Sunday, 9 October 2016

The joys of July

I'm always chasing my tail with this blog these days, hard to believe it started off daily, but so many blogs I once read haven't been updated for years.
The last week in June was spent catching up, sorting the garden, uploading holiday pictures, getting out and about walking. There was not to much washing to catch up on, as I'd kept up with it at the holiday cottage where there was a tumble dryer in the garage. It was a condensing tumble dryer,and one day the stuff just wasn't drying; so we looked at the instructions, and found there was a big tank which pulled out, which was full of water. that had to be emptied for the dryer to be efficient. It's amazing what you learn staying in rented properties.
Nathaniel's sports day was cancelled this year as the field was too wet. On 1st of July husband collected Nathaniel from school, and  later  I collected Lydia from nursery. Their parents had dropped off some of their stuff at our house in the morning before heading off to Stratford upon Avon, to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, 10 years! Where did that time go? They were going to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was supposed to be a surprise for Daughter, but the envelope which had arrived bearing the words RSC, was a bit of a give away.
The children were a little bit excited, sleeping over at Nanna and Grandad's. Nathaniel had done it before, but was too little to remember. I had made fish pie,and they seemed to enjoy what they ate of it. Of course the toyboxes were out again, cluttering our small room, and I read books to them. After they got ready for bed, I read them a story, and prayed with them, then we left them to play quietly, but being in the hottest bedroom in high summer, with light evenings, meant I wasn't too hard on them. After all the next day was a no school day.
Eventually I looked in and both were asleep, in strange positions, and not covered by the duvets.
Next morning I peeped in, and eventually Lydia opened her eyes, and said 'It's Nanna!'
Some time after breakfast, I decided to pop to the supermarket, as our Son and his wife and the children were catching an early Euro train from France. When I arrived back with lunch, they were all here.  The 3 older children having a whale of a time, and baby Elise looking as if she wanted to join in. I got some baby cuddles in, and we managed to squeeze round the table for lunch.
They weren't planning to stay too long, and just as they were about to start getting ready to leave, Daughter and husband arrived. I had a full house!
So there was much catching up, and laughter, just a bit later Lydia came in from the garden, and from the state of her, she had been picking my newly ripened raspberries. She had an accomplice, Ethan.
We went into the garden, only to find raspberries floating in the bird bath. Their parents were struggling to keep straight faces, I summoned up a stern voice and said 'Who has been picking my raspberries?' at which Ethan grabbed his Mum's hand and said 'Let's go now!'
I adore my grandchildren, but had waited so long for those raspberries to ripen. Raspberry soup was not on my menu.
The family made their various departures, and we were left with a little bit too much peace and quiet.
The weather improved and people started having barbecues, with that horrible sickly smell of lighter fuel. Our back door stayed open most of the time, we continued to pick loads of fruit, I got bitten again. I found Aloe Vera gel the most soothing thing.

Bite on ankle

Our Council had the new town centre dancing fountain open in time for the school holidays
We also took a trip to Hitchin Lavender, as the lavender hadn't really been out in Heacham. However this is very different, you pay to go in and they give you a pair of scissors and a large paper bag, and you can fill your bag with lavender. There were lots of people there, we had lunch in the cafe, and afterwards, walking up and down the fields the smell was amazing. If we stood still and quiet, all we could hear was the buzzing and humming of the bees, it was a totally relaxing experience.

Boat being lifted by crane On return from Berkhamsted

We ventured out on our bikes and cycled all the way to Berkhamsted again, but I think I overdid things. We carried on doing lots of walking. Our friends held their annual coffee morning in their garden, so we spent a pleasant time there.

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