, and able to carry on meandering along the winding street. I got a message from husband that he was in the Harbour Fish shop cafe, he had fancied fish and chips. I went to meet him and he bought me a coffee. Together we vsited Trago Mills, but I couldn't be bothered going in most departments, what is the point when space in the car for purchases is limited?
I was all for visiting the newish harbour complex, but it was so cold, and drizzly, and open to the weather, that I couldn't be bothered. I was dismayed to see that there was a Tesco express there. Are they taking over the world?
We wended our way back to the Moor, and laughed with a lady who suddenly spotted 'Jacob's Ladder', a long flight of steps. She thought she would be dead by the time she got to the top. I came down them many years ago, but do not recollect climbing them. I must have found an easier way back http://www.cornwalls.co.uk/photos/img2550.htm shows what they are like.
white horses at Maenporth
 Up the hill from the Moor, past the spiritualist church and the undertaker, and we were soon in the car and on our way around the scenic route. We stopped momentarily at Maenporth Beach for a quick photo or 2. We arrived back in St Ives at around 6 pm, the weather doesn't seem to have been too bad there and it turned into a nice evening.

Friday and Saturday were reasonable days we did our usual wandering around, but Saturday evening we went to the Pedn Olva hotel for a meal. I had  a crab tian to start, we both had lamb and apricot tagine with coucous, and actually I made a mistake before. It was here that I had the chocolate pot, I'd actually forgotten that at the other place I'd had a lemon creme brulee.
It was only a short walk back to the flat from there. Another break I think, Last evening I managed to strim the lawn, so it now looks less like a meadow. Husband was trying to clear the shower head of limescale, and managed to leave the kitchen tap running and flood the kitchen, so I think I can take washing the kitchen floor off my jobs list!

Monday, 25 June 2012

whether the weather be fine,

Unusually for me, I didn't budge from the flat on the Saturday evening, we watched TV channel hopping tofind something decent to watch, mostly on ITV3. We had an M&S ready meal, and later I experimented with taking night photos from the  balcony
Add caption
I had made up the bed using a mattress topper which we brought from home, and our bed linen. The bed in the flat is a very good make, a Relyon, and has a sprung base, but last time we stayed I preferred it with the topper as my disc was liable to play up. There was wedding at the Porthminster hotel, and the disco did keep me awake for a while as there was a deep thudding base, but all in all I had a reasonable night
The weather wasn't brilliant on the Sunday, but warm enough for me to go to church in a cardigan

As you can see, they have a special anniversary this year, in fact our pastor, who was pastor there for 21 years is going to preach at the anniversary service in September, DV. We had a good sermon on Romans, and the folk were friendly and chatty as usual. the were surprised to hear that it is 3 years since we were last there. The Organist has a lovely voice, sings in a local choir, and as the congregation is small he sings along.
Afterwards we ventured along the wharf, checking to see what had changed, then we wandered back to the flat, and I cooked steak with parmentier potatoes and vegetables.
We were both quite tired still after the journey and my lack of sleep, so husband went into the bedroom, and I got comfy in an armchair and we had much needed snooze. hHowever husband slept longer than me, and he didn't waken till 5.40 pm. As the evening service there starts at 6 we wouldn't make it in time.
I did go out for a walk later though, to walk off my first cream tea, but the sunset wasn't too brilliant as there was a huge bank of cloud just above the horizon

.Husband came to meet me and we walked back to the flat together.
On Monday the sun was shining, there was a bit of a breeze, but it was quite pleasant. We didn't go out very early, our aim was just to stroll around, seeing what had changed,what was new.etc. I had the first of many crab sandwiches, husband had a pasty. we were disappointed to see that the internet cafe had closed, and later on it reopened as a fudge shop. St Ives already has too many fudge shops. Husband and I got together later on and went fror a drink at Bumbles tea rooms, we sat outside and I had Assam and he drank green tea. Sadly they have got rid of the old wooden tables and chairs, and replaced them with bright orange and white plastic ones, a case of 'chuck out the chintz' I suppose. Still, the tea and cakes were as good as ever. not that I had cake on that occasion. 
people on Porthminster beach

