Thursday, 8 December 2016

September stories

I'm sorry for my long absence, we've had a busy time on way or another,and I haven't felt up to getting my thought so paper as it were.
On the first day of September, we went over to Watford to collect husband's camera from the place where it was being repaired and cleaned. Watford resembles a huge building site,and access from our usual car park involves walking down a  timber constructed corridor. We had a browse round some shops, but didn't spend a lot of time there, the noise from the construction sites doesn't make it an appealing place.
The next day was our Grandson Ethan's 3rd Birthday. He had a small party in the morning at home, and then they travelled down to us. They had booked a local premier Inn again, as disturbed nights seemed to be the order of the day. We had dinner together, Ethan opened his gift from us, then they departed for the inn, leaving Tom with us. The next day I packed up a picnic, and we all set off for ZSL Whipsnade. The forecast wasn't good, but the weather remained fine, although cold so we ended up wearing waterproofs as windcheaters, as we walked around. it's very open up there on the downs
We pooled our food, having secured an outdoor table, then went under cover for a while, so that the children could work off some energy in the play area, then resumed with a visit to the butterfly house.
It was probably between the penguins and the lions that it started to rain, by the time we reached the giraffes it was relentless, so we decided to call it a day.
 Elephant family
See you later!
Butterfly house
sheltering with giraffes

Husband and I nipped home, dried off, and picked up some things, then we headed off to our daughter's taking Tom with us. Dogs aren't allowed in zoos. We had a Birthday tea, and then a Thomas the Tank engine cake which I had found in Sainsbury's.
As there are so many of us now, we don't fit well round the table, so we had lunch out, on the Sunday The kids got a bit fed up waiting for their meal, so we didn't bother with dessert, but went back to our Daughter's house for ice creams, then it was time for our son and his family to collect Tom's stuff and off they went.
 A couple of days later I was surprised to see Christmas food on sale in the shops, madness! A few days later the weather changed and we went to visit Mum in Law in Bexhill. The next day it was really hot so when we went into Eastbourne, I suggested sandwiches on the sea front for lunch. It was very pleasant sitting there, but when the time came to walk back Mum in law said she would rather have gone to our usual place for lunch.
Th next day we went into Bexhill. She wanted to try and get something sorted about a bill she had had for a card she has. Her eyesight is quite bad, but the ladies in the shop quickly reassured her that her balance was zero. How I wish she had shown me the bill before we left. We then parked in Bexhill and sat on the sea front for a while. I needed to find a ladies room so left the other 2, and then afterwards, I nipped up a side street to look in a shop or 2. I met husband on the way back, he was walking to get his steps up. Mum in law was where we had left her, so we had an ice cream, and then went back to the bungalow.
She seemed more confused at times and had said some really odd things to me, so I was glad that the ladies who had visited from social services had urged her to see the GP about her memory problems. She was waiting to go to a memory clinic.
Husband did a bit of weeding for her, we left the next day at around lunchtime, and had a bit of a slow journey on the M25.
We visited a garden centre to try and find something to fill in gaps in my pots, we also sorted a cupboard and a lot of stuff was shredded, and husband found his long lost savings certificates.
The weather had soon changed back from mini heatwave, so I began the task of putting away summer clothes and getting out the Autumn/Winter stuff.
I had my review with the G P, I had a moan about the awful side effects from the beta blockers, and
as my home readings were good, got permission to lessen the dose. I duly went for my fasting blood tests, was in and out in 15 minutes, as there were 3 phlebotomists on duty, then went for my usual tea and toast to break my fast.
On 30th September, it was my sister's 80th Birthday. We travelled up to North Wales, taking the bikes, but arriving quite late. My sister with the Birthday was to have joined us for a tea party at the other sister's house, but as her husband was unwell, she sadly had to cancel. I'm not sure when we will all get together again.

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