Sunday, 28 August 2016

The moon on Solstice day

 Strawberry moon stage

Later as it rose higher

More railway pics and sunset pics

Platform at Weybourne

Husband chats to authentic looking railway man
Coupling up for the last journey of the day

The windmill in close up in bright sunshine
approaching the beach 

 Going down, with sunset macro
without macro

The beginning of the second week of our travels

Something went wrong with my last post, I kept losing bits, photos were appearing in the wrong place, etc. One thing that did disappear was that we went out for a meal on the first Friday evening, to the local hotel/restaurant at Heacham Manor. We booked a fairly early meal, the service was very good although most of the staff looked like 6th formers, that's a problem with getting older!
The food was good, promptly served, and we were back at the cottage by 9 pm. Some text also disappeared which described how I got backache from walking slowly and standing, in the museum at Sandringham, so much so that I left the building, found the comfort facilities and sat with an ice cream from the stables cafe waiting for Husband to re emerge, we then  took the scenic route past the lake, back to find the car.
On the second Monday, husband prepared the meat he bought to cook in the slow cooker. I walked into the village, collected the newspaper and some more cash from the machine. Usually, if we are anywhere other than Cornwall, we look for a steam railway to ride on. There was more than one in Norfolk, and we decided on the Holt to Sheringham one. For some reason it seems easy to take a wrong turning from the coast road, and we managed to do that again. We were aiming for Sheringham, but we had got lost and were heading for the road, when we found the signs for the Railway in Holt. Once we had parked the car, and bought tickets, there was just enough time for a roll and a drink, before the next diesel haul departed. We could spend an hour in Sheringham,and get a steam haul back. So that is what we did. when we had the showers, we were on the train. We spent a pleasant hour walking round Sheringham, then got the steam haul back, missing the showers again.
then we spent time in the museum, and watched the engine take on water, whilst the rain pelted down.
Sheringham beach
View from train

Engine comes in in a shower

Front of engine
Weybourne Junction

Another loco
Afterwards we returned to Sheringham by road to pick up the coast road again, This time there was brilliant sunshine!
Back at the cottage we enjoyed the casserole that husband had made. It was the summer solstice that evening, and we had been promised a 'strawberry moon'. It actually stayed sunny in the evening,so we set off more the mile walk to the beach. Norfolk is in the East, so I had wondered if we would get a sunset, but Heacham actually faces on to The Wash, which means it faces West. Apparently sunsets over The Wash last a long while. We took lots of pictures, and some of the moon too. eventually we decided to walk back to the cottage and we met a German lady who was, so full of joy and enthusiasm for the beauty of the sunset that she was going back for another look. God's artwork is indeed beautiful.
Will post some more pics separately, as I am having difficulty uploading.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

J J part 4

On the first Friday of our holiday, the weather seemed still unsettled. I walked into the village to buy a newspaper, I was beginning to find my way around, then later we set off for our chosen destination, Sandringham was not far. Husband remembers the railway station where the Queen used to alight, Wolferton. He spent quite a lot of time cycling in the area as a teenager, but says that it was so much quieter on the roads in those days, 1962-1965.
 Sandringham is a huge estate, eventually we found a parking area, and then crossed to the shops and restaurant etc We peeked in at the restaurant, but decided on the terrace coffee shop instead. We chose baguettes, toasted with Welsh rarebit, and rather tasty brownies. It was mild enough to sit outside. The food was good, but a bit rich for me.  Afterwards we had a potter round the shops, and then crossed over the open space to buy tickets at the entrance. It was suggested that we did the woodland walk as a pretty route to the house. It was indeed pretty. My back however was playing up a bit so I might have been better with a shorter route.

Woodland walk

The house

One of the first Royal cars
Prince Charles' first car, (toy)
Sports car given to Charles

 Before we went away, I had been taking antibiotics. Unfortunately, these had the effect of sparking off my IBS, so I was getting lots of bloating and discomfort, and finding my trousers uncomfortably tight, so I asked if we could go back to Kings Lynn, to M&S for a bigger pair. I don't think that the beta blockers help much as I can't lose much weight as they slow me down. I'd also been eating more bread, as the 'welcome pack' consisted of milk, bread from the local bakery, cheese and  a bottle of red wine. We rarely eat bread at home. It took us a while to get into Kings Lynn, it being a Saturday.
However, we got there eventually, I duly purchased trousers, and then we had lunch in the M&S cafe. I would have worn skirts more, but the weather just wasn't what we are used to on holiday. I was still hunting for a certain take home gift for Nathaniel, so we looked round a few shops, then I told husband I would like to look for the places I had seen signs to before, St Luke's and The Walks. We found the signposts,and after walking a distance, found St Luke's. It was another old monastery, ruined by Henry VIII, and of course Cromwell's forces. After a bit of wandering, we found The Walks, which is a huge park area, there is also a ruined wall from the civil war defences,and a strange old chapel, which despite being Catholic was still in place.
St Luke's tower