Husband sips green tea

On Tuesday we decided to go to Truro, it was a very pleasant day, and husband and I did our usual thing of splitting up to look at different shops, then meeting up later. His type of shop bores me rigid, and vice versa. It was so warm I discarded my cardigan. being a tad more inland meant that the breeze was not too strong either. It was strange, because we had driven through a real downpour on the A30.
I found one shop I was looking for, and bought anew trench coat. My raincoat is quite elderly, and a bit on the large side. Then I found a Rieker shoe shop, and bought a pair of summer shoes identical to those I got in Chester. They are so comfy, they don't need wearing in. They were reduced in price too. Now I should be set up for a while. We came back via Sainsbury's and stocked up on some more food to see us through the week and beyond. we also had a cuppa in their new mezzanine cafe. Later I went over to the island but there was far to much cloud, so I came back. One annoying thing I discovered is that the toilets are now locked before dusk, and sitting on a windy island, then having to walk back about a mile to the flat meant I was practising lots of bladder control!
I went round the side of the island this time, under St Nicholas' chapel

Too much cloud cover

On Wednesday the weather had turned cloudy, so it was back to wandering round St Ives.  I went in the Christian bookshop next to the chapel, I was looking for a new bible as mine is falling to bits, but they didn't have many NKJVs, so i didn't bother. Later, in the evening we went to the Sea food restaurant in Fore Street. I had crabcakes, sea bass with an Asian sauce and a delicious chocolate pudding with spun sugar. I even indulged in a glass of dessert wine, unusual for me. Well, time for another break, I'm not getting on with what I should, although have pulled up some weeds, done a bit of washing, cut out some brambles, and cut back some honeysuckle. Now to wield the vacuum cleaner, we inadvertently brought some sand back with us!

As I was going to St Ives....

sorry for the lack of blogging but as you will see from the title, we have been on holiday. I had told Daughter that we were going away on the Friday evening, so didn't want to have to cope with Nathaniel on the Friday, so she swapped her work days to Wednesday and Thursday.
I spent the day sorting out ironing and trying to get washing dried, as the weather had been so bad I resorted to the tumble dryer. I also packed and hunted out beach towels, just in case, and various other items which we do not seem to be able to survive without. we also had to pack towels and bed linen as they are not supplied with the flat.
Husband came home early, and soon he was loading stuff into the car. Eventually he announced that nothing else would fit in, he refuses to use the roof box these days as since our Son borrowed it, it has to be assembled back onto the rack before we can position it on the car. We eventually locked up and hit the road at about 7.30 pm, taking a different route from normal to avoid an accident which had happened on the M25.
We stopped for dinner at Fleet on the M3, we didn't fancy the cooked meals so bought food from the Waitrose, and ate that.  I had a very nice ham hock salad, husband had a sandwich. The traffic wasn't too bad and we arrived at our Travelodge in Somerset before midnight. The room was very small, they have built on extra rooms, the bathrooms only have a shower, and it felt a bit claustrophobic. For me the bed was like sleeping on a concrete slab, but husband managed to sleep, which is more important, as he was driving. I must have slept a bit but was very stiff in the morning with a sore hip.
After a quick shower and dressing we set off again, and were quite soon pulling into one of our favourite spots for breakfast. we were amazed at how it had changed. Cartgate is an area set aside by Somerset Council, it has lots of parking spaces, picnic tables, and when we first started going there, there was a van which sold bacon rolls, bacon and egg rolls, and other breakfast items, as well as burgers. Then after a few years, the van  was replace by a cabin, but this year they have opened a huge 24 hour cafe. There is also a tourist information centre. We went into the cafe, and ordered our breakfast, orange juice and a bacon roll for me, and a bacon and egg roll for him. we ate in , but husband was bit twitchy as he had left something in the car, so whilst I used the facilities, and ordered a coffee, he dashed back to the car. As I carefully carried my coffee back to the car, I heard someone call my name. 'That's odd' I thought, '150 miles or so from home'. I looked and immediately recognised D, from our church. he and his wife S were on their way back from North Cornwall with their 4 children. They go down there almost every half term. they looked a bit tanned and said that the weather had been mixed, with some sun, so that gave us hope. I told husband who I'd seen and he said 'Crumbs, they must have left early'.
We had a fairly uneventful journey, but once we got into South west Devon we could see why D&S had left early, the Northbound traffic  was bumper to bumper, of course this year half term was later, so many people must still go away, and the A30 still has single carriageway lengths which cause congestion.
We reached Penzance at about lunchtime, it's tradition for us to go there first, as at one time there was no supermarket in St Ives, not that there was much room in the car for shopping. We did our usual wandering around Penzance, husband wanders off on his own, to look for pasties.
I found a little cafe called Lavender's where they did salads, so rang him, and he joined me, and had one of their pasties.
We left Penzance at around 2.30, and drove back to Loggans Moor, and got out the shopping bags. we went in M&S food dept and stocked up on food for the weekend. Then drove into St Ives, parked the car outside the flat, and walked down to pick up the key. it was quite taxing unpacking the car, as we had to lug everything round to the back of the building then up about 26 steps to the flat. Eventually we were able to stop and admire the view.

