Sunday, 18 September 2016

We didn't meet the man in the moon.

On the Wednesday, face with uncertain weather again, we decide to explore Norwich. As usual it took us a good while to get there, and our first attempt at parking was foiled as the car park we chose was no longer in use. I was glad as it was a dodgy looking area, with loads of graffiti. Eventually we found a better car park, and made our way into the town centre.
We walked up a hill, and found ourselves beside a department store Jarrolds, which had a cafe in the basement.  We had lunch, then had a wander through the store. We found the toy department, and found an insect viewer, ideal for Nathaniel, too go with the ISpy book which husband had found.
the we had a good wander around the nearby market, and up and down the streets we found the castle, but didn't go in, and were trying to find the cathedral. Every time we found signs to it, the signs petered out. Eventually we gave up as husband reckoned it was down a hill. I said 'It will be uphill on the way back', and as we were feeling tired, we had been in one shopping centre,and were unable to find an exit, so had to hike all the way back to the entrance.
I found Debenham's and John Lewis, but we didn't go in, I just went in M&S and bought more trousers. We found the car park, and set of for Heacham again. When I came to check my camera, I found there was no card in it, as I'd had it out to look at pictures, so I have no pictures of Norwich to show.
The Thursday was dull again, so late in the morning we set off to visit Houghton hall, which is quite close to Sandringham. It was a muggy day, we were glad to sit outside the cafe eating lunch, the chairs were comfy and the view so pleasant that we could have sat there all afternoon.
Eventually we made our way to the house, which is now owned by the Cholmondleys from Cheshire.
there were lots of flowers on tables in the entrance, and we were told that the Duchess of Cambridge had hosted a dinner there in aid of her hospice charity, the previous evening. They were giving away the flowers used for decorations, to visitors.
We toured the open rooms of the house, then I took some flowers, donations to the charity were optional. Then we toured the grounds, looking at the modern sculptures, which didn't impress us really. The walled garden was a delight, but it was such a cloudy muggy day that we got pretty tired out. So we went back to the car,and drove back to Heacham, via a village that husband used to cycle round as a teenager.
Houghton hall

Fireplace in main hall where Duchess hosted her dinner

old dining room
setting off to view the sculptures
My flowers from the Duchess's dinner
In the Walled garden

Sweet peas

fire and water 'sculpture'

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