Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hooray! It's a sunny day!

On the second Tuesday of our holiday, we woke up to a bright day. We decided that as the forecast was good, we would go for a bike ride along the coast to Hunstanton. So off we set. The part of the road that was full of potholes was a real pain, in more ways than one. Of course there had been so much rain that the potholes were all full, but we managed not to fall off.
Eventually the road got smoother, and we arrived in Hunstanton. Then we had to find somewhere to leave the bikes whilst we explored.
There were plenty of car parks and motor cycle spaces, but no cycle racks. We were on our way up to the tourist information centre, when we spotted a rack outside. Husband went in and checked, and they said yes it was ok, no restrictions, so we fastened the bikes securely, and hoped they would be ok. Some of the bars were actually bent where motorists had reversed into them!
We had a good look around the shops, and then looked for somewhere to have lunch. I fancied a crab sandwich, so that narrowed it down a bit. Eventually we found somewhere that looked nice, so went in. we ordered our sandwiches, got our coffee and waited. We were disappointed when a couple who came in after us got their food before us, but they appeared to be friends of the young waitress.
I have to say that when the food did arrive it was disappointing, especially as we had waited so long for it.
We paid up, left, and went our separate ways as husband wanted to walk up to the Sainsbo's. I asked him to get me a Telegraph, and I wandered around, enjoying the sunshine, I felt like buying an ice cream, and got a pistachio one, but after a couple of licks, I started with griping tummy pains again.
I struggled the to eat the ice cream,as I no longer felt hungry, then I rang husband and asked if he could see a pharmacy, he said he could so I asked him to get me some Imodium, my consultant had recommended it. I followed the signs for public toilets, but the signs petered out, so I hiked back to the promenade where I had seen some the previous week. Then I returned to the 'square',and sat on a bench waiting for husband to reappear from his exploring. It was pleasant sitting in the sun, I was amazed at how shallow the Wash is, the tide was out, and sandbanks had appeared.
I idly wondered exactly where King John had dropped the crown jewels, and whether they could be found with a metal detector. Husband reappeared and I dosed myself up with Imodium. We sat for a while people watching, then looked at the sky,and decided that the clouds were gathering, so unlocked the bikes, and headed for the 'road' back to Heacham. The potholed stretch seemed shorter, but was still pretty unpleasant. back at the cottage, we put the bikes in the garage, and I headed straight up the stairs to cool off in the shower. Husband thought it was a good idea, and he cooled off after I'd finished.
Sure enough, it poured down later again, so we were pleased we had made the most of our sunniest day.

Looking over the Wash 
Broken cross

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