We were astonished that these flats had been built since our last visit

View from flat

Godrevy in the distance

Add caption
Well I really must break this blog into several posts as I have lot to do.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Just to make a change I want to talk about 2 anniversaries which mean something to me.  33 years ago tomorrow, 16th June, I went on my first real holiday for years.  I had been doing beach missions for a few years ,which are quite tiring. Everyone had been telling me that  I needed a proper holiday, and  I had seen a walking holiday advertised in the Evangelical Times, but did nothing about it till I also saw it advertised in the FIEC magazine.
I decided to book it, and actually went up to London to  meet the organiser. He was a little bit odd, but I figured that there were plenty of others going, so it didn't matter. As it  happened, the organiser decided to get someone to give me a lift to Scarborough. That someone was a certain M Y, who lived in Tring. We got on like a house on fire, once we had stopped insulting each other, and 3 weeks after the holday ended we were engaged!  The rest is history.
The other anniversary which concerns me is a 40 year anniversary. I had been brought up in a religious home, but had rejected my Dad's religion when I was about 14. I had gone my own way, done my own thing, but suddenly, a 6 year relationship came to an abrupt end when the guy involved ran off with married woman with a child.
 Needless to say I was devastated, depressed and almost suicidal. I began to pray in earnest, I got my old bible from home and began to read it. There I read of a  Jesus who would answer prayer. I decided to turn over a new leaf, be nice to people,especially those who were horrible to me at work. However it was too hard to do. I didn't get my prayers answered,  knew I was a sinner, but thought why should God bother with me when I hadn't been bothered about Him?
In the end, I decided to go to a church to try to get to know this Jesus who answered prayer. I chose a Baptist church, thinking that this was closest to what I knew. I was going to sneak in and sit at the back,and if I didn't like it, not go again. However I was made welcome,and after the service people chatted to me, and gave me some leaflets to read. I remember saying how I was unworthy of knowing God, to which the answer came, 'Aren't we all'.
When I got home I read the leaflets, yes I identified with being a sinner, yes I had broken God's law and was sorry, but the secret seemed to be that I had to confess my sins to God and ask Jesus to take over my life.
I felt it was all too simple, but then thought what have I got to lose? So I knelt down there and then and committed my life to God. I ran back to that church that evening. I had fouled my life up, but I was now forgiven.
Life hasn't been a bed of roses, we are not promised that, and I haven't reached  perfection, but with God's help,since 25th June 1972 my life has had a purpose. God gave me a husband and 2 lovely children, and now a Grandson, beauty for ashes.
So as I remember these 2 anniversaries I say 'To God be the Glory, great things he hath done.' Don't turn over a new leaf,turn over a new life

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A 60 year glorious reign, and some rain too

