Saturday, 28 January 2017

Other October occasions

We had a week of catching up at home, then our Son and family arrived bringing Tom to stay with us. They were off to the south of France for 2 weeks, and our Daughter and family were joining them for the half term week. They were only here for a short while, but long enough for Elise to demonstrate her crawling skills.
So we spent some time walking Tom, we celebrated Lydia's 4th Bithday, where did that time go?
I'd had a letter from the G P, so had to go and see her. Apparently my cholesterol is good, not high, but when it is factored in with my age, BP problems, weight etc my risk is now much higher than it was 10 years ago. I told her I didn't want to try statins, they made my father in law very ill when he had them, so in the end she agreed I could repeat the test in about 3 months. However, I have to stay on the hated beta blockers. Meanwhile I struggle to lose weight as they slow my metabolism, and I did read that they increase blood fats!!

Lydia's birthday cake
At last I got round to making my Christmas cake, I stayed up late till it finished cooking, and Tom kept me company. We took him to the Garden centre, and Coombe Hill, but he must have picked something up somewhere as he was sick several times including in the car.
We had eaten outside the cafe, there was water for dogs but it was a bit manky. However when we got to Coombe hill he was fine, but we had forgotten the ball. nevertheless he had a good run and lots of sniffing.

Autumn colours at Coombe Hill 

We had to put him back on the lead because of other dogs, but he seemed to enjoy the run. I contacted our Son, and on his instructions, Tom was only allowed cooled boiled rice for Dinner.
The family returned home at different times, our Son and his family stayed over on the Saturday. I had booked the local carvery for the Sunday, as we can't all fit round my table. It was better in that the children  didn't have to wait for their meal.
Then we went back to our Daughter's for dessert, and I attempted to get a picture of all 4 Grandchildren to put in Mum in Law's Christmas stocking, Ha! All I can say is that I take my hat off to professional photographers! No one would keep still, Elise yelled, in the end I abandoned the attempt. I knew there would be one more occasion when I could try.
Soon it was time for our Son and his family to depart for Cheshire, so we said our goodbyes.
However the busy month wasn't quite over, on the last day we packed our cases and went to visit Mum in Law I took the usual food with us, so she doesn't have to cook, and husband had contributed a lasagne! We had a good journey down there, stopping at Pease Pottage and having lunch sitting in the car. She was pleased to see us, and I helped by making up the bed. Did I mention her diagnosis? she has mild Alzheimer's, which we suspected from the loss of words and the strange conersations. Although we suspect there may be an element of deafness to which she will not admit.

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