Wednesday, 12 October 2016

August adventures

I didn't start the month off too well, by having a reaction to eating edamame bean salad. I've long suspected a slight intolerance to soya, but the edamame beans had me feeling really sick, after a while bloated, and then with an upset tum. So now I check the labels of bean salads, to make sure there are no edamame beans.
The weather was quite hot, and on the 5th of August, we went for a bike ride. we only did 6.5 miles, I couldn't cope with much more in the heat. The next day it was our daughter's Birthday, and I popped up to see her briefly, and give her her present, as we were going away. We travelled up to see our son and his wife and family, He hasn't been getting weekends off much, but he was to be off on the Monday and Tuesday. We arrived late on the Saturday; we had arranged to stay on a room only basis at the hotel we had stayed in before, as nights at our Son's are often disturbed by light sleeping children. It was cheaper than staying at the local premier lodge.
We had a meal with them, and later went back to the hotel. Our Son was working on the Sunday, but we went there for breakfast then off to church with our Daughter in Law and the children. Elise was going through a very clingy phase, wanting only Mummy, but I did get some cuddles in. After lunch we walked round to the local park with Tom, Ethan took his balance bike. He enjoyed time on the swings before we walked back. It was a warm pleasant day.
Our Son was off on the Monday, so we went to Quarry bank mill. It is an old cotton mill, in a valley on the bank of a river, it is fascinating to see all the old machines and hear the noise that the workers had to put up with It is a National Trust property, so entrance for us was free. Afterwards we took Ethan to the play area for a while, so didn't get to see much of the gardens.  As we drove back, I noticed that the local prison Styal, has a 'Clink' restaurant, where inmates are trained in the restaurant trade, which hopefully reduces re-offending.

On the Tuesday, it wasn't so hectic, we just walked into the town centre, and had lunch, then had a browse before walking back. Our Daughter in law had a previously booked visit planned for the Wednesday, so we had breakfast at the hotel, then a leisurely drive home. It had been lovely to see the grandchildren even if I didn't get a lot of cuddles. They change so much when they are as little as Elise.
Late last year I had an accident with one of my kitchen drawers, when the interior fell apart. I had been trying to replace it ever since but everything I chose either had the wrong runners or some other fault, so I decided to get a made to measure one, this came from a company called Probox. You can choose the wood. When it arrived it was beautifully made. The idea was to fix the old runners to the drawer, but the upper runners had gone missing, I tracked some down at B&Q, online and they arrived in the most enormous box! It took him a while to get going, but husband eventually did the job, so I no longer have an unsightly gap in my kitchen, and less clutter upstairs where the contents had been moved.

We had some very hot days in August,and eventually the last of the fruit was picked,and I started to
cut back the raspberry canes. Nathaniel had a Star Wars party, on one of the days when it rained. We went to tea on his Birthday, and he had a themed cake, R2D2, if I remember rightly.
I was very cross one Sunday to get home form church and find a parcel had been left on top of my bin, in view form the road, so I complained and got the delivery charges refunded. we had a visit to the garden centre, so I could fill in some gaps in my pots, we also had a trip to Watford to get husband's camera repaired. We ventured South one day, to try out the newly tarmacked stretch of the canal bank, but I had knee and hip pain, so we only went as far as Kings Langley.
I also had pains in my head, but these disappeared when I took off my none prescription sunglasses! We needed to mind the children one evening, so took then to the park, when the ice cream man arrived Lydia asked so sweetly, that we all had a Mr Whippy. Oops, I discovered later it was their second ice cream of the day!

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