It is such a long time since I blogged  that I have forgotten a lot of what happened last week, fairly mundane stuff really, I did clear out the corner of shame in the kitchen, it is where the veg rack is and the bin, and the compost  holder, so sometimes gets a bit messy. However the most shocking news of the week was that the mother of 2 young girls who attend our Sunday School was murdered, and their father arrested for murder. So very sad, and an awful shock to the church.
The most annoying phone call of the week took place when I replied to an email about the money owed to us by the National Grid for the non resiting of the meter. They took the money from our credit card, so why they couldn't just put a credit through I don't know. So I had to hang on for about ten minutes listening to the most awful repetitive 'music' I have ever heard.The lady who eventually answered was sympathetic, as one of the first things I did was complain. Then all I had to do was to say to whom the cheque had to be made out. needless to say we are still waiting for the cheque. Nathaniel discovered how to climb up and stand on Grandad's swivel chair, fortunately he wasn't heavy enough to make it swivel! He did pull a floppy disc out of a computer though
At Weightwatchers I had gained a pound. I am at the stage when I have hit a plateau, and struggle a bit. The leader was sympathetic, and said she would like to see my tracker next week.
I had Nathaniel as usual, one day I made him a daisy chain as our lawn is full of them . He didn't seem too impressed though.
Both evenings husband joined me at Daughter's and we enjoyed Nat's antics and use of words. We didn't make it to the park or the swings either day, as I had to go into town for banking again. 
As the Queens's jubilee was approaching, I went rummaging upstairs and found this:-
I am second from right, my sister in the middle

This was teatime on Coronation day. We had a street party, with a fancy dress parade first, then we watched the Coronation on next door's tv, tv was still rare in those days, then we had a tea party in the local primary school hall. Sadly there was  no street party for us this year, the mini heat wave was over, and by Saturday it was raining, so we went into town by car to do the shopping.
Saturday seemed to fly by. Husband had chosen a M&S £10 for 2 meal, and for once his choice fitted in with my food plan. The dessert, didn't , but that was my choice, and I counted it in to the day's total anyway.
On Sunday morning our Pastor preached on the Jubilee, which in those days was every 50 years, but everyone had a year off.
We watched the flotilla in the  evening on iplayer, but fast forwarded most of the inane BBC commentary. I thought the Queen did really well to stand all the time. I also spoke to Mum in Law, who hadn't been out at all, she was resting. She had fallen asleep watching the river pageant. I can understand why. The weather has been really bad again, rain grey skies, and occasional flashes of sun. Oh and a cold wind. I  am wearing a winter jacket, long sleeved t shirts, and apart from weigh days, trousers. For the record, it was cold and wet on Coronation Day too!
Over the Bank Holiday we eventually got round to trying to put up the kitchen cupboard, yes THAT one, the one that spent nearly a year in my car boot. However I hit a snag, had I drilled in one place I would have hit an electrical cable, so off to the DIY store, and we bought a detector for electrical currents. then later we had to go to Wickes to buy a 400 mm cupboard rather than face electrocution.  Anyone need a 500mm wall cupboard?
I got the brackets up with husband's help, but the cupboard just would not stay put. Just before I went to bed I re read the instructions, which have no words, just pictures, and realised I was 4mm out! So I am trying again. I had Nat yesterday, slight difference this week. He came with me to Weight watchers, and Sainsbury's then had a wonderful time pulling packs of screws off shelves in Homebase.
I have been trying to get washing dried and ironing done as with the double Bank Holiday I have got really behind. I managed to lose oneand a half pounds this week, so am back to where I started a few weeks ago. It's not so easy going walking in the rain, but we managed a fair distance this morning, Nat in the buggy, before we felt the first few drops. I hope the weather improves as Daughter is off to a wedding on Saturday,
I have been holding out trying not to go to the Doctor's as I have yet another flare up of my sinuses, but I think I may have to go. I haven't got Nat tomorrow, so can hopefully man the phone from 8am. It should be open surgery this week.
Well it looks as it may have stopped raining, I can actually see the sun! Rainy weather does produce beauty however:

Hope you have a good week