The Walks

Catholic chapel

Civil war defence 

We could have enjoyed the walks further, but I was beginning to flag, so we found our way back to the car park, and found that the traffic out of Kings Lynn had eased a lot. It had been quite pleasant day, but often if it was pleasant in the day, it rained in the evening, or overnight.
The Sunday was spent fairly simply, we listened to another sermon, then walked into the village for a pre booked Sunday lunch.  In the evening we went for a short  cycle ride around the village, and to the South beach. Sadly the weather forecast was not looking wonderful for our second week.
South beach

Friday, 19 August 2016

June journeyings part 3

I actually wrote this awhile ago, but didn't get round to uploading pics. On the first Wednesday of our holiday, we decided to go to Kings Lynn, I didn't know much about Kings Lynn, so was eager to explore. We found a car park,and walked to the town centre, coming out near the very old cinema, The Majestic I think it was called. There was a large shopping area, and we found that one of the department stores, Beales, was closing down. I needed to buy a couple of things,including plastic clips for the bag of frozen peas, and the bag of oats. I went upstairs and discovered that there was a sale of toys, so bought gifts for 3 of the Grandchildren at a reduced price.
Afterwards we wandered around the streets trying to get our bearings, then found somewhere for lunch. Then we followed the direction signs for the river,and found some very interesting things to read and look at. We wandered down an old cobbled street, and found an antique shop, with one lady inside another sitting in the doorway. It was a huge place, but rather dusty, and affected my asthma, so I popped outside to use my Bricanyl and got chatting to the lady outside. I commented on the fact that we had kept on hearing aircraft, but despite scanning the skies, could not see any. she told me that they fly above the cloud, we'd certainly had a lot of cloud, and that we were quite near to Marham airfield, also there are a couple of big airfields in Suffolk; mystery solved.
We then saw signs to the mediaeval quarter, so went and explored there. Then as we rounded a corner, there was the Minster. I'd had no idea that it existed. There are various tablets in the wall outside, recording how high the floods have been in the past. Quite an eye opener.
We went into the Minster, and had a look around, It is quite impressive. There is a lot of History to Kings Lynn, it was once called Bishop's Lynn.
Custom house

statue of Captain Vancouver



Inside Minster

We found our way back to the car park eventually, and then drove to what must be the biggest Sainsbury's I have ever seen. We stocked up on food, and husband bought some meat to make a meal, as there was even a slow cooker in the cottage. They had some beautiful ballet dresses leotards and practice skirts in the children's clothing. Lydia has started ballet lessons, I tried to ring my daughter, but was unable to get her, so didn't buy any ballet clothes.
On the Thursday morning, I ventured out on my bike for the first time.husband had been out for short rides round the village, but often, if it wasn't raining, the road was wet. There was no longer a newsagents in the village, but there were 2 food shops that did sell papers. I never shop at one  of them, so it had to be the second. We rode round there, and picked up the Telegraph, and I discovered that there was also a free cash machine in the store.
Then, following, husband's directions, we rode to the North beach, only one small hill. As cycling is not permitted on the  very wide promenade, we started off on the back road to Hunstanton. It is an access road for caravan parks, and expensive looking sea front houses. Sadly, after the first couple of hundred yards or so it is full of potholes, the potholes were full of water, and riding was so unpleasant, so we turned back.
The weather looked a bit uncertain, but we decided we would like to go to Norfolk Lavender, which is actually in Heacham. Husband decided to cycle there, but I wasn't keen due to the threat of rain. So I took the car. He had set off before me, but I caught him up at the traffic lights, which are on the main road. I duly parked the car, and he was going to leave the bike behind it, but I thought it was too vulnerable, so we managed to manoeuvre it into the boot. Then we set off, to explore. there is a lovely big farm shop there, I could have spent hours, and a fortune in. the lavender wasn't quite in full bloom. we found a nature walk which was rather pleasant. The weather was not looking good so we made our way to the shop and cafe. The building is an old  mill. the water wheel has gone but the mill race is still there.
It was a bit confusing over where we ordered meals, but eventually we ordered jacket potatoes, and they had gorgeous looking cakes, so we each had a slice. Mine was filled and decorated with lavender butter cream. then we spent ages looking around the plants outside; looking for little treats to take home for family, and generally potching around. Husband decided he would quite like to try and ride further, after we had been back in the farm shop, and bought some cheese, chutney,and a 'cake' of dates and nuts. I said I would carry on browsing as there was a field with animals I wanted to see. I duly paid the 'senior rate' and crossed the small river, to where groups of  school children were calling to each other excitedly, as they ran around. however just as I left the field, it began to rain so I dodged into a fancy furniture selling barn, but it didn't stop. As I got to the car husband rang. He was back at the cottage, but had the garage key so could shelter. I said I'd be with him soon. I managed to find my way back, it is such a big village and a bit confusing. Soon we were cosy, and enjoying a hot drink,and planning our next venture.
 Old mill where the shop is
mill building

Mill race

One of the farm animals